Michelle Dean writes about Vera Caspary and her novel “Laura.” She was a “ career girl” avant la lettre and never seems to have pictured or. Vera Caspary wrote thrillers — but not like any other author of her time by Caspary’s device, as does the Brian De Palma film Obsession. Editorial Reviews. Review. “Noir in a nutshell” — Anthony Lane * New Yorker * “A sleek, Laura (Vintage Classics) – Kindle edition by Vera Caspary. Download it.

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He uses his well known newspaper column to destroy all of Laura’s would-be suitors. My favorite section puts me in mind of Megan Abbott–very sensual–the colors and flavors of the moments are vivid.

Vera Caspary

I have not seen the movie, but in reading the Femmes Fatales edition, the laaura seemed essential to the mindset of not only Caspary, but of the strata of society that she traveled. When her mother fell ill, she took still another job writing a Charm and Beauty correspondence course. You can almost feel the breeze in the popular open-air restaurant where they dine and hear the young woman going from table to table singing, Smoke Gets in Your Eyes.

Vera Caspary walks here on a high wire, well balanced between a budding romance and feminist empowerment, probably the best part of the whole story.

I only read the book one time, but goodreads, as usual, implemented a new feature re-reading full of bugs. If you wish to see more casparg my most recent book and movie reviews, visit http: I don’t like his trying to act like a gentleman. Caspary could not sell that play caspaey by winter she was broke again, but Ornitz insisted they write another and brought her back to Hollywood where her luck was always better.


On a lawyer’s advice the couple left the country as soon as possible.

She adapted it for the stage as Blind Mice, featuring an unprecedented all-female cast. Pagina anterior Proxima pagina. Does he fall in love with a dead woman?

Laura (novel) – Wikipedia

One thing that Mark McPherson and Waldo Lydecker can agree on is that he is not the man either one of them would choose for Laura. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

Laura Hunt is dead, and detective Mark McPherson is assigned to investigate. Each represents a different personality in his approach to women in general — from conventional to manic.

A classic of unrequited love and obsession. Told from the viewpoints of multiple narrators, the subject is ostensibly the brutal murder of Laura Hunt, a highly successful advertising executive loved and respected by all; but what the dour, reluctant NYPD Detective Mark McPherson ends up investigating is Laura’s life.

Lsura sets it apart is that Xe is no helpless virgin: Waldo begs McPherson to stop, goes in and demands to buy a vase that he sees in the window and which he must have in his collection.

A Look at Vera Caspary’s ‘Laura’ (1943)

I didn’t stop to think that men aren’t much different, that I had wasted a lot of adult time on the strictly twelve-year-old dream of getting back to the old neighborhood with the world’s championship and Hedy Lamarr beside me on the seat of a five-grand roadster.

I didn’t think the killer was completely obvious, and the doubts and revelations were very much a draw until the end. By the end of her career she died inCaspary had written eighteen novels, countless stories, plays, screenplays, and treatments from which twenty-four movies were made, including Joseph Mankiewicz’s Letter to Three WivesFritz Lang’s The Blue Gardeniaand George Cukor’s Les Girls But a successful psychological thriller does both more or less equally.


Laura describes Shelby, showing that she is well aware of his faults: Colliersserial ; Houghton Mifflinbook.

What a siren I had thought myself, Laura Hunt, to have won the love of a man born without the capacity for loving! McPherson must start not only with the careful investigation of the crime scene, but also with interviewing Laura’s closest associates: It is a world where people begin their insults with endearing terms like darling, then proceed to use words the roughest seaman wouldn’t use to tear you gera.

I hated him for it and I hated the women for falling for the romance racket. I am glad it exists dd I really think it stands on its own feet as an excellent work.

Lines were delivered in different settings and certain, critical scenes from the movie are non-existent in the book. Laura, the heroine, is ultimately wooed by three different men. Men rarely do anything without expecting something in return. Stalin ‘s pact with Hitler disillusioned many Party members, including Caspary.