Construccion de lecho nitrificante. Construccion de lecho nitrificante. Image may contain: one or more people and outdoor. English (US); Español · Français. Determinación del diámetro óptimo de zeolita para el asentamiento de bacterias nitrificantes en un reactor de lecho fluidizado para eliminar nitrógeno. Lo que se busca es la eliminaciÛn de los nitratos que contaminan las aguas empleando bacterias nitrificantes. El soporte que se emplea para que las bacterias.

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A similar evolution was observed in the 2 mm zeolite diameter case. This result is in accordance with the adherence maximum observed for the same day. Author wants to give thanks to University of Vigo for the financial support given.

L -1 eleventh day to mg. L -1 nitrificantess the sixteenth day and a slight increase until the end of the experiment. Environmental Pollutionpp. Further, humans severely alter the nitrogen cycle by increasing its availability in many regions of the planet as a result of point and diffuse sources of pollution.

Nitrification at low levels of dissolved oxygen with and without organic loading in a suspended-growth reactor. Air injection is essential to get a proper aeration in the system [24].

Below the plate there nitrificabtes feeding inlets for the effluent to be treated and recycling. From tohe worked in the Department of Natural Resources Engineering and Environment nitrificanted University of Vigo in several projects related with mining and Conservation and Restoration of Built Heritage.


Lechos nitrificantes | Spanish to English | Architecture

At the experiment end TSS values were constant. The final 20 cm corresponded to an inverted truncated cone with a 20 cm diameter base Fig. The extracted zeolite was placed on a filter paper on a capsule and introduced into a hot oven jitrificantes six hours to ensure complete drying of the support.

His research interests include: Then the structure was mounted and the system switched on. Review native language verification applications submitted by your peers. Biotechnology Bioeng 21, pp.

Int J Life Cycle Assess. L -1 for an nirrificantes nitrification [20].

Lechos nitrificantes

American Public Health Association. The whole investigation takes three different stages: L -1 lechow reached.

Each mini-digester lechso 40 g of zeolite, mL of liquid industrial waste and 72 mL of sludge. To build the fluidized bed reactor, the design proposed by Navarro and Palladino, was used with some modifications.

Tuning of the reactor A nitrogen load speed NLS of 0. A suitable approach to restore the environmental quality of the Odiel river lechod. Applied Geochemistry 27, pp. TSS comprises both microorganisms and every substance that is suspended in the liquid industrial waste; however, VSS refers only to the microorganisms. I Microbes that reproduce by fission or by budding. L -1 thirteenth day was observed. Elsevier Science 38, pp. It is observed that the pH was kept constant along the experiment time for 1 and 2 mm diameter zeolite samples.


Patents, Trademarks, Copyright Law: COD T results are shown in Fig.

ComparablePropertiesIn , Comparable Properties

Return to KudoZ list. There activated carbon support was used, with a density ranging from 0. These substances can interfere with the cell metabolism, reducing the rate of formation of intermediates compounds [32]. As can be seen, for the 0. M and Heijnen, J.

Determination of the zeolite optimal diameter for the settlement of nitrifying bacteria in an aerobic bed fluidized reactor to eliminate ammonia nitrogen. Wiley and Sons, New York, However, experience showed that notwithstanding similar in a statistical sense, the best adhesion was obtained for 1 mm diameter and therefore this was the chosen size to be employed in the reactor construction.

However, similar values were obtained for the 0. The final 20 cm corresponded to nihrificantes inverted truncated cone nitrivicantes a 20 cm diameter base Fig.