sA’ADAt HAsAN mANto. Open It!*. The special train left Amritsar at two in the afternoon, taking eight hours to reach Mughalpura. Quite a few passengers were . “Khol Do” is one of the most famous and controversial stories of Manto. It is one of the masterpiece depicting the effects of violence during the. This story is published as “Khol Do” in a new translation by Aatish Taseer of Saadat Hasan Manto’s Selected Stories (Random House India).

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At the risk of their lives they had doo to Amritsar, recovered many women and children and brought them back to the camp, but they had not found Sakina.

He squeezed her breasts, spanked her buttocks red, kissed her cheeks, and sucked her nipples wet. Deepali Jain rated it it was amazing Jul 21, Her body beyond pain Saadat Hasan Manto The special train left Amritsar at two in the afternoon and reached Mughalpura eight kuol later.

I just wish it was not a true story E-mail: She’s my only daughter.

Whenever I read this story, I feel like crying…. The two stories have been written in the background of Partition. They caught her in a field — she was beautiful and had a large mole on her right cheek. Beautiful piece of fictio. Someone looked for his son, another for his mother; someone for his wife, another for his daughter. Kalwant Kaur was now even more suspicious. Anyone who saw him would think he was consumed by deep worry.


Once one starts reading any of his stories, one cannot leave it unfinished. The boys behave very kindly to her and make her feel at ease but they tell nothing about her to her father even when he asks about it.

Kalwant Kaur pulled back. Aug 24, Adarsh Mishra rated it it was amazing. Priyanka Grover rated it really liked it Feb 26, A few days later, Sirajuddin pulled himself together and talked to some people who were willing to help him.

Ghalibana Khol do by Saadat Hasan Manto: A Shocking Experience

Did our ancestors fight for independence to see such freedom? By questioning the institution of social work, which was central to the project of nationalist mobilisation, Manto depicts the futility of nationalist ideology, on either sides of the border, the very basis of which lies in hypermasculinity. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. The volunteers turned off the engine and ran after her, managing to catch her in a field.

All his time was spent running from camp to camp looking for her. Four people, walked past him, carrying someone. Sakina had been at his side. Many had been killed on the way, a lot more injured and countless lost. She fills up the meaninglessness of dtories with travelling and chocolate.

Given below is the entire story in English. February 19, at 6: Abeer Hamid rated it it was amazing Feb 16, He wakes up from his unconsciousness only to find that his wife and daughter are not with him. Mato have never read such thing in my life and even now when I read it, for Nth number of time, I find it similarly shocking.


He stood outside the hospital for some time, then went in. Mob psychology remains the same. You were fine lying with me and had me wear mqnto that jewelry you had looted the other day.

THANDA GOSHT and KHOL DO by Saadat Hasan Manto

Also some particulars about yourself. She tried to cover her breasts again and again with her hands.

Old Sirajuddin opened his eyes on the cold floor of the camp; seeing the swelling sea of men, women and children, he became still more confused. Each morning, he visited different camps and offices looking for Sakina. He loosened his grip and fell next to Kalwant Kaur panting. A few moments passed in complete silence. To a stranger, he might have looked like an old man in deep thought, though that was not the case. She had died in front of his eyes. The people handed her over to the hospital and left.

On the way…what was I saying…oh, yes…on the way, near the river, I lay her down by the bushes.