CellChek C. High-grade model providing wide-field visualization of the cornea; including from limbus to limbus, endothelium to epithelium. •, High-resolution. Dystrophy, keratoconus, other corneal dystrophies and trauma. Konan’s specular microscopes are the global gold standard for precision assessment of the most. The CellChek XL™ delivers cellular level imaging of the corneal endothelium with the industry’s most comprehensive tools for cellular morphology and trending.

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In order to bill for the procedure, the physician must complete an interpretive report specifying the reason for the test, the cell count, a report of the findings, and the basic treatment plan. The microscope system includes 19″ touch screen, motorized table, and printer.

If any issues are discovered in the case history, biomicroscopy examination, or during the CellScreen examination, a complete CellChek examination can be performed and billed to the insurance company. Have a question or comment on this article? By obtaining a quantitative measure of corneal function, physicians can definitively determine if the patient’s cornea is more vulnerable.

Specular microscopy is an important part of the testing process for all of our patients needing cataract surgery.

Konan Specular Microscope – Sarasota FL | Gulfcoast Eye Center

All around the best optometrist in Olathe! The specific allowable for each geographic area is determined by adjusting the national rate by the geographical practice cost indices. If the cell count diminishes for whatever reason and the cornea swells, it becomes more challenging to obtain an accurate cell count. The same testing criterion for endothelial cell count is being implemented for refractive surgery as well. She was so personable and full of knowledge!


For more information read the full interview with Dr. Many clinicians also use specular microscopy for clinical assessment of contact lens related corneal distress.

The very formation of excrescences, deposits, or guttata alerts us to the fact that this cornea is more susceptible. We can and should examine patients in high definition. microcope

KONAN MEDICAL, INC. Specular Microscope CellChek C

Automated Manual count – a dot is manually placed in each cell or among a group of cells to initiate a count Users can place a box around groups of cells and place a dot in each box. Friday, March koan, Optometrists have become technologically astute with a myriad of devices with which to diagnose and monitor ocular health findings.

In regards to repeat or follow-up testing, specular microscopy is reimbursable when medically indicated and consistent with locally accepted standards of practice, but the reason for testing must be clearly documented. Practicing without the CellChek is like flying a plane with instrumentation only. A secondary consideration is that specular Specular microscopy revealed an abnormally low cell count in the right aphakic eye and a normal cell count in the left eye see Figure 1.

Clinical Case Report The following case illustrates how specular microscopy makes a difference and can influence clinical decision-making. Integrate Innovative Technology into Your Practice with the Konan Cellchek Optometrists have become technologically astute with a myriad of devices with which to diagnose and monitor ocular health findings.

Should the patient be found to have a diagnosed condition, we charge a medical evaluation and management fee and bill the patient’s medical insurance using CPT Special anterior segment photography with interpretation and report; with specular endothelial microscopy and cell mlcroscope. You simply won’t have a complete grasp of the situation.


The claim can be submitted as GA and the fee can be collected from the patient at the time of service or after the Medicare denial. The primary reason physicians should utilize the Konan CellChek is because it improves patient care. Learn more about writing for us.

CellChek XL™ Specular Microscope from Konan Medical USA Inc.

However, even with these advancements, corneal swelling associated with cataract surgery still spdcular. In today’s high tech environment, we have now been provided with the ability to quantitatively evaluate the endothelium.

He had just bought one a few months earlier, The central corneal thickness of this aphakic eye was microns.

The mucin layer is secreted by the glands of Wolfring. Documentation of specular microscopy should include the following elements: A sample interpretive report can be found in Figure 2. The basic premise of corneal swelling is that the endothelial pump is no longer functioning adequately enough to maintain normal corneal hydration.

Specular microscopy is performed on all cataract patients as a pre-operative risk assessment because I have discovered that having a precise endothelial cell count assists me in appropriately managing these cases. Definitive Diagnoses It is my view that every patient scheduled for intraocular konn segment surgery, especially cataract surgery, secondary intraocular lens IOL surgery or IOL exchange should receive a baseline specular microscopy examination.