Soul of the Four Winds was a Mastery 4 internal air kiho that was developed over two hundred years ago by a retired Iuchi shugenja. It increased the dominance. L5R (3rd Edition) – The Four Winds. Uploaded by Ayoze Ojeda. The content of this book is about the history of Rokugan. Add a lot of information and system for . Follows Legend of the Five Rings: The Clan on the game Legend of the Five Rings (L5R). The Steel Throne: The Four Winds Saga, Prelude, Wind o.

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This year an imprisoned bloodspeaker confessed that there was to be a gathering of many prominent Bloodspeakers in the Northern Wall Mountains.

Four Winds

Sezaru had been a man of peace, the moderating voice between Emperor and Shogun. Sezaru’s behavior had rapidly spiraled out of control until he was dangerously unstable. The Wolf wanted only two things: While both sides were fighting Naseru rested aside, began to talk and fostered doubts on Fu Leng about Daigotsu saying that the Lost did not believe in Fu Leng, they believed in the Dark Lord instead.

Sotorii gave counsel to Sezaru. Rishimaru had reached Phoenix lands, and Iuchi Katamarithe Doomseekerwas the first to arrive. The Anvil explained that Hoketuhime gifted the Daisho to show to the Imperial Court that the Otomo family supported him against the Gozoku conspiracy.

Isawa Sezaru | L5r: Legend of the Five Rings Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Voice of the Emperor – Sezaru confronted his brother to know his real intentions. The Wolf willingly accepted Kosei’s oath, granting upon him the name of the Imperial Line. Sezaru provided a magical barrier of protection that his sister steped out of to stop the larger threat at hand. The scrying enchantments introduced in the Steel Throne by the Shadowed Towerthat were later used by the Gozokuwere cleansed.

Four Winds March.jpg

Triumph where I failed. Sezaru returned to Toshi Ranbo and told Naseru the bad news respect the Bloodspeakers: This article is about the second son of Toturi I. This year, shortly after the death of the descendant of ShinseiRosokuat wknds hands of the Bloodspeaker ShukumeiAsahina Sekawa was proven to be enlightenedand became the Keeper of the Five Rings.


Jama Suru survived and approached to kill a fallen Sezaru, but the Wolf cast an earth spell that destroyed the abomination. He used magic to disguise his features, making his head wreathed in flame. They battled the lr5 force of Bloodspeakers led by Jama Suru and Mohai. Winfs proclaimed him the Master of Enlightenment in a ceremony at Toshi Ranbo.

All shugenja in Rokugan were commanded to offer their magical aid in his hunt, even the Jade Champion was subject to Sezaru. Sezaru was aware of the conspiracy and fully supported his brother.

Four Winds March | L5r: Legend of the Five Rings Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

He was later visited by KanashimiOnisu of Regret, seeking to feed upon the inner demon of Sezaru’s soul. Sezaru appeared above the capital Toshi Ranbo in an apparent maddened state during the Khan Moto Chagatai ‘s assault on the city in Sezaru destroyed Mirabu and the Wish. Sezaru had dismished Koshei, who now was overseeing the transfer of Kyuden Tonbo back to the remaining Dragonfly, and Angai had commitments among her clan.

The four children of Toturi I were, in order of age. The Wolf had warned Kaneka that when he inevitably must choose a side, only one of his brothers would remain.

The Wolf was surprised the Scorpion had gathered this knowledge, so Angai went further and exposed her as member of the secretive Kuroiban.

Kaede gathered the Four Windsincluding the revealed bastardand told that they should decide what would be the best for the Empire.

After they talked, Kaneka decided to left his wanderings and returned to Toshi Ranbo. Aoiko reached the pool and retrieved the heart, allowing Sezaru to evaporate the Oracle. Sezaru was always a soul tormented by incredible power, the legacy of his Oracle mother. The only servant who remained was Gensaiken. The Sculptor of Flesh and Yajinden believed it could be used better by Sezaru than if they showed it to Iuchiban.


She told how the swords had been fetched shortly after the Toturi’s death, and made an explanation about why they did not returned to the Imperial family since then. His journeys beyond the borders of Rokugan had changed him, as had his duel against Iuchiban. In the month of the Rooster, [31] following the advice of Gensaiken, Sezaru sought the favor of the Dragon and magically fertilized the crops, and the harvest was plentiful. He would attempt to diminish the demanding Voice he heard in his mind, becoming scared of what the future would bring.

The Master of the Secrets, Bayushi Yojiroassigned wlnds Scorpion Clan member to follow and monitor each of the Four Windsand Soshi Angai was chosen to monitor the emperor’s eldest son. He aided Sezaru to recover from his wounds.

Ningen was gravely wounded in the confrontation between the two. In one of these skimishes he encountered the ronin Kamiya who was being assaulted.

All that remained of Tsudao was her golden amulet, and her brothers were shocked. Sezaru could not go further, being winvs the ways sealed.

Sezaru and Koshei fled, though Yokubo took Sezaru’s Mask as a prize. Sezaru felt she could help him in his quest and the Soshi joined the Wolf. The Imperial Court was not informed in advance, Naseru did so in the opening ceremony of the temple. The Toturi dynasty came ffour a final end nine years later.

Naseru was also informed about every important city of Rokugan had a hidden cultist cell.