In this article, we’ll cover the first part of Chapter Fifteen of Toll the Hounds (TtH). A fair warning before we get started: We’ll be discussing both. In this article, we’ll cover of Chapter Sixteen of Toll the Hounds (TtH). A fair warning before we get started: We’ll be discussing both novel and. In this article, we’ll cover Chapter Fourteen of Toll the Hounds (TtH). A fair warning before we get started: We’ll be discussing both novel and.

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Hardcoverpages. The God is Not Willing.

We may mourn, but he is This is the only book in the series that feels long, too long maybe. View all 4 comments. Nothing much happened with those at Phoenix inn, just the usual, the rest is spoilers, goll usual politics and fight for council seat is as hot as ever, an asshole named Gorlas Vidikas really caused trouble for my loved characters. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Toll the Hounds | Malazan Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

He seems so vastly different from the character of innocence that we knew back then and in this story he definitely shows his grit.

It is not uncommon to have these emotions battle with each other in this series, but in this book it was no contest. Nowhere and anywhere are a state of mind. But for most of us there is strength in a specialized society that can produce things like doctors and farmers and glasses makers for us near sighted folks.

The author keeps switching between POVs literally on each page which affected my reading pattern the following way: I loved the philosophical ramblings and appreciated the slow burn build-up.


When you return to your hometown after a long period, you may observe subtle and not so subtle changes. Will the good and maalazan people of Darujhistan survive this latest convergence? Grief is the most solitary of all feelings. View all 22 comments. Gruntle, Mappo and the Trygalle trade guild were in this but their parts was the slowest and boring, if not for the dialogue between the Bole brothers I might have skimmed these parts.

As soon as it happens, people finally start acting – in the very last moment, doing great sacrifices; most of these sacrifices could be easily prevented if somebody bothered to do something fairly obvious and logical things, too before the crisis started.

Not sorry I did!

So its a showdown at the hoe down and there will be lots of blood, brains, guts, severed limbs, slit throats, throw in a few explosive devices and oh. The world may be bleak and unforgiving, but there are people out there who fight for the justice and do malazxn right thing, In this sense, Erikson is closer to Tolkien rather than Abercrombie.

Retrieved 16 October A little to true in our own world: At this point it’s impossible to talk rhe the plot and characters without spoilers so I won’t even try. Erikson decided he couldn’t afford to keep dumping 20 new characters on us, but the beginning of this one didn’t piss me off like many of the others.

But it’s the weakest Erikson yet.

Toll the Hounds – Wikipedia

Don’t get me wrong, it was still good, but it was clearly building up to some spectacular and more served that purpose than standing on its own.

View all 5 comments. I even figured out two of the big story lines in advance and yet the way they went down was still shocking and so epic. I rate thi Back in Darujhistan things are back to normal with a lot of parties competing for power, money, influence, or just trying to stay alive. Many of the characters from Gardens of the Moon and Memories of Icemake a return in this novel.


Because whenever he comes into a spotlight, readers expect “oooohh’s” and “wwoooow’s” from him. The tone was also lightened a bit with a some humor!

Toll the Hounds

Survival demands something else fails to survive. SFF also gave a positive review stating that ” The pick of the new guys being Harllo and Endest. It’ll be a while before I go to the next book but I know I’m going to devour it. A number of people came back to the city and they have no idea what to do in there, which leaves a lot of time for them to ponder on philosophical questions.

It’s just a sword.

And the last scene is by a fire on an empty plain likely in Kruppe’s dream worldwhere Kruppe asks K’rul to witness him dance. Erikson has a way of tying in events or little phrases that relate back to previous books that I really enjoy. The word ‘epic’ will not even begin to describe the confluence of almost all the major, or biggest, or most badass characters, descending upon the unwitting citizens of the City of Blue Fire. View all 18 comments.