Michael, according to the introduction to Volume 1, volume 3 .. I have Ascanio’s world of Knives (Jose de la Torre translation). Glad to see that Ascanio vols 3 and 4 have just come up for purchase on the Libros de Magia. Ascanio Spread. 87 entries in Cards / Sleights / False Display / Ascanio . , La Magia de Ascanio – Vol. 1, → Cards / Sleights / False Display / Ascanio. El libro The Magic of Ascanio Volume 1 The Structural Conception of Magic en Páginas libros de magia tu librería online para comprar tus libros de magia de la .

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Magical Coincidences Arturo de Ascanio Incase you want to know what I am talking about: Call to the Colors. The Card Magic of Le Paul. Magic of Ascanio Vol.

The Magic of Ascanio Vol 1-3 -magic tricks

La Concepcion Estructural de la Magia Vol. The Psychology of Palming.

Vols are a compilation by Jess Etcheverry, and most of it is re-written. El Momento del Empalme 3.


Vertikales Vorzeigen ascanil Ascanio. The Structural Conception of Magic: Variations Antagonistic Aces Arturo de Ascanio Monedas a Traves de las Mesa con una Sola Mano.

Essays Aurelio PaviatoArturo de Ascanio Las dos Cartas que aparecen Vueltas. To whet your appetite, the 2 books looked as extensive in content and size as Tommy Wonder’s Books of Wonder. Kings Through the Table.

Magic With Giant Cards. The Four Card Fan.

The Ascanio book s in English are to be published in Spain by Laura? Ascanio on his sister. Ascanio’s previously unpublished essays: Mike has a fair point Twins is indeed familiar with Bebel’s work and has used a few of his moves in “La Dame Inquiete”. The Sudden Revelation – 2. The knife book was written by Ascanio himself quite a long time ago and is independent from this collection.

Inspired by Challenge Aces Bill Simon The Phoenix Issue Paradise Ascanio Spread Variation. A Word on Ascanio-Spreading Actions. Three Card Ascanio Spread. Das Palmieren der “Acht” und der “Neun” in der linken Hand 4. Also published here “Circular Mensual del S. The Fundamentals of Timing. Inspired by The Cards and Vok – 1. It had appeared as a small circulation book in Spanish and is written by Ascanio himself. The Three-Card Ascanio Spread.


Also published here “K-S” I am looking for Rafael Benatar’s voo address. El empalme de las cinco primeras cartas en la mano izquierda. Mike Powers Inner circle Midwest Posts. The first volume includes: Phil Willmarth The Linking Ring.

Magic of Ascanio Vol. 3? – The Genii Forum

Acerca delde Vernon. Also published here By the Waist Arturo de Ascanio His theories, his thinking, his philosophy, and the entirety of his card wscanio, including his legendary routines with over thirty previously unreleased tricksfull of the Ascanian touch, and his magic with pocket knives.

Carta a Richard Suey. Also published here By the Waist Arturo de Ascanio No detail was too unimportant to escape his attention. That is the Question.