The La Marzocco Strada has independent boilers for each group which allows baristas to optimize temperature for multiple coffees. La Marzocco Strada Electronic Paddle (EP) – 1 Group is a new machine that allows the barista, for the first time, to have absolute and direct control of pressure at. Aug 1, I spent twice as much time on a bus as I did in the city and just as much time walking as I did at the La Marzocco Strada EP event co-sponsored.

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As has been done with the Slayer Espresso Machine and it’s variable pressure profiling, I’m looking forward to more experimentation with lower pressure turbulence at longer shot times and its effects on nuances in the shot. As pioneers for specialty coffee in China, Seesaw is […]. This not only saves space, but allows the pressure for each group to be controlled independently of one another.

Strada EP – La Marzocco

The verdict is still out how other pressure changes within the profile will affect the nuances of the shot, but as more machines make their way to the public, the better we’ll understand the magnitude of this technology. Click here for a complete list of color options. Cup Warmer maintain espresso and cappuccino cups heated at a proper temperature. Pressure profiling allows the barista to bring out different flavor components which affect the balance and body of the shot, and produce a rounder, softer espresso that highlights brightness, sweetness and delicate notes.

Spend the weekend with us in hands-on […]. Along with more control over pre-infusion, those are a couple of examples of how pressure profiling can positively contribute to the evolution of espresso. Repeatable Pressure Profiling absolute and direct control of pressure at any point during extraction — with 4 programmable pressure profiles and one fly by wire mode per group. Call us at Now for the fun part, dreaming about the possibilities of the Strada EP within the context of a cafe.


Furthermore, the barista could create two different profiles for their main blend. Insulated Boilers reduce energy consumption while contributing to temperature stability.

La Marzocco Strada: First Impression

After all, it is going up against a standard of proper espresso extraction that has been around for a long time. Individual Displays with real time pressure and shot timers. Previous Page Next Page. The Strada EP takes pressure control to an entirely different level. Needless to say, the hour and a half I was able to spend with both the machine and new friends in the coffee community made the journey worth it and made me excited about the future of espresso.

The Strada EP 1 group is equipped with a self-contained 2 liter water tank that makes plumbing optional.

Improving on the ability to go from a pre-infusion pressure level to full pressure, the EP model gives you precise and progressive pressure control. Cavendish series Palm Tampers Traditional tampers. The machine is now here and is slowly popping up at cutting-edge cafes around the U. The profiles act independently of the boiler marzoco to enable the barista the ability to further play with the temperature after they’ve locked in a profile.

narzocco Your connection to this website is secure. Personalized Colors customizable colors based on the RAL color system, on request.

Adjustable, Deep Drip Trays Accommodates a variety of cup sizes. This single rotary pump is then in charge of pushing out the pressure for the entire machine.

It would then follow that lowering the pressure going into the final seconds of the shot could help guard against over-extraction. So why go through the hassle? Separate boilers for each group head allow baristas sp optimize temperature for multiple coffees. I’ve heard in the past that pulling shots on multiple groups is ill-advised where the subsequent shots drop the pressure on the earlier shots.

This innovative pump allows for a variable pump speed. Okay, so maybe the grub from Chinatown and the free drinks were a welcome surprise to the trip and maybe I already knew a few things about the latest big thing from La Marzocco, but nonetheless I would do it again every weekend for the rest of the summer if I could. We may not fully understand the capabilities of this technology yet, but we know that the future of espresso is bright, sweet, balanced As has been the case with many manual brewing methods, the question is often raised, “How marsocco it that you can reproduce the results of a profile that works?


The Leva X has a dedicated display mwrzocco each group, giving you a -in the moment- visualisation of your pre-infusion… https: Does this marzoco that you could pull marzoxco from multiple groups without any decrease in pressure? Please enter your email address and password to sign into your online shopping account.

Independent Coffee Boilers separate boilers for each group head allow baristas to optimize temperature for multiple coffees. Sign in for quickest checkout. As more coffee roasters began moving toward direct trade and relationship coffees, we realized there was a need for a more stable, reliable and versatile machine that enabled them to showcase the very best of these coffees.

Here mazrocco some of the most popular.

La Marzocco Strada: First Impression – Prima Coffee

This pump, along with the motor, is installed remotely from the machine normally under the counter. No not a Strat but a Strada. Turbulence does have an effect on the extraction process.

Many roasters have to adapt their roast to take into effect how the espresso blend will taste both by itself and with milk. The small size of the new gear pump allows La Marzocco to include one gear pump per group within the machine. One paramater that has mwrzocco constant over the years for espresso is pressure, or in relation to the coffee, turbulence.

Aug 1th, Written by Matt Galyon.