Les lourds secrets du Golgotha. Author. Ambelain, Robert. Published. Paris: R. Laffont, []. Physical Description. p.: illus. ; 22 cm. Series. Les Enigmes. Buy Les lourds secrets du golgotha Coll Les énigmes de l’univers by Ambelain Robert (ISBN:) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery . Results 1 – 16 of 73 Les lourds secrets du golgotha Coll Les énigmes de l’univers. by Ambelain Robert. Currently unavailable.

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But all these are only reflections of the central Sephira: We must now come to a perfect visualization, where the blue of the eyes and the silver of the head and beard stand out perfectly against the purple of the Robe.

It is the semitic appearance of this eternal Doctrine, which can only borrow its ways of expression from among the racial, hereditary or didactic concepts of Western peoples, and more precisely Mediterranean peoples. Allegorically, we understand the drunkenness which carries away the drinker of wine, and the cold rationalism which is the portion of the drinker of water; but also in an esoteric and Kabbalistic sense, since the word wine, in Hebrew yain, is numerically equivalent to the word sod, signifying mysteries!

Then came his conversion on the road to Damascus. To him Jesus Yeshuah is the eldest son of Judah of Gamala, son of Ezekias, and like he, a leader of Jewish resistance against Rome, no spiritual leader of mankind at all. Moses of Cordova tells us: Doubling out from the last term envisaged Tiphereth into two new Sephiroth: Eleazar of Worms cited other initiators like R.

Robert Ambelain (1907–1997)

Facilitate the task of spies, leading their spirit towards the sought- after but ignored goal, in order to generate the greatest misfortune through such revelations.

But if the Sephiroth are limited, their limits emanate from God in an unlimited manner. Evil as a pure entity does not exist. This is the occult purpose of litanies, to create a chain of images Through the use of imagination, develop all tools which can facilitate their task.


Log In Sign Up. It interests the Jews. In parallel, deriving from the denary Sephirotic layout, regardless of the Sephira, there will always be twenty-two Chayoth, a repetition of the twenty-two original Chayoth2.

Its system lays out the circumstances of intelligibility and existence of all non-absolute reality as they exist in secres plane of Natura Naturante. While man sleeps, the body talks with the sensual soul, the sensual soul talks to the rational soul, the rational soul talks to the angel guardian angeletc. They persecuted them too.

But the doctrines taught by the Zohar are linked to those of mystical Hebrew works earlier than the aforementioned thirteenth century.

Do get them if you can.

We do not commit the error of Manichean authors, who put a Somber Decade opposite the Divine Decade, comprising elements of opposing powers. First, Christianity gives a special Providential role to the Jews in the religion led non-Jews.

It was a means to emasculate the race. The life of Abulafia, though known only from his general works, demonstrates that his spirit tended towards a form of mysticism going beyond the Kabbalah itself. He whom is called I am secrrets sent me unto ye As a relative Being, the Man-Archetype cannot thus survive in the Natura Naturante, except insofar as he submits himself to the same conditions which in this Sphere constitute the principle force of existence, intelligibility, and possible actions.

Modern Kabbalists often incorrectly attribute the three first Sephiroth to the three Persons of the Trinity. This is the kind of book Golgotua want to write. Abulafia assiduously practiced the teachings of Ibn Ezra, and claimed the authority of Eleazar of Worms and Nachmanides. In reality, we think that the Sephiroth originally reduced themselves to the number three and were first of secrrts a reflection of the system of emanation, such as we have met in Ibn Gabirol.

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He was an assiduous reader of Ibn Ezra. Pharisees, Sadducees, Essenes, Therapeutes. Let us quote from memory the famous passage from Deuteronomy XXIX, 14, 15where Moses finds himself obliged to give this justification to his people: We do not insist on the historic detail of its origins, for they remain uncertain. Moreover, how else could the Sephiroth meet all the needs of the universe without measure and for ever? But even if he had called himself God and he were condemned by the Jews for blasphemy, he was crucified by the Romans.


It was then that Simeon bar Yohai, the holy doctor, depositary of the arcane secrets of the Torah, secretly quit Jerusalem and took refuge in Jabhe And, as for the proof that the Sephiroth are emanated and not created? The Anti-Christ was written in the latter part of and first published in Glogotha, this Ambelain has picked the gospels right through, the canonical ones and the apocryphal ones that have survived in Coptic translation, in Slavonic translation, Ethiopian translation, in all sorts of translations.

We will lss an admittedly heterodox example, to better explain this concept of the group of six Sephiroth in question: The last choir is constituted, in the opinion of the majority of theologians, of the Glorified Souls.

Let us simply remember that the letter is the material form of sound, its body.

Robert Ambelain | LibraryThing

Finally, facing the danger of such an effervescence, the doctors of Israel, in possession of the true doctrinal esotericism of the Torah, decided amongst themselves to finally reveal the essence of this secret teaching, and we will now see how The number ten is not incompatible with the unity of Ain Soph, since unity is the foundation of all numbers, and multiplicity issues from unity; just as a fire, a flame, a spark, a light, a color, though distinct, nevertheless have a single cause.

Ain-Soph, gives Ash, being in Hebrew: Edit to localize it to your language. This commentary itself had oral tradition as a starting point, issuing from a certain intellectual illumination, which gave real meaning to the texts and banal interpretations that the ignorant crowd were only able to comprehend at that level.

Nebuchadnezzar was one of their benefactors.