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I can see why her stories are popular but it’s not to my personal taste. And when I had a guess, in the end of the story, I was correct. The list can go on and on. Oh yeah, and that one part where that guy got hit dox the polar bear thing?

That being said, it really is difficult to introduce and work with ten different narratives in a mere page novel. He comes back to the deck of the boat only to discover that one of the other survivors has been shot in the throat with a spear gun.

I am so glad that I finally picked up an Agatha Christie. Anyone looking for a quality murder mystery.

Five little Indian boys going in for law; One got in Chancery and then there were four. It was very intriguing, and by half way I didn’t want to put it down – I needed to know what was going on!

This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. Lastly, my major complaint is that her prose is very rushed, dry and sparse in description. I have heard amazing things from Agatha Cristie and all about how you will never guess who the killer is. Two little Indian boys sitting in the sun; One got frizzled up and then there was one.

I have read many mysteries written by women, including many cases starring female private eyes and police detectives. For example, there’s General Armitage, who sent his wife’s lover to his grave. Soon they discover that they all harbour dark secrets in their past, secrets that they hoped no one else was aware of. A murder mystery, a mad psychothriller of a book. And, surreptitiously, they watched each other.


O caso dos dez negrinhos

Quotes from O caso dos dez ne This is a good mystery. Young Agatha Christie — She is best known for her detective novels, short story collections, plays and famous detective sleuths Hercule Poirot and Miss Marple.

Otherwise, this version would make for great fun! There’s nothing about this book that totally blew my mind; the solution, while interesting, isn’t mind blowing. Oddly, they too have never met their employers and are carrying out instructions that were mailed to negrrinhos when their services were retained. The Millers had two other children: Imagine my delight when I noted a whole slew of her mysteries all lined up neatly on the shelf — more to look forward to if I liked my first!

In my opinion, the story could have been more exciting were it told from only one person’s perspective.

O caso dos dez negrinhos by Agatha Christie (2 star ratings)

Goodreads Summer Reading Challenge: Anyways, so the story starts out with all the people being taken to the island. She’s far too polite. It’s an enjoyable read to say the least. Or maybe if you were called in for employment, to be livfo secretary or detective or even a butler! Maybe at one time? Most notably, aside from the obvious settings and premise the tale poses certain philosophical questions like Lost but does agatha christie o caso dos dez negrinhos offer that superior level of character development, while creating an engaging who-done-it puzzle like Clue but minus the quirky, comical qualities.


Vera Claythorne and General Macarthur both are tormented by their guilt and view spoiler [Vera actually becomes a direct victim of it, after all, becoming her own executioner in the rather creepy and effective scene hide spoiler ]. Honestly, at one point I negginhos caught between thinking the killer was one of them, someone else entirely, and something supernatural lmfao – I did not suspect the culprit at all and I loved learning about their reasons and their plans.

View all 4 comments. Ten individuals who committed murder at one point in their lives have been invited to Soldier Nwgrinhos for a supposed holiday. Maybe Agatha Christie invented the Whodunit, but all that happens in this book is non-stop whodunit nehrinhos nothing else. And sure negrinnos, the ten people begin to die, each in a way that reflects a death in the poem. There were some times where I had to reread some lines to understand what was being said.

The storytelling seems flat, frigid, and, at times, slow-paced. If you have a “thing”, stick with it. Only years after someone decided that neither ‘Niggers’, nor ‘Indians’ is a fortunate choice of words for the title so it was changed to ‘And Then There Were None’ – the last line of the nursery rhyme which in this new version i called ‘Ten Boy Soldiers’. And then the movie? The murderer kills these people on the island according to the degree in which he believes the sinner is guilty.

I mean I wasn’t expecting to find MORE and for a different ethnicity, but pretty sure that was in there from the very first draft.