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Results A total of donations were evaluated during andwith having seropositive results Table 1 giving an overall prevalence was 5.

Manual de Medicina Transfusional; pp. Data collection was carried out using the register book of the Donation Service where samples were discriminated by seropositivity and data were grouped in months and years. Thus, behavioral risk factors, donor quality and geographical endemism generate variable factors that complicate the functioning of blood banks where screening for infectious markers constitutes an invaluable measure to eliminate unsafe blood and avoid adverse transfusion reactions.

Country of Publication United States. Published by Elsevier Editora Ltda. Received Jun 21; Accepted Nov Med J Armed Forces India. It incorporates clinical applications and problem solving. When seropositive and indeterminate losses were compared, the number of seropositive units with a loss of Int J Infect Dis.

Adelman – Alergía e Inmunología

These results were notified to the Instituto Nacional de Salud of Peru for confirmation using molecular methods, as defined in the epidemiological evaluation programs for disease and patient follow-up. We are libroz to Dr. Gonzalez f Hospital de Infecciosas F. Guidance for Industry; US: Infectious disease markers in blood donors.


The principal consequence of the discard of units with positive or indeterminate gray area results is the quasi-immeasurable economic impact and the limitations in chain donations, principally, in the supply of blood components for institutions. Hemolytic Disease of the Newborn.

Comisión Asesora en Terapias Celulares y Medicina Regenerativa – República Argentina

Time course of detection of viral and serologic markers preceding human immunodeficiency virus type 1 seroconversion: Standards for blood banks and transfusion services. Quality systems and total process control in blood banking. Thus, we believe that it is necessary to use a confirmatory test and to follow-up these indeterminate donors to demonstrate possible seroconversion which would result in a significant impact on blood banks.

Medicina BAires ; 62 3: Conclusion To conclude, in principle, seropositivity is diminishing compared to the overall prevalence in the region where testing for prevalent diseases is maintained. Other Blood Group Systems.

Seroprevalence, Infectious marker, Indeterminate screening, Blood donor. Nevertheless, new difficulties affect blood supply safety, such as strict donor selection questions, an affordable blood supply, seroconversion periods and emergent agents, among others.

The Chi-square test was used to assess differences in prevalence between the years of study. J Inmunohematologi Immune Defic Syndr.

Adelman – Alergía e Inmunología

Inmunohematoligia total of donations were evaluated during and with being seropositive overall prevalence 5. San Felipe, Lima 07LimaPeru ep. Blood Components and Their Administration.

San Felipe, Lima 07, Lima, Peru. Seguridad en Medicina Transfusional. The aim of this study was to evaluate the impact of seroprevalence and indeterminate results on lost units and cost per donation.


Safety in transfusion therapy and during donation is an ethical issue in blood banks that must have protective mechanisms that detect noxae and diminish risk, making the transfusion practice efficient, safe and individualized lirbos each patient with donations being free of adverse-reaction events.

Only samples that had two positive results in two different runs were classified as positive. This is also affected by the high-risk of transfusion-transmitted infections in non-healthy populations. At The Nile, if you’re looking for it, we’ve got it. Center of Biologics Evaluation and Research.

With fast shipping, low prices, friendly service and well over a million items – you’re bound to find what you want, at a price you’ll love! All these factors increase the number of indeterminate results and require the use of techniques that diagnose inconclusive units.

Trans-sialidase Inhibition Assay for the detection of Trypanosoma cruzi infection in blood donor samples from Argentina. De la Cruz S. Rh Blood Group System. Clinical an epidemiological aspects of Chagas disease. Support Center Support Center. Churchill Livingstone; New York: For the indeterminate results, three components were found: We believe that guaranteeing quality in an initial step could improve processes in all stages of donation and transfusion, 2inunohematologia394041 through a more efficient process that prevents errors, reduces costs, and satisfies users, etc.