Lifekeys has 80 ratings and 11 reviews. Kara said: I wanted some direction in my life. I feel like I am in a holding pattern of mommyhood-which is a good. This is a powerful guide to uncovering your talents, spiritual gifts, passions, values, and personality – all that God made you to be. Now revised. Jane A. G. Kise, David Stark, Sandra Krebs Hirsch, LifeKeys – Discovering Who You Are, Why You’re Here, and What You Do Best. Bethany.

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When I first articulated my values, I found that how I spent my time lifeoeys money my real priorities did not discver very well with my values, as this diagram illustrates. Mar 30, Jennifer rated it really liked it. I think that finding your purpose is something you have to figure out for yourself but this book will definitely help. There have been only a few moments in my life where I felt total clarity about what God was calling me to do. These six areas are: Oct 20, Heather rated it it was amazing.

I hope you’ll join us for the journey. Chuck rated it liked it Aug 23, When you seek me with all your heart, you will find me.

Lifekeys: Discover Who You Are | Career Planning Service – McGill University

Discover Who You Are event I would be happy to talk. Laura M rated it really liked it Jan 28, The facilitator will help you to find aee focal point where these five lenses all intersect, like a magnifying glass with sunlight.


What would you draw forth from the gifts, passions and experiences of my aree that could serve Your purpose? It was good to learn I had gifts, I wasn’t sure I did. Finding the Faint Path Chapter 3: Altogether good book recommended for new christians, old christians, and anyone really questioning why they are here. You will be asked to identify what you truly value: Really helped clarify where I’m headed and how to reach my goals and integreting spirituality into my decision making process.

The book, workbook, and leader’s material provide all that’s needed for a Wo workshop. I truly believe that thinking spiritually about our careers the way that we’ve done in the Lifekeys class is an act ars obedience to God.

Lifekeys: Discover Who You Are

Envisioning a New Beginning Chapter 2: Jun 17, Karl Kranich rated it it was amazing. It talks about different seasons in our lives and why we maybe did a job at 20 that we aren’t cut out for ae If that’s so, surely you would have prepared and gifted me to accomplish what you designed me to do.

The workbook contains a Lifrkeys Gifts Inventory, looking at the spiritual gifts mentioned in the New Testament.

So, I have been giving serious thought to what will be next. One of her books lifskeys the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator inventory has sold over two million copies. Discover Who You Are before the workshop. Putting It All Together After going through all these instruments and exercises, you will bring the results to a summary page.


All in all, there weren’t earth shattering surprises but it was a good kick in the pants! It helps you discover your life gifts, spiritual gifts, values, personality type, and passions then how you can put those together to fulfill your purpose at your job, volunteering, at church, etc.

Check the reference at page top or the wgo below for resource guides on related topics. Even though I was a good, church-going Lutheran, I dreaded that thought. It will help those longing to find discovfr deepen meaning in life, considering volunteer opportunities, contemplating career changes, or desiring to become more useful This updated comprehensive guide helps people discover how God has uniquely created them. Find a full list of their LifeKeys resources here.

MBTI measures four dimensions:. Oct youu, Beckie added it Shelves: This updated comprehensive guide helps people discover how God has uniquely created them.