Today the group encompasses the brands Simba, Dickie, Majorette, BIG, Smoby, AquaPlay Prospekt Schuco_HW. Schuco New Rel. AW Katalog. Donor challenge: Your generous donation will be matched 2-to-1 right now. Your $5 becomes $15! Dear Internet Archive Supporter,. I ask only. older Majorette diecast discontinued out of production cars and trucks for sale.

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Today Majorette “Light and Sound” vehicles fill this gap – though they are larger, with pull-back windup motors.

Majorette became the main French manufacturer of Matchbox -sized miniature vehicles scale variously pegged to 3 inches long. The “Majo-Teams” offer vehicles of different sizes in different themes, and is reminiscent of offerings during the s. Another popular line were the ‘Circus’ kxtalog and Coca-Cola brand cars.

The varied piece sized were not to scale with one another. Majoretfe other projects Wikimedia Commons. Among these were the series of semi-tractor trucks.

During the s, many larger cars, trucks, farm and construction vehicles were introduced in the 4 to 6 inch size. This venture was abandoned in when Majorette found itself insolvent again, and through a tribunal at the commercial court of Paris, a sale was katlaog to Simba-Dickie, who bought Smoby.

Majorette and Solido today remain a part of the Simba-Dickie group, which is more commonly called Dickie Toys. Zinc injection molding equipment, nearly all plastic injection machines, and all mechanical kstalog – needed to be replaced.


Majorette is a French toy manufacturer which mostly produces small die-cast cars and other construction and military vehicles particularly in 1: These varied from the Lincoln limousine to farm tractors and trailers and cement mixers.

Majorette (toy manufacturer)

Though realism and detail kaatalog not always as good as Matchbox or Tomica, by the early s Majorette established a reputation of making quality, heavy vehicles, incorporating features like opening doors and hoods, translucent plastic parts, and sprung katalig systems. All were packaged in the same eye-catching red packaging.

Similar to Matchbox, Budgie or Siku, the standard series of cars was about 1: Kikoler and his toy brand name Kiko also majorettw an agreement with Majorette to produce approximately 15 Majorette models in Brazil, at a factory in Rio de Janeiro. Inbrima models had a “black label” attached to the base identifying the place of manufacture, while the majority of models had the later “FAB ZF MANAUS” white plastic tab affixed to the base, indicating that the models had been made in that city.

The loss was not only visual or tactile – Majorettes lost their characteristic weightiness and majoorette feel. Bythe first cars came to market, and inthe name was changed to Majorette. Some of the castings, such as the Chevrolet 4-door Impala have been made continuously since the mids.

Majorette (toy manufacturer) – Wikipedia

Aboutsimilar to Matchbox or Hot Wheels, Majorette was moving into plastic cars and trucks of larger sizes. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Initially, model railways and accessories were made and the firm was known as Rail-Route.


About Majorette became more visible in the United States with new lines appearing in several retail stores majoreette Toys R Us. These cars were usually offered in two packs.

2018 Majorette Catalog

The Majorette factory in Bangkok, Thailand was almost completely destroyed by heavy floods in the fall of Fornine new majrette castings have been announced. Brazil had established the Free Economic Zone of Manaus in Portuguese, Zona Franca de Manaus to boost regional development in the state of Amazonas and these companies manufactured here. Package backs featured fifteen illustrations not photos of other vehicles in the series with their accompanying numbers.

With Toys R Us going out of business inkayalog, much of that Majorette’s visibility was eliminated. The popular series combinations of cars with trailers and boats as well as semi-articulated trucks dated from the mids Raganp. This article may contain an excessive amount of intricate detail that may interest only a particular audience. In the late s to early s, the Brazilian toy firms of Majirette and Kiko manufactured Majorette models under license. The first line was the series of roughly 3 inch long vehicles Johnson At this time, Majorettes began to lose the proud and familiar ‘Made in France’ on their bases and on packaging.