Jacques Lacan was one of the most important psychoanalysts ever to wide- ranging primer, Lionel Bailly demonstrates how Lacan’s ideas are. The right of Lionel Bailly to be identified as the Author of this work has been of Lacanian practice revealed of the theory – and it seems to me that many of. Lionel Bailly, MRCPsych, a Psychoanalyst and Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist , He is in charge of teaching the ‘Lacan’ units in the MSc in Theoretical.

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The second half is rewarding if and only if you are into the clinical application. People who bought this also bought Instead, drive can give rise to jouissance, enjoyment of a faculty just because it feels good. Reading this in conjunction with Zizek’s introduction to Lacan inclines me towards thinking this is the better educational resource – it lacks Zizek’s bombast, but is certainly more persuasive and educational to the average reader unfamiliar with Lacan or Zizek themselves.

Use of examples from therapeutic practice brought the whole book together and kept me engaged. Jul 18, Paul Johnston rated it it was kacan Shelves: Lists with This Book.

One must move the tower, so that those needs can come into the light. Jacques Lacan was one of the most important psychoanalysts ever to have lived.

Not only that, but you can understand every word- unlike many books on Lacan I’ve read that left me none the wiser. Jung Institute of San Offering a broad discussion of Hegel’s ideas and an account of his major works, Singer explains what have often been considered abstruse and obscure ideas in a clear and inviting manner. Also included lacaj an explanation of jouissance. laan

Soon after she returned, she In a recent Jungian Master Class, I was introduced by Stephen to the work of the controversial and charismatic psychiatrist and psychoanalyst, Jacque Lacan, arguably one of the most influential critical thinkers of the 20 th century.


Really can’t imagine a better introduction to Lacanian theory and I’m curious to check out other books in this Beginner’s Guide series to see if the quality of its other books is consistent. I see what you are doing, and I know why you are doing it; my condolences.

It is the best introduction to Lacan book ever! Dell Original publication date: How does Bailly explain jouissance phallique, which is jouissance that pivots around language and reason?

Lacan is ars gratia artis. The reading is probably as good as it could be, despite the occasional pain of hearing Lacan’s mathemes – algebraic notations for linguistic structures – fully articulated. Click here to buy this book The biggest excuse for dismissing Lacan’s work has always been that it is obfuscating, opaque, obscurantist nonsense that can’t be properly critiqued because there’s nothing there to engage with. Andrew rated it really liked it Jan 06, Suffice it to say that Lxcan believe biological reductionism, the position that laan a wholly mathematical understanding of the mind as a mix of neurons, cortisol, dopamine, and other such nomenclature, is a bankrupt Luddite scientism.

Jun 18, Joli Hamilton rated it it was amazing Shelves: And for my part, I will say that of every model I’ve thus far encountered, Lacanian theory cuts closest to my current model of the psyche.

Think of crossword puzzles and riddles. The only downside to this book, and it is a very minor one, that the chapters on Lacan’s theories in the clinic feel kind of dry and causes the book to lose some momentum. One of the better introductions to this difficult thinker.

Phallus and the Name-of-the-Father.

Lacan Beginner’s Guide – Lionel Bailly

No trivia or quizzes yet. Open Preview See a Problem? Psychology concerns itself with a particular named object called the mind. Definitely an excellent introduction.

Lacan: A Beginner’s Guide – Lionel Bailly – Google Books

Jan 02, Michael Mena rated it it was amazing. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Including coverage of developments in Lacanian psychoanalysis since his death, this is the perfect introduction to the great modern theorist.


This is the baillg book for anyone completely new to Lacan. However, I wonder if I found this book clear and concise because I’ve already read Lacan. Recommended to those who have a basic knowledge of psychoanalysis who want to understand Lacan’s thought. Excellent introduction to Lacan.

Lacan: A Beginner’s Guide by Lionel Bailly

Great Introduction to Difficult Thinker Lacan is one of the most intimidating intellectual thinkers, this introduction made his ideas very clear and accessible. Yet, drive does not use signifiers, only need does.

Bailly builds his presentation on a very helpful explanation of the relationship between the Phallus and the Name-o No matter how long you have been studying Lacan, you say to yourself many times while reading Bailly’s book: And the dinosaur he has revealed is tremendously captivating; it took all of two days for me to devour these pages.

The Ego, then, is not the solution Freudbut the problem.

The Singularity of Being presents a Lacanian vision of what makes each of us an inimitable and irreplaceable creature. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Jun 13, Laacn rated it it was amazing. Through the examination of the patterns that play out again and again through our lives, tracing the furrow of a signifier in symptoms, dreams, slips of the tongue or tracing the patterns that play out in our lives, we can lionl the secret cipher, the meaning, the sense, animating our lives and imbuing it with meaning and so untangle our desires from compromise, defense and transference.

A Beginner’s Guide by Lionel Bailly.

Jul 12, Greg rated it it was ok. Jouissance uses signifiers in language, of course. That difference between a need and a partially unfulfilled demand gives rise to desire, which is a Lacanian key concept par excellence.