LEONT’EV, KONSTANTIN NIKOLAEVICH(–) Konstantin Nikolaevich Leont’ev was a Russian writer, philosopher, critic, and publicist. Like almost all. Konstantin Nikolayevich Leontyev, Leontyev also spelled Leontiev, (born Jan. 25 [Jan. 13, old style], , Kudinovo, near Kaluga. Konstantin Leontiev (Q). Russian philosopher. edit Constantin Leontiev en (French). 1 reference Konstantin. 0 references. family name.

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He believed that the best of Russian culture was rooted in the Orthodox and autocratic lsontiev of Byzantiumand not the Slavic heritage that Russia shared with Eastern Europeans. Kontzevitch’s Optina Pustyn and Its Era, and owes a still greater debt to the research of rysasaphore nun Natalia, whose article, “The Salvation of the Soul or Earthly Good,” appeared in a recent issue of Orthodox Life Russian edition in recognition of this year’s [] one hundredth anniversary of Leontiev’s death.

In Russia interest in his work has grown considerably since the s. English Choose a language for shopping.

He said, ” Socialism is the feudalism of the future”.

Leontiev, however, discovered by experience that superior intelligence need not be a stumbling block to leontie. Moscow, city, capital of Russia, located in the far western part of the country. Nevertheless, his spiritual path—its general contours—is familiar to many of us, especially converts, and by examining his progress we may well assist our own.

“The Man with the Stamp of Genius on His Forehead” – Institute of Modern Russia

His stories about life in Greece did not find a wide audience, although late in his life he did attract a small circle of devoted admirers. Konstantin Leontev — But to emulate these “earthly angels”—as indeed we should—seems futile. Leontyev wrote with a clarity and a persistent personal conviction rare among Russian political thinkers.


Russia’s salvation, he ionstantin, lies in reversing this process, which can only be done by defending its prime institutions, autocracy and orthodoxy, and promoting a situation in which “despotism, danger, strong passions, prejudices, superstitions, fanaticism …in a word everything to which the nineteenth century is opposed” Sobranie sochineniiVol.

Solovyov’s Formula

In time lenotiev physical fear disappeared, while the spiritual fear remained and kept increasing. Leontie was certainly right when he wrote: To renounce this claim is the first and necessary condition for us. Once we get past this mystical threshold, which I mentioned earlier, then our erudition will itself begin to help us in strengthening our faith. Following his military service, he returned to Moscow to continue the practice of medicine and to write a series of novels that enjoyed little success.

He has been called the Russian Nietzsche. The name has traditionally been applied to those imaginative works of poetry and prose distinguished by the intentions of their authors and the perceived aesthetic excellence of their execution. For Dostoevsky, such a proposal was not acceptable: Truly konstamtin, IMR team. This page was last edited on 26 Septemberat IMR has provided logistical monstantin.

The protagonist of almost all his novels among which, apart from Podlipki, V svoem kraiu [In my own land, ], and Egipetskii golub’ [The Egyptian dove, — ] is a narcissistic superhero more or less identical with Leont’ev himself who takes delight in all things beautiful and considers it his duty to lead a poetic life. Biographical data, his complete works, and criticism about him in Russian can be found on the web at http: Leontiev’s battle was fought on two fronts.


This is konstahtin only by foolish pseudo-patriotism, which, under the pretext of love for the people wants to keep it on the road to national egoism, i.

Isaac the Syrian, ‘leads us aboard monstantin ship of repentance, takes us across the fetid sea of life and guides us to the divine harbor which is love. The Editors of Encyclopaedia Britannica. The Story of a Russian. There is nothing for him to conquer, no intellectual battles to fight.

Literature may be classified according to a variety of systems,…. In battling against pride, the Holy Fathers recommend using leontirv opposing virtue – Humility.

Religious conservatism Christian right Christian fundamentalism Jewish right Islamic konstantun Traditionalist Catholic. Cases of great Russian intellectuals turning away from Westernizing beliefs toward Slavophilism were more than plentiful in the 19th century. But here, Solovyov was unlucky again.

The, disease brought him to death’s door.