With Arnold Moss, Luis Van Rooten. Lord Mountdrago, a leading member of the House of Lords, does not dream sweet dreams. Quite the contrary. Each night. Lord Mountdrago has 38 ratings and 4 reviews. Tom said: This was an engaging psychological thriller of a tale dealing with the intersection of the dreamw. It is called Lord Mountdrago. I would define the genre as phsychological thriller. There were three main heroes: Lord Mountdrago, his.

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You don’t seem to understand that our ways lead along different paths. He had a pencil in his hand and he drew a straggling line or two on his blottingpaper. I gave him an icy glare and he walked on.

Lord Mountdrago by W. Somerset Maugham

Some people might have thought that Lord Mountdrago was mad; after all the years during which Dr Audlin had bene treating the diseased souls of men he knew how thin lrd line divides those whom we call same from those whom we call insane.

It gives you a delectable sense of freedom. But suddenly the Lord reveAled that he hadn’t his trousers.

Audible Download Audio Books. He saw behind his patient’s pompous manner and arrogant pride an anxiety that he could not dispel. I work hard, but I’m never tired, and I enjoy my work. But Lord Mountdrago was as conscious of his birth moundtrago a nouveau riche is conscious of his money.

Audlin has done expertly for 15 years. Ellis gives Maugham the inside dope on What Women Want and how to get them to marry you. I gave them a glance, and suddenly the enormity of what I had done fell upon me. He shook himself out of his hypnotic state and sprang to his feet. Michael Lloyd-Billington rated it really liked it Sep 07, He wangles an invitation to go and stay with her for a fortnight and this is the core of the story he tells the narrator: Lord Mountdrago had many good qualities.


The best way of describing his avowed attitude is a complete lack of empathy, much like the unbridgeable gap between human and frog.

I was about to speak to him rather sharply, when there was a sudden hush and I realized that the King and Queen had come. So Alban is fired and sails back to England with Anne.

I hope you won’t do that. He smiled in order to show the doctor that he was at his ease, but his eyes betrayed his disquiet.

Maugham lists his good qualities first. And now, turning out of the street in which was the consulate, he made his way to the city wall… The Consul. They provide a lot of material, and their recurrent contact with reality–Griffiths often performs some action in real life that accords with something he did in the previous night’s dream–raise a few issues of the paranormal that transcend Freudian analysis.

His clothes were dark. Posted by Simon on March 27, https: Requiring a parlourmaid, he hires Pritchard, who turns out to be a perfect servant.

Season 1 Episode 8. I no sooner fall asleep than my dreams begin, and he’s always there, that vulgar little cad, grinning at me, mocking me, despising me. He could not understand his powers; he was of a sceptical turn, and though they say that in circumstances of this kind the first thing is to believe in yourself, he never quite succeeded in doing that; and it was only the outcome of his activities, patent to the most incredulous observer, that obliged him to admit that he had some faculty, coming from he knew not where, obscure and uncertain, that enabled him to do things for which he could offer no explanation.


His arrogance was horrible. One rather obvious way of looking at this story is its depiction of privilege and social class in early 20th century Britain.

He’d spoken for an hour. I dreamt that I was in the House.

Lord Mountdrago

First line – Dr Audlin looked at the clock on his desk. You were surprised at the extent of his knowledge and the sensitiveness of his lors. And my time is entirely at your disposal’ Dr Audlin’s voice was low and grave. Stuart rated it it was amazing Jan 27, Apparently the beggar was a high-ranking opponent of the current regime, arrested, tried and about to be shot by a firing squad.