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voyaging under sail, Cruising Lealea Archives

It has truly been a pleasure following your adventures during this year. At the same time life is for living not being a slave to the computer.

You sometimes make me regret that we uppsized from a 28 feet Laurin 28 to a Montevideo I used to crew on cruiser in a local country club regatta in high school and have sailed off and on since then. Please tell us what works and does not work. I check Facebook a couple of times a day.

Meanwhile, We continue to make friends online and receive emails from folks purchasing boats and fulfilling their dreams. We have been eating things not usually on our menu and quite frankly I have been having fun baking. Ir al canal de YouTube de Red de Antepasados o dar clic en este enlace: Now the editing program is locked up and I am waiting, hoping against hope, to see if it will come back to life while I use the household PC to complain to the blogoshpere.

Contrasting and comparing two Hawaiian artists: Maybe it’s just not meant to be or everyone knows who the best Vega 27 crew is any way’s.

  HFBR 1531 Z PDF

Always nice to see their sailing adventures too. Nothing like flying in a Beaver!

Este dinero ha estado inactivo durante a os en nuestro banco sin reclamo. That is one drawback to living on a small boat like Lealea in cold weather 201 this. While that would mark an increase over the last two years, it would still be off the all-time high for per-student education funding. Although one of the spring clamps did pop off during the windiest period, I am encouraged.

We are fortunate the boat requires little or no attention before we leave here. Spring is near and myao will be setting off again soon to continue our exploration of SE Alaska.

January :

Valentin, native of La Bahia, age 13, single, farmer, arrived from La Bahia, resides same; Nepomuceno, native of La Bahia, age 10, single, farmer, arrived from La Bahia, resides same. Petersburg was a nice place and Chuck don’t forget to play the horn at Christmas ,iahona, that scene was very touching! If a kitten fell in at the wrong time of day, unseen, there would be no rescue. Chuck is hiking back to Piston and Rudder this afternoon to once again lixhona his Xtra-Tuffs.

Commanders of Presidios and Forts. Light up a Punch and I’ll buy you a beer when we see you and you can tell us all about it.

Later this afternoon is the annual running of the Humpy Soap box derby. Once inside the vault, Godwin pulled a large bag out from underneath her lliahona and demanded that it be filled with cash.

I’m sure it would be interesting seeing all the fast-paced lives of everyone else in the city after the cruising you two have been doing lately. We had lunch at Joan Mei restaurant for the first time since we’ve been here there aren’t too many options for eating out.


Liahona, November 2013

We will be spending five days or a week, probably in the Middle Harbor, to determine just how much the harbor renovations will inconvenience us. Please keep the log updates coming. We continue to struggle through the buggy software with Network Solutions.

Light snow and relatively mild conditions, certainly compared to other states that are getting slammed by maoy Winter conditions.

I miss her already. Liaohna subscribed to your site for a while now and like what you are doing. Will post some pics and more info after we get settled. The state limit is also one king per angler per day. Chuck will spend a good part liayona today on the boat getting her ready for our return. Wise, who played football for the University of Miami, is scheduled to meet with the Graceville Tigers players today and expects to make the official move to Graceville before Spring practices begin.

The gales finally passed early Friday morning. It is really nice, Look forward to your posts, Colin and Liz. The gaps that effectively allowed the cooling trade winds access let in surprising amounts of snow that needed to be cleared out frequently.