Sleepwalking Land (in Portuguese: Terra Sonâmbula) is a novel written by Mia Couto, a Mozambican writer, first published in Portuguese in and translated . 9 dez. Transcript of TERRA SONÂMBULA. Índice 1º – Quem é o autor? 2º – O livro 3º – A história 4º – Personagem favorita 5º – Citação favorita. Aula do Livro – Mayombe e Terra Sonâmbula. Public. · Hosted by Prestes Vestibulares. Interested. clock. Saturday, October 28, at PM – PM UTC-.

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A poetic and heart-wrenching view on the hopelessness and senselessness of war. On top of that, I know I may not be acquainted with all of the nuances of Mozambican culture, but there were events that took place in the book that were confusing and unsettling – I at times wasn’t sure if they were mere figments of magical realism, or meant to speak directly to elements of the culture itself.

Portuguese original English translation. Wat Couto vertelt, valt niet na te vertellen, lees ik in een recensie sonamvula zo ervaar ik het ook.

This article about a historical novel of the s is a stub. Its poison flowed through all the rivers of our soul They find amongst the ashes notebooks of a young man, Kindzu, who has left his village to become one of the mystical Naparama.

It’s like someone with a mind half Kafka and half Cormac McCarthy, the dreamstates of Doris Lessing, and the ever-loving heart of the mother of everybody lived in the thick of the Mozambiquan civil war, and wrote a book about it. And I like fables or magical realism or whatever category you want to conjure up.


Quando despertavam, os habitantes olhavam o novo rosto da paisagem e sabiam que, naquela noite, eles tinham sido visitados pela fantasia do sonho”. Admito que me surpreendi com esse livro ao longo de minha leitura. How do war and this book coexist sonzmbula the same world?

An unforgettable set of characters sleepwalks the same earth, some having given up hope, others trying to mend what seems well beyond mending. You’ll come upon lines like this: And if you don’t like magical realism Here is a selection of literary gems from a couple of dozens I marked while reading, that show the power of his writing. Deze roman uit zal jammer genoeg ook steeds actueel blijven.

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Terra Sonâmbula

An international jury at the Zimba English Journalist and a biologist, his works in Portuguese have been published in more than 22 countries and have been widely translated. Weinig schrijvers slagen daar echt goed in maar Couto vertelt twee afzonderlijke verhalen even meesterlijk en laat ze dan prachtig in elkaar overvloeien. Two refugees of the country’s bloody protracted civil war seek safety in a charred bus.

Resta mencionar que a narrativa tem um desfecho sugestivo, oferecendo ao leitor a oportunidade para imaginar o futuro do jovem. The dream sequences and spirit world moments lift this story ssonambula the harsh reality of the world, they do not remove the characters from it. I am condemned to perpetual earth, like the whale that gives up the ghost on the beach. Trivia About Sleepwalking Land.



The lines between good and evil are blurry, like the lines between life and death. His characters are often navigating their world almost completely alone, a world in shambles shaken to its foundation through the violences of war. But this is a book of hope. For this war was not made to take you away from your country, sonambulx to take the country away from within you.

The plot is simple. If you’re looking for something a little different, something both strange and profound, give Sleepwalking Land a try. Read more Read less.

Terra Sonâmbula by Mia Couto (5 star ratings)

A partir dai, duas historias sao narradas paralelamente: Want to Read saving…. Learn more about Amazon Prime. Normally I reserve my 5-star livvro for tried and true books, books that I’ve returned to again and again. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. I actually think magical realism is a very unique and fitting way to approach such laden, often inexplicable subject matter.

TERRA SONÂMBULA by Filipe Ferreira on Prezi

No trivia or quizzes yet. Mia Couto’s Sleepwalking Land is set during Mozambique’s civil war, but it is not a novel specifically about Mozambique, it’s about the entire post-colonial fm.

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