The Lavochkin La-5 (Лавочкин Ла-5) was a Soviet fighter aircraft of World War II. It was a . Lavochkin’s Piston-Engined Fighters (Red Star Volume 10). Among the fighter aircraft thrown into the fray was the Lavochkin “LaGG-3”, and La-7 — as well as the “La-9” and “La” piston fighters of the immediate postwar . It could be distinguished from the La-5F by the fact that the La-5FN’s engine. Buy Lavochkin’s Piston-Engined Fighters: (Red Star, Vo.l 10) 1st Edition by Yefim Gordon (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low.

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Commons category link from Wikidata. The Czechs designated the type the “S”. The aircraft was evaluated between December and February and proved to have exceptional performance. The intake was relocated to the wing roots. It proved competent at destroying Nazi bombers and proved a very good ground-attack aircraft, its armament being powerful and the aircraft being generally highly resistant to battle damage.

The Sea Fury was sent to war in Korea, where it proved itself an excellent warplane, notably downing a MiG jet fighter in This book describes in detail all the piston-engined fighters developed by OKB starting with the LaGG-3, an aircraft that first saw service in the Winter War against Finland. By that time, Gorbunov and Gudkin had moved off the design team to other duties, with Lavochkin taking over responsibility for the LaGG-3, working at State Factory 21 in Gorkiy, which was to become the primary manufacturing facility for the LaGG Visit our Beautiful Books page and find lovely books for kids, photography lovers and more.

The La-9 reflected the La-7 in its general configuration, with AShFN radial engine, three-bladed prop with large prop spinner, guns in the top engine cowling, same overall flight surface layout, same taildragger landing gear arrangement, the oil cooler under the belly; the La-9 even had almost the exact same dimensions and nearly the same empty weight as the La It was a development and refinement of the Lavochkin La-5and the last in a family of aircraft that had begun with the LaGG-1 in They were a match for the Messerschmitt Bf and the Focke Wulf Fw, and several pilots were awarded the decoration Hero of the Soviet Union for their exploits in these aircraft.

Lavochkin Piston Fighters

A big thank you to all of our readers. Fortunately we will never know what this amazing machine was truly capable of. Both appeared as a result of the same problem — it was too difficult to operate a jet fighter from a carrier and thus piston-engined fighter development was allowed to develop to its apogee. Towards the end of the war, many German squadrons were completely wiped out by Mustangs as a result of clever tactics by the pilots and the jawdropping fuel capacity of the plane.


According to several sources the Japanese considered the Corsair the best Allied figjter in the air. Earl Shilton, Leicester, UK: Truly a very fast, demanding torque on take-offbut versatile ship.

I suspect the Corsair was structurally tougher also. Kozhedub, nicknamed ” Ivan the Terrible “, a three-time Hero of Soviet Unionscored his last 17 air victories in in the La-7 numbered 27, which is now preserved in the Central Air Force Museum at Monino on laavochkin outskirts of Moscow. North American P later F Twin-Mustang A bizarre machine consisting more or less of two lengthened PH fuselages joined with a new centre section, the PB holds the record for the longest un-refuelled non-stop flight by a propeller-driven fighter pisron-engined.

Lavochkin aircraft Soviet fighter aircraft — World War II Soviet fighter aircraft Low-wing aircraft Single-engined tractor aircraft Aircraft first flown in Along with poor general production quality, there were a number of other serious defects:.

A total of 5, La-7s was built up to the end of the conflict, production being done at three state figgters — in Gorkiy, Ulan-Ude, and Moscow. It is hard to argue adjacent the final iterations of the prop fighters being the best Bearcat and Sea Fury.

The La-7 ended the superiority in vertical maneuverability that the Messerschmitt Bf G had previously enjoyed over other Soviet fighters. There was also a fit of pidton-engined La-5F with the new Shvetsov M radial; the demonstrator had excellent performance, but the non-availability of the M made this item another non-starter.

Although a list of defects was uncovered, a batch of at least 25 machines was ordered for service evaluation.

Only the Hornet compared. Dogfights were fought at altitudes of up to 4, meters [13, feet] with obvious advantages over the Fw and Bfboth in speed and in horizontal and vertical maneuvers Click here for the Twin-Spitfire 3.

The Corsair was remarkably versatile as well, remaining in production till the early 50s. As you say, it had range and above all else, it was very stable so proved very adaptable.


It seems to have had a reputation for being overweight and, on the other side of that coin, underpowered. It is therefore surprising to learn that it scored only two kills and they were slow vulnerable biplanes. The La entered production as the “La” known to NATO as “Fang”, was developed, featuring better streamlining, weight reductions, and optional wingtip tanks.

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Wikimedia Commons has media related to Lavochkin La At the same time I suspect there would be days when my faithless eyes would stray towards a Bearcat…. In addition, there were a number of subvariants and special modifications of the La More than aircraft were delivered before the war’s end, most by Zavod Nr. Click here for the ten greatest cancelled fighters. Utilizing MW 50 both German fighters had superior performance at all altitudes. I’m lenient in giving permissions, usually on the basis of being properly credited.

However, if anyone does want to make use of my writings, just contact me, and we can chat about it. This page pisston-engined last edited on 29 Octoberat Wanting Something a little more exotic- try the top ten fictional aircraft. I would argue the latest version of the FW lavlchkin improved in a positive war environment circa would have been my choice.

Lavochkin Piston Fighters

While still inferior to the best German fighters at higher altitudes, llavochkin La-5 proved to be every bit their match closer to the ground. One batch of flawed wings was built and caused six accidents, four of them fatal, in October which caused the fighter to be grounded until the cause was determined to be a defect in the wing spar.

Data from Soviet Airpower in World War 2 [17]. Re-engining the MiG-3 and Yak-7 with the M provided no real improvement, leaving Shvetsov with no demand for the engine. Such reports arose from misidentification lvochkin Western pilots of the La-9s or Las that were given to those countries.