A FotoFusion user shared their creative tutorial on how to build custom mattes, so we thought we’d share it with you!. Lumapix Fotofusion Template Tutorial – YouTube Change Background, Swim Video tutorial on how to use the lumapix fotofusion templates bought from my. My name is Alexis, I’m 18 years old, I live in Paris and I practice digital double exposure. I love art and I draw for many years, and I’ve recently started digital work.

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Photography & Yearbook – Cornerstone Tutorial

Do the same steps with all of the image frames where you don’t want a border. I suspect the post will go up after we get settled into our hotel in the afternoon. Pentium 4 SSE2 or faster. Post a comment or leave a trackback: You can also control precise placement by right clicking on the box.

Could you briefly give me the basics of your workflow when using these two together? Posted April 5, at 4: If you don’t have it, you will need to download a free one from the internet.

However, you can click on the image you want to modify and the program will prompt you to create tutoriial copy of the original photo so that the original remains untouched. This tutorial will show Fotofusions new opening screen and about new options. For example you can build a proofbook in less than a minute with the wizard.


FotoFusion Video Tutorials

Getting to keep your photo book designs without worry of losing them is key for me. I still have lots on my plate before we leave for NYC early tomorrow morning.

Posted December 15, at 6: Be sure to catch the webcast. It worked great for me when I tested it out! I am an affiliate of Adobe and LumaPix. Lumapix Fotofusion Album Design software very easy to use and it has all kind of features to make a beautiful album by your own creativity and it is really SP is short for Shabby Princess. The class concentrates on getting the students to take clear, focused, white balanced images, and explores different types of photos, including close ups, photos utilizing movement of the subject, and topics like adjusting the background and using light in creative ways.

Fantastic, exactly what i needed! Drag the yellow patterned paper onto the canvas and left-click. Will you be doing other external photo album reviews or are you done? The Extreme version offers lots of mattes called masks by some companies. I am definitely at the point of wanting to have full control over my designs and I have done that over the years using primarily Adobe Photoshop CS.

You will even see C: Instructor will send info home. The video discusses all aspects of using a large umbrella when shooting classic studio portraits.


LumaPix YearbookFusion Online

So many photo book companies have come and gone and if you make more than a couple photo books per year or like to work on projects over an extended timeframe like for an annual photo bookI think having your own software is a must.

Post a Comment Click here to cancel reply. LumaPix is the Canadian company behind FotoFusion, a software program for creating photo layouts and collages uttorial use in albums, photo books, advertising materials, blogs etc. Fotofusion 5 Tutorials -New Opening Look You can make it any tuttorial with any margin guides you want, then I just duplicate the page as I go.

Hi Anik, Since this is a layout program, it unfortunately does not have photo editing features. Photoshop CS is a powerful tool, but not necessarily geared towards album creation.

To set the bucket pumapix so that it doesn’t keep closing, click on the little pin on the top right corner of that window.

Since Laura is an independent, professional photographer, she can give relevant input on their work. Posted February 22, at 2: Or do you need to know the printing platform first? Frosted Look a Fotofusion Tutorial. Posted May 19, at 2: