Phosphating. Manganese phosphate coating is the treatment of irons or steels with a dilute solution of phosphoric acid and selected proprietary chemicals which. PDF | Manganese phosphate coatings are used for reducing wear and for improvement in the running-in of a gearbox. In the phosphating process, phosphoric. improved phosphate coating was studied as produced from a stock manganese phosphating bath to which an addition of manganese citrate, tartrate, or.

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These prevent the acid from reaching the metal surface and slows down the reaction. Manganesf is a soft coating compared to ironand manganese phosphate is often used as a “break-in” coating My company conducts manganese phosphate coating on carbon steel pipe.

Zinc phosphate coatings Type Z are also available and are mainly used for rust proofing on ferrous metals.

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I am trying to prepare a bath myself using MnO2 [1. In manganese phosphate coating the species that deposits on steel is manganese iron phosphate and hence requires a large amount of metal dissolution so that the formation of manganese iron phosphate is possible.

Do a water break check after rinsing to ensure you have an unbroken film of water on the parts, if not then repeat the cleaning process until you get a water break free surface.

I get a feeling you are going to have to try a bit of trial and error to see if the process is a viable method of manufacture. The zinc phosphate is in fact abrasive and it is the soap which performs the actual lubrication. Manganese phosphate coatings for conferment of good corrosion resistance, whether a post-treatment such as oil application is to be used or not, are invariably applied by the immersion method.


For the ‘s series steels you must use a grain refiner. Regards, Ted Mooney, P.

Zinc phosphate is a lighter alternative to manganese phosphate, while providing resistance to harsh elements that tend to wear products quickly. Are you implying that your present manganese phosphating process is attacking the base metal?

Manganese Phosphating

Therefore, phosphatiing or other sealers are used to achieve corrosion resistance. Metal coatings offers both zinc phosphate and manganese phosphate coating. Iron, zinc or manganese phosphate salts are dissolved in a solution of phosphoric acid.

Any issues been foreseen with the change? Retrieved from ” https: Metal Coatings offers black manganese phosphate coatings and dark gray manganese phosphate coatings Type M used for corrosion protection, anti-galling and lubricity. The 2nd most frequent problem with Mn Phos is the absence of a “grain refiner” which I guess you covered with what you call a “conditioner”.

It doesn’t only remove sludge but also cause damage nanganese the heating element made from stainless steel. And I can’t emphasise strongly enough that you need to keep the phosphate chemistry under control. The workers usually remove the sludge from the heating element by hammer mechanical. Contact Metal Coatings Corp. Phosphate coatings are used on steel parts for corrosion resistance, lubricityor as a foundation for subsequent coatings or painting. Is there a big difference in the recipe and chemicals?


Kindly let me know how to improve the ratio. As Robert says, your phosphate solution supplier should have a refiner available.

Manganese phosphate coating on steel: issues and answers

How to Manganese Phosphate the component without any dimensional reduction to the base metal of grinding surface? Phosphate coatings are often used to provide corrosion resistance, however, phosphate coatings on their own do not provide this because the coating is porous. You can use next solution: The problem is I’m not sure what other chemicals to be added like accelerator, stabilizers etc and also in what ratio. The acid and metal reaction also generates hydrogen gas in the form of tiny bubbles that adhere to the surface of the metal.

Phosphatting phosphate coating with higher coating weight offers good corrosion resistance. Sample I has very little Mn Phosphate, very gray in color, and looks terrible in ;hosphating in the nitrided and un nitrided sections of the sample where Sample II looks very typical black coating in nitrided and un-nitrided sections of the sample.

Zinc phosphate coatings are frequently used in conjunction with sodium stearate soap to form a lubrication layer in cold and hot forging. Manganese phosphating formulations contains basically a manganese salt, phosphoric acid and an accelerator.