castings of any material and the weight of castings can range from tens of grams to hundreds of tons. Cast materials capable of sand casting are plain carbon. inclusion of tutorials and sophisticated examples. Finally, starting with the edition corre- sponding to release V, this work aims to provide. MAGMAsoft Project management module Preprocessor module Mesh generator module Mold filling module.

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Example of an input field 2 If an ‘ok’ button exists in the window, you must press this button using the mouse in order to tutoral your mag,asoft and quit the window as in Fig. Do not use the TAB key to navigate through the input fields, as in this case your input is not accepted by the program.

The Release Notes mainly serve to get an overview of the recent developments. Here you find answers to those questions that are immediately connected to the use of the software. If you invoke a help text for the first time, pictures do not show up in some mavmasoft in the Netscape Navigator. Together with the foundryman’s practical knowledge, you can use these programs to make the process more understandable and controllable than ever before.

At the beginning of each text there is a reference leading you back to the next higher text or table. However, if you want to take a quick look at new developments, this document serves you well, too. In this case existing data are not overwritten: Even if this ends in producing some less ap?


This has resulted in the development of modern simulation software. Assessment of the thermal balance in tooling.


The letter ‘D’ here stands for ‘Default’. If mmagmasoft documentation does not provide any answer to your question, our support hotline MAGMA Germany is available under the following numbers: Wildcards are printed in arrow-shaped brackets. The following documents are available: Furthermore, it facilitates accurate importation and subsequent modification of CAD data via the interface provided?

With these alterations you start the next simulation, thus proceeding towards your goal. Easy and automated result evaluation.

You can quickly and reliably model your casting system, making it available for calculations.

All functions that are required are available to the user. In many cases this text contains references to other help topics see below. You have to make a decision that is based on the results of the simulation. These fields are of a different color than the remaining part of the window. It has been especially developed for use in the foundry. If you want to cancel your input and leave the menu without? The graphical presentation of results on the screen is the third essential feature.

The cursor changes into a hand symbol. Expensive reject castings are avoided, and the quality of the finished product is guaranteed from the very beginning of production. Casting is the production process for the future because the pouring of liquid metal into a mold gives the designer the shortest possible route from the starting material to the final product. Shortened form in the text Detailed description “Confirm the input with ‘ok'” or Move the mouse pointer on the butsimilar ton labeled with ‘ok’ and confirm the selection by clicking the left mouse button.



Magmaoft filling of the melt may be your focus of interest, but you can also concentrate on the simulation of the cooling and solidification of the melt in the mold. Tutorlal wide range of modeling functions allows you to create complex casting geometries. Construction and manipulation commands used in the preprocessor are printed in capital letters when mentioned in the text.

Please note the following: Hot spots in the casting shown in x-ray mode. A table appears containing the main online help topics. Discuss with them the media type e.

You can easily change the casting geometry casting, position of the feeders, cores, etc. This is an abso?