LIBER Its Origin, Purposes, and Program of Services By CHARLES DANA DEAN, F. R. C. BOOK Fi.t Edition, February, Second Edition, April, Liber , The Celestial Sanctum: This podcast is a reading of the booklet Liber , The Celestial Sanctum, read by Grand Master Julie Scott. Liber , The Celestial Sanctum [Supreme Grand Lodge of the Ancient & Mystical Order Rosae Crucis (AMORC)] on *FREE* shipping on.

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May Peace Profound abide with you ever, and may the spiritual effulgence of the Celestial Sanctum envelop and ensconce you, lifting you to great heights eternally! In this Celestial Sanctum, provision has been made for a Cosmic Choir where the voices of specially prepared members of our organization here in America, and in other lands, will be heard at times chanting and singing the sacred anthems that have been composed by inspired Masters of our organization in the past.

He was ever mindful of the great ambition of his life. Please white-list or disable AboveTopSecret. Sanctum, and Commune in pureness and worthiness. There are no other rules and regulations regarding the process for making the contact with the Celestial Sanctum than those stated above.

liber 777 amorc

The Rosy Cross influence on secret societies. It takes time, patience, and some spiritual development to first contact the Sanctum.

Hundreds of letters were written, several thousand experimental contacts were a,orc, and many hours of mental and spiritual labor were devoted to evolving the plans and the features of this new conception of the human mind. The Pelican on the Rosy Cross [edit on by hawk]. The three symbols at aamorc corners, blazing with violet fire, represent Light, Life, Loveā€”the Cosmic names of the Triune Godhead. All will depend upon our worthiness libeg the day, and at the hour, that we approach the attunement.

Originally posted by zzombie Do the Rosicrucian’s have a hidden agenda?? There are those today who have passed on from this earthly life who were happy in the many contacts they made with our Imperator in the years that he enjoyed their cooperation.

Remember that you are using attunment, meditation and visualization. In the early years, the number of students was much smaller and this appeared to be necessary. The number on the Dollar is connected with both symbols. If there is a period for music and song, consolation or instruction, we shall remain quiet and passive for the period stated in the magazine schedule until we sense the contacts being made, or hear a message that is being given, or feel the magnetic touch of Spiritual Companionship.


In other words, just because A. Lewis was the first Imperator of AMORC for its second cycle of activity in North America, and was responsible for its re-establishment and advancement. Rosicrucian – Silent Council Card. The Great A,orc was inaugurated inbut not until precisely years later, indid both faces of the Great Seal become united on the dollar bill. I have taken the liberty to change the name in the manuscript below to conform to the present name.

Then we libee remain seated, and with eyes closed, visulize the consciousness within us rising higher and higher, above and beyond the limits of material existence, to that Cosmic World to which our consciousness will seem to be drawn by the very purity of its nature.

It was a creation of the mind in the Cosmic for all members and non-members. Above the alter will be suspended by magnetic forces a jeweled Triangle, with points downward. There will be communion rooms in which members may meet the Masters and speak with them and receive direct illumination and instruction, advice and guidance. Freemasonry does not officially recognize A. I have not changed any thing else, in order not to disturb the original intent of the manuscript, known as Liber Lewis’ drawing as a guide; is when enlightment actually takes place.

We have seen that he could close his eyes in the midst of business activities, strife and turmoil, anxiety, and worldly restlessness, and, oblivious to his surroundings, remain en rapport for a time, only to return to instant activity, inspired with a new message, a new thought, a picture, a painting, a law or principle, a lesson or a perfect point of knowledge. Yep, they are authentic. Also, not sure if this is true, but it doesn’t seem like the “Church” hates the Rosicrucians as much as they hate us Masons.

Shakespeare Rosecrucian connection and King James Version www. It looks like you’re using an Ad Blocker.

liber amorc – Documents

The name was changed a few years later to “Celestial Sanctum”. Some of these convocations will be for worship, others will be for instruction, and still others for healing treatments.

Freemasonry recognizes its own Rosicrucian degrees and societies. We have known also that he found a way to reach beyond the consciousness of self into the consciousness of the Cosmic, and there dwell for moments of time to find inspiration, illumination, and contact with hundreds who were being slowly and properly prepared to meet him libr.


The OP’s links are all dead. Silence regarding the plans and work being carried on, was one of the essentials, and we know from letters received recently, how happy thousands of our members are to know that the great work is finished now and that an announcement of the existence of the Celestial Sanctum can be made. All through the years of tohe selected those advanced and prepared initiates of the brotherhood lber could help amlrc in his creation.

Rosicrucian leaked secret documents

Do the Rosicrucian’s have a hidden agenda?? In his creative imaginings, he made the ammorc for his Cathedral on so magnificent a scale that the portals to its grand halls would be wide enough for the millions of beings in all parts of the world to enter at one time easily and reverently. Rosecrucian connection is the hidden Wolfgang in the catholic and protestant church.

Therefore, there is little use in writing to any of us asking for more definite instruction or advice regarding attunement with the Celestial Sanctum, for we can hardly say more than what has been said, and each must discover for himself the heights that he must attain, the thoughts that he must hold, the purging of his mind and consciousness that must take place, each time he seeks to find The Way to the Celestial Sanctum.

No matter when you may wish to contact and enter the silence of the Celestial Sanctum, you will prepare yourselves, use Prayer, and find others dwelling there in spiritual thought and Holy Communion. Then we will know that a sympathetic and understanding amroc and a Spiritual Power have attuned with our consciousness, and through it our bodies and our earthly senses. We may remain in such contact for longer or shorter periods than those given in the magazine schedule, or we may amrc when the definite period is over by simply closing the convocation with the following words: Rosicrucian – Mandami – Accordingly, the announcement has been made.

Further, Rosicrucianism is a philosophical path to spiritual illumination.