C – read user manual online or download in PDF format. Pages in total: Changes since 27th September Added link to online C manual (in PDF format) at Mamiya USA in section Updated information on Front Element. Mamiya Cf Professional Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Mamiya Cf Professional Accessories Manual.

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The use of a screen with a stigmometer can be helpful. These tables are applicable to all lenses capable of these reproduction ratios. It has the advantage that the camera will sit level on a flat surface, as the back does not project below the base of these cameras.

Referenced in a C3 manual, and a couple of examples observed for sale. This is done by cementing an old filter mount to the inside usually after the original mounting thread has been filed flat and the old glass removed and using c30f as a threaded mount. Details will be added as they come available. Should have both mm scales. At distances over a metre or so, this has negligible effect.

These could take feet of film and expose at around frames per second. This document represents my attempt to organise what I’ve learned to date. Where possible, points of difference will be mentioned. Note about different infinity focus bellows extension added to lenses section.

Changes since 26th April Prior to public sale there may have been more than one development iteration in a year. Comments concerning this site may be addressed to the author, at G. Cold, upper left side Yes, sheet film back option Yes There is a film transport lock only, no shutter interlock Conical thread socket on lens panel frame, level with d330f shutter release arm.


The Cs back is removable, but no alternatives to the standard back are known at this time. This behaviour varies between bodies. Image is right-way up, but mamyia to right reversed. It is reasonable to expect that numbers were issued sequentially within a block, though there is no evidence to support this supposition.

Mamiya C330

The only example of a C33 with back that the compiler of this document has examined appeared to be a factory modification with a second frame counter pressure tab.

Please see this link for a more general table and an explanation of the method used to derive these values. Changes since 25th February This appears to trip the double exposure mechanism without affecting the shutter.

This picture of the actual item is courtesy of Stefan Geyson. If it happens with just one lens, it could be that the lens needs adjustment. Page 37 Accessories cont. Suggested for close-up, dim views and astrophotography. It is possible to file a flat on a UV or haze filter to improve clearance if it is going to be a permanent fitting on the viewing lens.

Mamiya C330 User Manual

Near Limit Ft 30 15 4. Addition of Porrofinder photograph; Changes since 26th July Failing to do this can put uneven pressure on the takeup spool and cause the gears to slip. This last design came in two versions differing in the attachment to the camera body the C33 and C backs have different hinging mechanisms. Expanded scale for 65mm and 80mm on right side of focus rack.


Mamiya C – Lights in the Box

Strap mounts may be lugs in place of slots. The full screen area is difficult to maunal for anyone wearing glasses, and a dioptric correction lens is recommended. The shutter release is short and curved compared to later lenses, and the shutter cocking lever is smaller than that on the Seikosha-S shutters.

This allows the shutter release s to operate repeatedly if the shutter is cocked manually on the second and subsequent exposure. No Type 1 form, with 80mm sportfinder Cold, when present.

Note that not all combinations of apertures and focal lengths are possible with the lenses available. A little encouragement helps when I have to do battle with this monster I’ve spawned!

Mamiya TLR Summary 47 The shutter is labelled Seiko except for the 80mm f3. Page 32 Mamiya-Sekor Lenses cont.

Since the C22 was issued contemporaneously with the C33 modification, it is probable that most C22s were able to use the longer film. But early bodies mamita not have focus, parallax, and exposure compensation scales for the focal lengths introduced later. A friction knob provides for intermediate positioning.

It is suggested that the lens is changed with the camera lying on its back.