LOGICOMIX – Graphic Novel. Logicomix Print | Buy it Online | Share : designed & developed by: INTELWEB | hosted by Elegrad. Move; Close. This exceptional graphic novel recounts the spiritual odyssey of philosopher Bertrand Russell. In his agonized search for absolute truth, Russell crosses. Logicomix: An Epic Search for Truth. Apostolos Doxiadis and Christos H. Papadimitriou with art by Alecos Papadatos and Annie di Donna.

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At its heart, Logicomix is a story about the conflict between an ideal rationality and the unchanging, flawed fabric of reality. This book, it should be noted, is not a primer on logic. Should the trutb team here devote pages to any one of the mathematicians, philosophers, or logicians that wander across Russell’s life as presented here, I will purchase and read such a book.

As a child, Russell lived with the question of why things are the way they are, and got no good answers from his domineering grandmother.

Fittingly enough, the story concludes with the legendary closing scene of Oresteia, which perhaps makes the whole experience more profound than it really deserved to be, but then that is the fun of great ideas – you never know when they are only pretending!

Probing and ingeniously layered, the book throws light on Russell’s inner struggles while setting them in the context of the timeless questions he spent his life trying to answer.

Apart from a couple scattered essays, breezed through nearly twenty years ago, my acquaintance with the man’s work is nearly without fir. Mathematics, he thought, would be the answer to everything. Personally, I would have liked a page or two more on this tack. Although “such departures from reality can be fruitful for narrative purposes”, according to Mancosu, in some cases they are objectionable, as the portrayal of Frege as a “rabid paranoid antisemite”, and the “constant refrain of the alleged causal link between logic and searvh.

This graphic novel is about one man’s pursuit of this question, and the ways in which it nearly destroyed his life. This involves breathtaking excursions into logic, and mathematics, in language we can all understand. It’s the story of a man who pitted himself against the universe and lost, but who did so in such a way that he – and the world – came out better for it. I was also not convinced by the choice to include several metanarrational interludes in which the authors and illustrators talk about how best to tell the story; this seemed, on the whole, more of a distraction than anything else, although a final section set during a present-day production of the Oresteia is a tour-de-force.


For some years he directed professionally for the theater, and in made his first film Underground Passage in Greek. Russell suddenly realises “Russell’s paradox” I really love Bertrand Russell for the way that his professional logicalism did not impede his towering moral authority — he embodied a pacifistic, anti-authoritarian activism that was awakened during the First World War and that lasted until the end of his life, when he was still being seadch away from protests by police in his eighties.

Jan 28, Richard Derus rated it really liked it.

Mathematics and the progress of science provided many practical and helpful solutions for humankind and evolutional expansion. Doxiadis — maybe it’d be best if the next time you tried to expand the medium you just wrote a term paper or something instead. However, the meta-fiction aspect came to the rescue here, and through the account of a disagreement between the book’s author and consultant, this claim doesn’t go entirely unchallenged even if it affects the tone of the work.

Russell overcomes his shyness to engage the greatest professors of his time with his questions a thrill I remember well from studying the Sacks Theorem of recursion theory from Professor Sacks himself. But to see the form stretched around a subject about which I had been very serious was astonishing to me.

Logicomix: An Epic Search for Truth (with a Connection in Frankfurt)

Feb 23, Vasilis Kalandaridis rated it really liked it. Through Russell, himself a dominating figure in philosophy and logic during its most productive period, we encounter the giants on whose shoulders our certainties, and more significantly uncertainties, today rest.

Certain details are preserved and recalled well where these are relevant, but the strength of Logicomix is that the finer points of logic interweave but never interrupt the drama of human failings and personal tragedy and the glimmer through all of it, of hope for Russell, the quest is as much for this balance as for the truth that might liberate him from his foundational anxieties.

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Oct 09, Farhana rated it it was amazing Shelves: Yes, I’m still in Teacher-mode, but that’s not important right now.

Logicomix: An Epic Search for Truth Review

Everything is simplified and dramatized and so… graphic. And those writings I have spent time with have been rather facile, wholly practical works—neither of which included any expression of maths at all.

At one point he mentors the young Ludwig Wittgenstein, the renowned philosopher and father of cognitive psychology. But when a teller really wants to up the stakes and sell his audience either a cosmology or an apocalypse, only gods and monsters will do.

Given to me by a good friend for Christmas, this graphic novel first struck me as a psychodrama about an obsessive-compulsive personality, not at all resembling myself. The drawing is engaging and witty. On the highest, theoretical level the story logicomjx about the philosophical task of establishing mathematics on a firm logical foundation, so that it would become an ironclad vehicle for the pursuit of knowledge.

It was like, he thought, the cosmological model of the world on the back of a turtle. The choice of Russell struck me as somehow both inspired and obvious- in succession let’s say, to avoid paradox.

Logicomix: An Epic Search for Truth by Apostolos K. Doxiadis

It is on the one hand a tragedy of the hubris of rationalism, which descends inextricably on madness, and on the other an origin myth of the computer. To ask other readers questions about Logicomixplease sign up.

It also has the very interesting breaking the 4th wall kind of narration where some of the characters are aware of us, the readers and talk to us!