Proceedings of KDNet Symposium on Knowledge-based systems for the Public Sector, , Functional models for regression tree leaves. L Torgo. List of computer science publications by Luís Torgo. Luis Torgo is an Associate Professor of the Department of Computer Science of the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Porto, Portugal. He is a senior.

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By continuing to browse our site you accept our cookie policy. An open, collaborative, frictionless, automated machine learning environment. Predictive Analytics and the Ocean Resampling with Neighbourhood Bias on Imbalanced Domains.

In this work, we propose variants of existing resampling strategies that are able to take lkis account the information regarding the neighbourhood of the examples.

Learning with Case Studies. OpenML An open, collaborative, frictionless, automated machine learning environment. Two physicochemically diverse sediment samples from the Lima Estuary Portugal were spiked individually with 25 mg L-1 of each PAH in laboratory designed microcosms.

The book writing style establishes togro as a good source for practical classes on data mining, but also as an attractive document to professionals working on data mining in non-academic environments.


Dealing with Insufficient Data. The results of this study contribute to the understanding of the dissimilatory nitrate-reducing pathways and help uncover their involvement in degradation of PAHs, which will be crucial for directing remediation strategies of PAH-contaminated anoxic sediments. Luis Torgo accompanies the R project almost since its beginning, using it on his research activities.

Chemosphere, pp. Mariana OliveiraLuis Torgo: Controlled Redundancy in Incremental Rule Learning.

Luís Torgo – Google Scholar Citations

New articles related to this author’s research. Regression error characteristic surfaces. Your toorgo was complete. Forecasting the Correct Trading Actions. His current broad research interests revolve around analyzing data from dynamic environments, with a particular focus on time and space-time dependent data sets, in the search for unexpected events. Three months in a row as 1 selling Data Mining book at amazon.

Joaquin VanschorenJan N.

Selected Publications

Power and Energy Systems. He has been doing research in the area of Data Mining and Machine Learning sinceand has published over papers in several foruns of these areas.

Torfo at the Edge: Staying Zombies or Awaiting for Resurrection? Your subscription has been successfully removed. New articles by this author. Spatial Interpolation Using Multiple Regression. Arbitrated Ensemble for Solar Radiation Forecasting.


We collected a large set of 1. Evaluation procedures for forecasting with spatio-temporal data.

Luis Torgo

Applications to Financial Trading. Articles Cited by Co-authors. Machine Learning 50 3: He teaches R at different levels and has given several courses in different countries. Construction of sentiment classifiers is a standard text mining task, but here we address the question of how to properly evaluate them as there is no settled way to do so. Wind speed forecasting using spatio-temporal indicators.

Luís Torgo – INESC TEC

Expert Systems4e Current Trends in Knowledge Acquisition, Environmental controls on estuarine nitrifying communities along a salinity gradient. R academic applied-research basic-research biology concluded consulting-projects cost-sensitive learning costs ensembles evaluation feature engineering imbalance distributions imbalanced distributions imbalanced domains metal learning ongoing ongoing-projects past-projects phd postdoc regression trees relational learning spatiotemporal text luia time series utility utility’based learning.

Portuguese conference on artificial intelligence, Socially Driven News Recommendation. Expert Systems 34 1