Mahājanaka Jātaka (No. ). Mahājanaka, king of Mithilā in Videha, had two sons, Aritthajanaka and Polajanaka. On his death, the elder. The Jataka, Vol. VI, tr. by E.B. Cowell, [], full text etext at The tale of the Mahajanaka Jataka is among the most popular Buddhist fables, retold as far East as Thailand. In Cave 1 of the Ajanta Caves.

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She flew with him to a mango grove in the kingdom of Mithila, where she laid him on his right side on a ceremonial stone in the middle of the grove. Narada then told him that while he was King and in good health, he was not providing for the poor, the hungry, the aged mahajanama the Brahmins. One day the king was riding through his kingdom with his ministers when he observed two mango trees.

On one of her hands there was a single bracelet, and on the other two; these two jangled together, the other one was noiseless.

They have all burst the net of death, and the deceiver’s outspread snare,— Freed from all ties, they roam at will,—O who will guide me where they are? Ajanta Cave 1 Mahajanaka Jataka mural 2. On being questioned mahaajanaka the king, he answered that the wide horizon of two eyes served mataka to distract the view.

The King shot a poisoned arrow and wounded Sama, who fell to the ground. As the king had not eaten of the fruit no one ventured to gather any, and the king, as he rode on his elephant, gathered a fruit and ate it. Even after he had thus spoken the people still followed. The family priest, having comforted the people, folded his hands and bent down and said, “Rise, my lord, the kingdom belongs to thee. Prince Vessantara returned with his whole family from Mount Vamka. He asked for the property belonging to his mother to do business.


This article needs additional citations for verification. Soon after Culani learned of the disappearance of King Vedeha and his family.

Views View Edit History. The fruitful tree stood there forlorn, its leaves all stripped, its branches bare, The barren tree stood green and strong, its foliage waving in the air.

File:Ajanta Cave 1 Mahajanaka Jataka mural – Wikimedia Commons

The Bodhisatta replied, jatak sayest thou, O queen? Four months in advance of the arrival of King Vedeha, Mahosadha started to built a palace one mile outside the capital Uttara-pancala. Narada, who was the Great Brahma of that time, looked down on the earth. This page was last edited on 7 Decemberat Men jatakx this world devise their plans, and do their business as seems best,— The plans may prosper or may fail,—the unknown future shows the rest.

On that day his uncle Polajanaka, king of Mithila, fell ill. Views Read View source View history. The queen sat down in a certain hall.

He asked Khandahala the way to this heaven. Jjataka at that time the arrow-maker had heated an arrow in a pan of coals and had wetted it with some sour rice-gruel, and, closing one eye, was looking with the other while he mahsjanaka the arrow straight. Sakka at the end of thirty leagues came to a river, and he woke her, saying, “Mother, get down and bathe in the river; at the head of the bed there is a cloak, put it on; and in the carriage there is a cake to eat, eat it.


Mahajanaka Jataka

Jayaka that moment Queen Canda Suriya called upon the gods. Please write feedback here Here you can read media articles about the Nataka Buddhist Encyclopedia which have been published all over the world. Prince Mahajanaka embarked on board a ship bound for Suvarnabhumithe golden land in the East, with the purpose of regaining his deceased father’s Kingdom of Videha. He then decided mahaajanaka marry Princess Siwalee and he ruled over Mithila with benevolence.

When they saw it going along so quickly, they thought to stop it; but when the family priest said, “Stop it not; let it go a hundred leagues if it pleases,” the car entered the park and went solemnly round the ceremonial stone and stopped as ready to be mounted. When shall I leave them and go forth, the ascetic’s lonely bliss to win,— Carrying my rags and water-pot,—when will that happy life begin? King Vedeha and Culani’s family went by boat to the Kingdom of Mithila.

Rouse, [], at sacred-texts.

Mahanipata Jataka

The Great Being awoke at the noise, and having uncovered his head and looked round, beheld the great multitude; and having perceived that it must be the white umbrella which had come to him he again wrapped his head and turned round and lay on his left side. Description Ajanta Cave 1 Mahajanaka Jataka mural 2.

As they thus talked together they reached the city-gate. If not, I will carry on trade and make money and seize my father’s kingdom.