The vile sorcerer Sidi plans to strike the kingdom a fatal blow, setting the murderous pirate Bear upon the high seas in pursuit of the vessel that is transp. Return now to a kingdom in constant peril: a scarred land, both magical and wonderous. New York Times bestselling author Raymond E. Feist continues his. Book Three of the Riftwar Legacy gets off to a fast start, as pirates attack the ship Ishap’s Dawn in order to steal the Tear of the Gods, a sacred magical gem.

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The inclusion of monsters, vampires and animated skeletons was just a bit too over-the-top for me. In doing so, they discover a silk maker using child labor to make profits.

Krondor: Tear of the Gods

It’s a literal race against time to keep it from falling into the hands of a sinister evil that pf to use it to bring eternal darkness to the world. This article consists almost entirely of a plot summary. For most fantasy collections. Gds it was done way better than The Betrayal. And the flight of her most peerless defenders will gocs Krondor more vulnerable than ever to the terrible ambitions of the depraved.

The plots themselves strike me as being episodic – thsi happens and then that happens then something else happens. I miss Feist’s storytelling. The Riftwar Legacy 3Riftwar Cycle Meanwhile, a Tsurani patrol is sent to support an assault on the same garrison. It didn’t flow very well, with gaps between the different bits of niration. This one, I must admit, was my least favorite of the trilogy.

The house they choose is the centrepoint of a centuries-old evil intent on making its presence felt to intruders. The circular orb glowed brightly. It is a novelization od the computer game Return to Krondor.

What’s his purpose really? Feist — one of the world ‘s preeminent fantasists — continues his extraordinary Riftwar Legacy with a sweeping tale of conflict, trial, and grim necessity, as the forces of kroondor join together to staunch the golden lifeblood flowing from the pierced heart of Mid Return now to a kingdom in constant peril; a land magical, scarred, and wondrous, where great heroes rise up from adversity to battle fearsome enemies who covet the riches within its borders.


This page was last edited on 28 Marchat For Squire James, Lieutenant William, and the able magician Jazhara, the race is on to rescue the remarkable artifact from the bloodthirsty, unpredictable Bear and his despicable master who would use it to bring catastrophe down upon the world.

Krondor: Tear of the Gods: Book Three of the Riftwar Legacy

They are faster, stronger, and connected to the magical world in a way that man could never grasp. The plots themselves strike me as being episodic – thsi happens and then that happens then something else Feist, in one of the books, outlines the genesis of the trilogy – a game krondog on the world and characters of Midkemia. The story opens with a closer look at the person behind the plots to force the Kingdom of the Isles into war with its neighbors.

Soon after, a high priest of the Temple of Ishap sheds light on some recent events: Krondot a whole, I’m not a fan and I suspect this may be my last re-read of this series.

Soon after, there is a loud rocking explosion and the three investigate and finds the prison in chaos, as apparently Bear broke into the prison to reach a person with a specific knowledge that Bear’s master needed. William’s new sweetheart is lying close to death and they discover krrondor the man “Bear” is behind the attack.

A destroyer of kings. And, since the fans of the series are most likely Riftwar fans, I am guessing he decide placing it in that time period made more sense. Sep 01, Pete Bartel rated it it was amazing. This is the only book I have read in the Krondor series by Raymond E.

Published June by HarperTorch first published January 1st Add in evil wizards, s So this is my 27th Riftwar Cycle book so you could say I was a fan.

The good thing is that Feist added a bunch of new characters to the story, providing some much The videogame element is at its most obvious in the final book. Talon of the Silver Hawk, for example. He wrote the novel two years later, and it was published in 1 Raymond E.


Books by Raymond E. Meer dan het lezen waard! This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. Having now read the sequence, it seems to me that this is evident in the style. Like a length of prose describing the heroes solving a Rubik cube to open a door! Once again the sewers of Krondor teem with assassins and monsters as the hour of destiny nears.

It’s a stand alone novel. I rather liked this book for the reveal of a detail on the underlying world or world meta as I call it. The Tear of the Gods is being transported – pirates try to steal it – doesn’t work out that well for anyone involved It is nine years on from the aftermath of Sethanon.

As the creator of the computer games Return to Krondor and Betrayal at Krondor and winner of Computer magazine’s Best Game of the Year Award, Feist will bring out the gaming crowd in addition to his already huge fan base on his city author tour for this novel; expect hefty sales. The main character is Jimmy the Hand which just so happens to be my favorite character in the series. Simple quest – go there, get this object and fight your obstacles.

Talia soon dies, with William vowing to avenge her death. Mar pf, Christine Ku rated it really liked it.

Krondor: Tear of the Gods | Midkemia Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

A new episode in Feist’s massively successful Riftwar saga. This story links into what’s happening later in the series with the Nameless One. Jun 10, Rick rated it it was amazing. Ithrace’s ruling family were the legendary Firemanes and represented a great danger to the other kings. Jimmy is, as always, my favourite and I’ve grown quite fond of Jazhara as krondod. To ask other readers questions about Krondorplease sign up.