Foods serve the purposes of nutrition and enjoyment. The “Lebensmittel- und Bedarfsgegenstände-Gesetz” (LMBG, German Food Law) defines foods as. In , Germany created the Law on Food and Consumer Goods (Lebensmittel und Bedarfsgegenständen Gesetz or LMBG) (Sehat and Niedwetzki ). JZ KG KGaA KostO KPD KritVJ KSchG LG LMBG LwVG MDR MHG MitbestG Finanzgerichtsordnung Gaststätten Gesetz Gesetzblatt Grundbuchordnung.

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When the Federation is confronted with new responsibilities with respect to matters on which it has legislative power, federal authorities at intermediate and lower levels may be established, with the consent of the Bundesrat and of a majority of the Members of the Bundestag, in cases of urgent need. The first sentence of paragraph 3 of Article 7 shall not apply in any Land in which Land law otherwise provided on 1 January Grading comment 4 KudoZ points were awarded for this answer.

The respective amounts are million euros for Bremen, million euros for Saarland, and 80 million euros each for Berlin, Saxony-Anhalt, and Schleswig-Holstein.

Article 45 [Committee on the European Union]. The law may put forward not more than two distinct proposals for consideration by the voters. In the period from 1 January to 31 Decemberthe Federation may deviate from the provisions of the second sentence of paragraph 2 of Article Such laws shall require the consent of the Bundesrat. Article [Duration of deviations from the Basic Law].

Statutory instruments lmby be certified by the agency that issues them and, unless a law otherwise provides, shall be promulgated in the Federal Law Gazette. Its meetings shall be open to the public.


No person shall be disfavoured because of disability. Currie Translation revised by: Article 97 [Judicial independence]. Term search Jobs Translators Clients Forums.

Lebensmittel- und Bedarfsgegenstände-Gesetz (LMBG)

Article [Continued applicability of denazification provisions]. The extent of such expenditures shall be determined with due regard to multi-year financial planning. This provision shall not apply to earlier law enacted pursuant to Articles c, e or g.

Transitional and Concluding Provisions.

Lebensmittel- und Bedarfsgegenstände-Gesetz (LMBG)

They shall remain the property of the Federation to the extent that geeetz activities embrace the construction, maintenance and operation of the tracks. When time is of the essence, it may also be issued by a single judge.

Article [Retirement of civil servants]. The Federal Chancellor shall conduct the proceedings of the Federal Government in accordance with rules of procedure adopted by the Government and approved by the Federal President. Article 37 [Federal execution]. The same shall apply mutatis mutandis to persons, including refugees and expellees, who on 8 May were entitled to pensions and related benefits and who for reasons other than those recognised by civil service regulations or collective bargaining agreements no longer receive any such pension or related benefits.

Basic Law for the Federal Republic of Germany

The establishment of the Joint Committee and its proceedings shall be regulated by rules of procedure to be adopted by the Bundestag and requiring the consent of the Bundesrat. This provision shall not gesez to agreements regarding the construction of research facilities, including large scientific installations.

  IEC 61133 PDF

Article [Concrete judicial review]. In the case of executive agreements the provisions concerning the federal administration shall apply mutatis mutandis. View Ideas submitted by the community. The legislature may set age limits for the retirement of judges appointed for life. A term of office of the Federal President due to expire during a state of defence, and the exercise of his functions by the President of the Bundesrat in case of the premature vacancy of his office, shall end nine months after the termination of the state of defence.

You can request verification for native languages by completing a simple application that takes only a couple of minutes. Inasmuch as intermediate authorities have been established, their heads shall be appointed in agreement with the Federal Government.

New elections shall be held no sooner than forty-six months and no later than forty-eight months after the electoral term begins. Sovereign functions in the area of posts and lmg shall be discharged by federal administrative authorities. If a proposal is approved in accordance with the third and fourth sentences of paragraph 3 of this Article, a federal law providing for establishment of the proposed Land shall be enacted within two years after the advisory ballot, and confirmation by referendum shall no longer be required.

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