Unfortunately, that long and peaceful interlude came to an abrupt end when EM asked me to review the new Mackie VLZ Pro mixer. Get the guaranteed best price on Unpowered Mixers like the Mackie VLZ4 Series Each generation of VLZ mixers benefits from a reinvestment in performance. MACKIE VLZ MIXER While a lot of people use this board as merely a live sound mixer, there is so much more that this board can do that people often over .

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The bus system is still interesting for the registration night, it can send a strong signal on your tape recorder, while having a different volume on the master.

Want our best price even faster? A guarantee so solid, you never have to worry about price when shopping at zZounds. Slick marketing, shiny brochures and good technical specs.

This is where this device really gets bad. Overview Specs Warranties and Docs Reviews. If your going to be doing small small mackke and hall shows, this mixer is perfect for you. I bought it new and at the time she was around for francs. See, if the mixer was cheap, I would chalk it up to experience and buy something better.

This is pretty minor though.

All user reviews for the Mackie 1604-VLZ Pro

I use not Pre-Amps. It’s just as if you paid the whole amount up front!


Main Out, channel Trims unity gain, channel EQs flat, all channels assigned to Main Mix, odd channels panned left, even channels panned right Main Mix faders down, channel faders down: At the back are usually insert a “hand insert” to address all of the console with a processor dybamique example.

If a mic preamp isn’t designed right, it will actually sound different depending on the impedance of the microphone and the cable load! By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. For example, for a basic operation: It is a full four buss mixer so you have sub-mix capabilities of sending to four discreet locations which is plenty for a modest home studio.

I’m not, I certainly raise the chance. Bur wait, there are also up to six aux outs which can act as sub outputs as well for a total of ten discreet outs.

Second, they use carefully matched, high-precision components for critical areas of the XDR preamplifier. My local music store keeps pushing a VLZ3 on me saying it has fewer problems but I’m done with Mackie.

Mackie VLZ Pro Mixer – vlzpro channel U | eBay

I have a hard time separating myself today, and if I had to buy a console of this type I will take this model without hesitation. Absolutely nothing wrong, except that I want another one for 32 channels on hand!

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May be a small trainer must Suffle and if so I’ve never paid attention. So I give no opinion deu. Find a better price after buying from us? I only mavkie mine for hall shows and recording, and I never ran out of channels or good quality.


The parametric EQ is really effective when you turn the knob means and notament real difference in the bass that have made an excellent especially in the lower frequencies. I had to pull out my backup mixer an old VLZ Pro and a handful of channel preamps and wire this up in a few minutes.

Mackie 1604 VLZ Pro Mixer – 1604vlzpro 16-channel U056355

It features sixteen input channels, four output sub-groups, and a user-replaceable fuse. This is sold as a premium product but it doesn’t include the premium mxckie or support.

About 3 months later, that channel started to drop out randomly.

Our gear experts can help! Use it with us – we’ll beat those prices, too! I’m actually done with Mackie products. Like any mixing board, you get used to it and its still a little trouble getting around quickly when you need to. First, they incorporate bifilar wound DC pulse transformers with high permeability cores that reject RFI but don’t attenuate the sound at 15kHz nackie above. I’ve been an avid Mackie user until last Sunday. Mckie it up for yourself.