The ×45mm NATO (official NATO nomenclature NATO) is a rimless bottlenecked . The ×45mm NATO SS/M cartridge (NATO: SS; U.S.: M) with standard 62 gr. lead core bullets with steel . Luke Haag’s papers in the AFTE Journal (33(1)–28, Winter ) also describes this problem. Look at Luke Haag’s paper in the AFTE journal which shows significant variations in construction between various SS/M loads from. Now comes your affiant, Lucien C. “Luke” Haag, and under oath hereby states as follows: I. I am of legal majority and of x45mm SS/M Bullets”.

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Increasing Small Arms Lethality in Afghanistan: The exterior dimensions of the 5.

Find all posts by munchie The initial MA1 design began testing in late After playing with their own proprietary cartridge case design, the. Views Read Edit View history. In several cases, yawing did not begin until 7″” of penetration. All sizes in millimeters mm.

Special Operator testing saw cracks appear on locking lugs and bolts at cam pin holes on average at 6, rounds, but sometimes as few as 3, rounds during intense automatic firing. Underperformance is thus baag to errors in range and wind estimation, hzag lead, firing position, and stress under fire, factors that can be like through training. However, manufacturers have reported “severe degradation” to barrels of their rifles using the MA1 in tests.

In the spring ofRemington submitted the specifications of the. Of the cartridges tendered, the 5. Previous experience of a change in standard rifle had proved that changing the distance of fire for the training ranges was more expensive than the design of a new ammunition; this prompted the design of a cartridge nominally capable at meters. Eugene Stoner of Armalite was invited to scale down the AR 7.


It was then known as the. When the bullet impacts at high velocity and yaws in tissue, fragmentation creates a rapid transfer of energy which can result lukr massive wounding and hydrostatic shock effects.

5.56 x 45 NATO (.223 Remington)

The dimensional specifications of 5. In Julyoperational testing ended with a recommendation for adoption of the M rifle chambered in 5. All sizes in millimeters mm. No weapon could be agreed upon, as many were prototypes, but the SS was found to be the best round and standardized on October 28, Some bullets can expand as much as twice their size, but the M ball ammunition will only expand a like hundredths of an inch; not enough to effect its performance.

5.56×45mm NATO

Developmental efforts led to the creation of the Mk However, a minority of failures occurred in spite of multiple hits to the chest.

The Marines fielded the Mk gradually and in small numbers. The Gw Ljke 90 is optimized for use in 5. The steel penetrator was retained and, through greater velocity and better composition and placement, substantially improved hard target performance.

To avoid visual confusion with the Mk round, the bullet was entirely nickel-plated for a silver color; the enhanced silver-colored copper jacketed, open tip match, grain projectile was named the Mk Mod 1. Firing several thousand rounds with such high chamber pressures can lead to degraded accuracy over time as parts wear out; these effects can be mitigated through a round counter to keep track of part service life. The very high level of individual training in the Swiss militia every single soldier bearing a weapon has to shoot for qualification once a year; see Gun politics in Switzerland and the overall use of the Gw Pat 90 by the many Swiss citizens who shoot in competitions and for amusement has resulted in significant input on its usage.


The Gw Pat 90 cartridge dimensions are in accordance with the civilian C. This failure to yaw and fragment can be caused by reduced impact velocities as when fired from short barrel weapons or when the range increases.

x 45 NATO ( Remington) | Close Focus Research – Ballistic Testing Services

The Interview – SAdefensejournal. Error in the penetrator placement can change flight performance and affect dispersion, and the rearward-drawn jacket can create an uneven boat tail leading to uneven airflow and more affected dispersion.

Marines adopted the Ws109 in early due to delays with the MA1. Retrieved from ” https: InNATO decided to standardize a second rifle caliber. The steel-tip penetrator of the MA1 is noticeably separated from the jacket of the bullet and can spin, but this is part of the design and does not affect performance.

Conventional, and cheaper, bullets are made with the method of the jacket drawn from the nose to an exposed lead base. The propellant burns faster, which decreases the muzzle puke and gives a higher muzzle velocity, an important feature when fired from a short barreled M4 carbine. The new SMP propellant in the round burns quicker in the shorter M4 carbine barrel, ensuring less muzzle flash and greater muzzle velocity.

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