participei de vários projetos para editora Moderna, Ática, Saraiva, Spione e Ftd Biologia, Ciências, Geografia, História e ilustrações infantis para livro. Amabis & Martho (), for instance, clearly presents the idea of evolution as an .. AMABIS, J. M.; MARTHO, G. R. Fundamentos de Biologia Moderna (2nd ed.). P. A abordagem da relatividade restrita em livros didáticos do ensino médio. AMABIS, J.M.; MARTHO, G.R. Fundamentos da Biologia Moderna. livro/58ra/JNIC/RESUMOS/resumo_html>.

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Teoria Neodarwinismo by Dantefgle Fernandes on Prezi

Rather, this endeavor could foster an integration of biological knowledge, especially if supported by some paradigmatic understanding of the phenomenon of life. Therefore, the results reported in this paper should be regarded as partial. Another reductionist tendency is found in the way the phenomenon of life and the molecular or biochemical level are presented as closely related, while other views on life are relegated to a less important rank.

The theory of autopoiesis may also be used as a basis for a discussion of life concepts in high school, modernx issues such as the origins of life and cellular metabolism are dealt with.

Amabis Fundamentos Biologia Moderna Pdf 12 | piapilhard

We have already analyzed 8 from a total sample of 20 books. Moreover, it is even more pleasing to notice that some books explicitly deal with the problem of defining life. Thus, when studying, we should be aware of the fact that the statements, generally speaking, refer to what is more frequent, to what happens in the majority of the cases or individuals.

The prion protein simply catalyzes the very chemical reaction that results in itself. Some authors explicitly state the difficulty of defining life: As a paradigmatic view of definitions releases us from the requirement of listing necessary and sufficient conditions for identifying in an essential and definitive way what are the phenomena that fall in a certain class, it makes it possible to clearly delimit, based on an precise theoretical justification, what are the phenomena in the domain of a given science.


On some theoretical-grounds for an organism-centered biology: The finding that two books address the problem of defining life in definite paradigmatic contexts is also very interesting.

Does the textbook discuss the problem of defining life? Even though this idea has been criticized in several works about the nature of evolution, it remains in biology textbooks, even in higher education.

How the problem of defining life has been dealt with? At last, all living beings are subjected to death.

The same is not true of Paulinowho presents a coherent set of interrelated properties, based on a view of the scope of the Biological Sciences as well as of the way the living world is organized, from the simplest to the most complex levels of organization, suggesting the existence of some theoretical justification for their choice; nonetheless, the paradigm at stake is not explicitly stated.

After concluding that, in favorable conditions, amoebae never die, he raises the question: Thus, the characterization of viruses and other structures as borderline cases may be a reflection more of the inadequacy of our defining procedures than of the nature of what we are trying to define. All the instructions to the functioning of the cell would be written, in code, in the DNA molecules.

The textbook sections about the origins of life contain important issues concerning life concepts. The Role of the Genome in Development and Evolution.

Nonetheless, essentialist efforts to define life through lists of necessary and sufficient properties still predominate in the analyzed textbooks. It can be compared with the memory of a computer and stores thousands of r to make cellular proteins.

Although most books do not include a chapter or section on the concept of life, it is possible to draw some general ideas about this issue from the texts, through an analysis of how the authors think of biology, the making of science, the scope of the field, the organization of the contents, etc. The books were selected by combining the results of two surveys: The complexity discerned by the authors in the problem of defining life reflects itself in a difficulty to address it.

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Los conceptos estruturales en el aprendizaje por investigacion. It is desirable, then, to address this problem in a non-essentialist manner, inasmuch as this is compatible with population thinking. Three books characterized living beings by means of a general description of taxonomic groups that highlighted the attributes of fumdamentos group Figure 2. Due to a mistake in the post-translational modification of this protein, a non-functional version is produced, the prion protein.

It is clear that the biochemical nature of living beings is quite particular to each species or individual.

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An emphasis on the description of morphological and anatomical features characterizing groups of plants and animals reinforced the search for lists of essential properties. In these sections, the question of the evolution of processes that would make life possible is raised, e.

We emphasized how the search for similar features in biological processes and common patterns in the diversity of living beings, which is an inevitable part of any attempt to define life, makes a more integrated approach to biological knowledge possible. It is also interesting to examine the difficulties that follow from the classification of viruses as living beings. The genetic program metaphor, much criticized in the literature e.

All the books analyzed put forward some characterization of living beings. What is the Books present a definition of life? Environmental Causes in Ontogeny. Help Center Find new research papers in: