Leathers D.G., “Komunikacja niewerbalna”, transl. by M. Trzcińska, Wydawnictwo Naukowe. PWN, Warsaw O’Neill T., “Strażnicy krainy Baśni”, National. Leathers D.G. Komunikacja niewerbalna. Zasady i zastosowania. Warszawa: Wydawnictwo Naukowe PWN; 7. Ellgring H, Scherer KR. Vocal indicators of. New York: Brenner/Mazel; p. 65– Heaton AH. Podstawy umiejętności terapeutycznych. Gdańsk: GWP; Leathers D.G. Komunikacja niewerbalna.

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Similarly, the addressee here: For example, anger and contentment can on the one hand be transmitted by vocal emotional states, but on the other hand, their purpose may also be to communicate attitudes towards certain people. Global business – current and future trends. For example, people with depressive tendencies, or the ones who already suffer from depression, usually speak slowly, with low and declining tone of voice.

A therapist is provided with clues, that allow him systematize his perception and understand the meaning of words spoken by the patient. Many junior researchers of psychotherapy are so much afraid of silence that they begin to speak before they can understand why the patient remains silent. Rules of building and coordinating the value chain 3.

It will let them communicate more effectively with others and who it can be used in practice of management. Models of international strategies – the case studies 4.

Theoretical concepts of foreign expansion. Terbal and nonverbal expression of affect in speech of schizophrenic and depressed patients.

49 Paralinguistic communication in the therapeutic relationship

I would like to add here that the ability to read correctly the meta-announcements contained in the paralanguage is to increase awareness of how they are constructed, while paying more attention to rhythm and pitch of voice. As a consequence, to the end of the session, the patient may feel discomfort and anxiety, yet having no idea how it came to the deterioration of his frame of mind.


PROJECT During tutorials students will solve 3 case studies team work based on a basic communications techniques in business and everyone will prepare and present an individual project using communication techniques and multimedia tools.

The planning, the organization of public addresses, 4.

Uwarunkowania i kierunki rozwoju. Rapid speech may promote on inhibit persuasion through its impact on message elaboration. Speaking to and about patients: The collected papers of Milton H. International market business barriers. If the addressee of the metaannouncements formulated this way is a patient, then the defence harmful, negative content, included in them, can be even more difficult. Komunikacja niewerbalna, Warszawa 5. Komunikacja niewerbalna, Warszawa Analysis of international surroundings – SWOT 2.

Meta-announcements can cause difficulties at any stage of therapy, starting from conclusion of a therapeutic contract, through the use of certain procedures e. Any comments, any discussion of the contentious state of affairs, any additional question about whether the words that had been heard were understood correctly, comprise meta-communication. It is the base of all successful compromise. The voice of patients suffering from these symptoms usually sounds very sad, especially when faced with the necessity to refer events from their own past, both kinder and depressing, or overwhelming.

J Health Soc Behav. These researchers have taken the trouble to determine how these frames are clearly communicated.

Archives of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy, ; 1: Communication of emotions The need for knowledge of the principles guiding the proper use of the paralinguistic elements also arises from the fact that they are an important means of communicating emotions.

If sou desire to see, learn how to act. Organizational culture in international enterprise – common values, and behavior organizational norms – case studies from American and European companies. However, Ellgring and Scherer [7], Ostwald [8], Heaton [5] and many others, basing their assumptions on nuewerbalna measuring procedures of the vocal properties, gathered a reliable material to confirm the fact that the voice characteristics significantly af- Archives of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy, ; 1: The author indicates that vocal signals themselves may often influence the content of transmission and give a lot of reliable information about patients.


Numerous experiments seem to indicate that the voice is more important than the face in formulating judgements about the domination of a particular person; the face in turn is more important than niewegbalna signals in forming of judgements about likeability [17, 18].

Komunikacja otwarta: werbalna i niewerbalna by Gosia Boguslowicz on Prezi

Sometimes a seemingly clear and logical statement with a positive tinge, can, through an improper meta-announcement, express a negative attitude. Certainly, the clinician who can properly intone the important content, who can provide the patient with most rapid health feedback without pausing for too longwho speaks smoothly, ensuring appropriate diversity of volume and clear speaking, and who can speak at a relatively fast pace, will be perceived as a much more competent than a therapist who presents too monotonous vocal signals.

Vocal indicators of mood change in depression. International human resources strategies. Davitz [9] showed that, based on vocal signals, we can accurately identify emotional states such as anger, frustration, sadness, happiness, sympathy, satisfaction, fear and love, jealousy and pride. Already in young children it manifests itself through whistling, screaming or babbling; being at this early stage of pre-verbal development, they can thus communicate their emotions.

Predicting therapists tone of voice. Fish [3] the therapeutic interactions without meta-communication would create a chain of mutual misunderstandings and conflicts. J Consult Clin Psychol.

The use of symptoms as integral part of therapy. The people gathered in it, of a stature as P. The new dimension of competitiveness in global economy. Techniki skutecznego przekonywania, Helion, Gliwice