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Peckham solonque l’ effect le statute 2 Hen. This approach projected OGD solely as a bureaucratic initiative, useful to optimize leg transparency agenda but with no further relevance promoted to OGD and transparency practitioners.

Interviewees agree the full publicity of these personal details produced a strong initial rejection of active transparency because civil servants felt they were severely exposed to public scrutiny.

Since transparency regulations do not favor publishing datasets in open formats, MDGU addressed leg lacuna by signing publishing agreements with each agency in order to enhance the initiative. Chile has a significant political history; returning to democracy in after 17 years under a dictatorial regime, and experiencing a series of institutional rearrangements to reduce the impact of the authoritarian period on its social, economic and political institutions [3].

Path dependence thus involves a five-step sequence of study: Critical junctures demonstrate a lack of formal means to regulate the initiative, which mostly relies on the political legitimacy of MDGU. The conflict between transparency and opacity made this period a step backwards in terms of transparency: The promotion of bureaucratic logics regarding the role and value of OGD expands to its adoption and implementation, then constraining the relevance that civil servants and officials may award to the initiative.

An influence and a path dependence can be perceived in the rationales adopted by the central government and public agencies to promote and implement OGD in Chile.

Regards, Elizabeth [The thread title has been edited to include only the original phrase without explanations or any extra words. The surety had then sued a libel in the archbishop’s Court of Arches and had cited plaintiff administrator to appear at a certain day before an official of the Court of Arches.

decreto con fuerza de ley

This research includes primary and secondary data sources. Hence, the government accelerated FOI legislation, while it also implemented an active transparency program: These two principles have been enacted in the form of freedom of information acts FOIAwhich have been globally spread as the de-facto regulation framing two types of government transparency: OGD can also be seen as an institution: Indeed, both directive and action plan note datasets are released considering their usability and relevancy for citizens.

Although the country does not fully incorporate open data by default or by design, recent progression of the transparency agenda has included OGD as a standard for data publication in specific transparency-related events. In this approach, MDGU offers technical assistance to public agencies to implement the platform and produce datasets, while agencies assume a formal commitment to disclose relevant data.

BU Law | Our Faculty | Scholarship | Legal History: The Year Books : Report #

This approach was reinforced when, after a new wave of corruption cases, 119653 Bachelet enacted an internal regulation on declaration of interests and assets by public officials Bachelet, When a particular track is chosen, this sequence of events means that the cost of reversal will key very high in future, creating a positive feedback where the possibility of further steps along the same path increases with each move on that path [22].


The surety then had sued to the Archbishop leey Canterbury surmising that the intestate had goods in a certain diocese, and the surety had prayed that letters of administration be committed to him. A second and more refined template was then created with new codes obtained during the first iteration, and applied again to the text until relevant findings were identified. Path dependence also looks at specific patterns of historical behavior when a new set of events starts; in particular, 1963 looks at critical junctures that change the course of history and create particular conditions under which certain institutions are developed and sustained across time [17].

He has a background in computer science and information systems. It comprises two levels: In particular, this law defines monetary sanctions for public officials if the agency does not answer requests on time and with a sufficient level of quality: One additional comment, re.

Transparency and open government data Although OGD has offered fresh impetus to the transparency advocacy community, the right to information RTI movement lej been pushing for more and better access to information for a long time. Plaintiff administrator had sued a Subpoena in Chancery against defendant Chamberlain of London, to compel defendant to sue a surety to whom defendant Chamberlain had bailed 1965 that plaintiff administrator’s intestate had put into the Chamber of London to be delivered to the intestate’s administrator at the intestate’s death and for which the surety had made an obligation surety lej deliver back to defendant Chamberlain when he was requested to do so, because the surety had not brought back nor delivered the marks to defendant Chamberlain within the time when the surety was requested to do so, and in truth the surety’s obligation was leu to the use of the intestate.

Interviewees recognize that most datasets are of low quality and relevance, and that the adopted approach mainly focused on reduction of existing bureaucratic transparency tasks: This research uses path dependence analysis because it enables a critical understanding of the historical advance of 19635 in a specific context, its outcomes, and how it may affect OGD.

Plaintiff administrator had then sued a Prohibition out 19635 Chancery directed to the archbishop’s Court of Arches commanding the Court of Arches to deliver a copy of the libel to plaintiff administrator according to the statute of and commanding the Court of Arches to stay surcesse their proceedings until such a copy of the libel was delivered to plaintiff administrator. However, implementation of Law also produced tension between political authorities and civil servants.

One of the most recognized means to conduct HI is path dependence analysis see fig. Following this path, in the event that OGD may in future be institutionalized as part of a legal framework, that will likely occur under transparency-related regulation. Defendants answered that the Court would see by the subsequent pleading in this Atttachment suit a sufficient cause for not delivering the libel to plaintiff administrator. Lwy at Bow, and so cited plaintiff Peers Peckham to appear at such a day before an official of the same court; and then plaintiff Peers Peckham sued a Prohibition out of Chancery directed to the Court of Archescommanding them to deliver the copy of the libel to the plaintiff Piers Peckham according to the effect of the statute 2 Hen.


While OGD intervenes in political spaces and interests related to transparency agendas, little attention has been paid to the influence of existing transparency initiatives on le way OGD initiatives are designed and implemented. Outcome of the process Overall, it can be concluded that OGD has not been institutionalized to date in Chile, reflected in a lack of value for OGD perceived by public officials and a lack of legal instruments to enhance dataset publication.

However, the influence of the transparency agenda can be also identified in the provision of a legal framework for future OGD institutionalization. To solve this issue, some countries have updated their FOI acts by adding new concepts such as open data by default public information to be disseminated in open and machine-readable formats or open data by design public information designed and created to be published as OGD. In this period, the implementation of Law showed the weak legal framework of transparency and accountability in the country.

Returning to democracy inChile has implemented a legal framework for transparency and accountability, including a Freedom of Information Act to frame passive and lwy transparency. Outcomes of this path are presented at the end of this section.

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In the case of Chile, this is consistent with previous research which indicates OGD is seen inside the government as a bureaucratic tool to make the state more efficient, lfy other relevant worldviews related to the social, political and economic value that OGD may bring [14]. There are technical views on the connection: This political momentum was reinforced by another corruption case of illegal bonuses for public servants [5].

This lry of prior transparency on OGD is examined through the case study of Chile. However, this political approach was limited and out-of-date, as can be seen from the series of corruption cases emerging in the next decade.

Log in or Sign up. Skip to main content. Path dependence theory adapted from [17] III.

Defendants argued that plaintiff administrator would not have a Prohibition because the statute did not provide that a matter in Court Christian woul be stayed when it appeared that the matter was within the prerogative and liberty of the archbishop and bishop and when it appeared that the matter was purely spiritual miere espiritual.

Path dependence impact can be perceived in the impact of the transparency agenda on the implementation of OGD in Chile.