Kubera is known as the lord of wealth in Hinduism. As the treasurer of the riches of the world, Kubera is prescribed to be worshipped. Kubera. Kubera mudra for fulfillment of desires. Kubera mudra can be used for specific goal. If you want something badly,focus on it, visualize and do. Kubera Mudra also known as wealth is so very powerful Mudra that sometimes it gives you results in just seconds sometimes in few hours.

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There is no provision of time of frequency attached to this mudra Kubera. It is actually wealth god as well call it in Indian mythology.

When three of the fingers are closed stress or emphasis is given on your thoughts and ideas. Mudras are hand gestures that can quickly redirect the flow of energy to specific body part or organ, mind and spirit. Place the little finger tips kubefa ring finger tips in the middle of the palm. If you practise some mudra in order to fight against depression then you will kuhera realize that within some years, you can stay in mental piece and say goodbye to your depression.

At the same time, develop the feeling as if it already were reality. Kubera mudra also gives us inner repose, confidence, and serenity.

Mudra is equally popular even outside Asia too. I invite you to practice these mudras for a week and see what miracles unfold in your life.

The following are three of my favorite mudras. Joining the tips of the middle and index fingers to the tip of the thumb balance the blood pressure.

Tap into your attitude of abundance and increase the likelihood of wealth in all aspects of your life by mastering Kubera mudra. Pure muvra energies flow into me now. Mudras are hand and finger postures that quickly move and redirect the flow of energy within our body, mind and spirit.


Mubera is the treasurer of shiva, god of kailasa. But this is not all, even in our everyday life, symbols and gestures play a very important role. It is believed that something will definitely happen when the planet of Mars forcefulnessJupiter excessive joy and Saturn fixation on the essential and passing through new gateways come together.

In India Kubera is the god of wealth. Your True Nature is High: This page was last edited on 22 Decemberat Let me correct myself, it can also be a eye or legs and even complete body movement or gesture. Gently Press your fingers together while doing this.


Three Mudras for Everyday Magic

Folding hands, bending have become very popular in India. Join your thumb, index finger, and middle finger together pressing lightly on the tipsand placing the other two midra in the middle of your palm. You might wonder from where this mudras came into existence. It is something with which every human being kudra relate to irrespective of age and gender.

You can do this mudra for longer times. Navigation menu Personal tools English Create account Log in. Playing the Game of Life.

Dedicated to the god of wealth, Kubera. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Involving your thoughts with the Kubera mudra.

BOOK OF WIT: Kubera Mudra: How to Manifest Anything with Kubera Mudra

Intensity of your desire and determination determine your success and Kubera mudra helps you to keep focussed on your goal. Return to Who You Are. Try this mudra after being in a large crowd, following an argument, or when you find yourself caught up in the throes of negativity. So, I was just amazed to know about a mudra which is associated with wealth Money and wealth God. Please enter your name here. Every position in mudra has a specific meaning.


In this article we clearly discussed about kubera mudra importance along with meaning. Mudras can balance the elements within 45 minutes. Clasp your hands with index fingers touching flat on each other point downward at sacral chakra below the navel.

Kubera Mudra

Mudra is very simple actually. Prana Mudra — Energizing Usher in vital life force energy. They involve simultaneous movements of hands, eyes, legs and even waist. But this is one more addition to this which is drama. Involve it with your goals that you want to reach, or wishes that you want to get fulfilled.

You can shift your consciousness and revitalize your organ systems in a matter of minutes by practicing these sacred hand gestures. For instance, mudfa you are suffering from something which requires mental piece, which in Indian terms is called as depression.

Kubera Mudra | LoveToKnow

You may find that deeper, more elaborate desires call for more time. These three forces when joined together will fulfill all your desires and aspirations. May kuberz you do it in morning or evening, that is completely your choice. You have entered an incorrect email address! It helps me to snap out of my fears and focus on what I truly want.