Its only aim is to give you a kick start on how to use KompoZer. The manual does not even cover all the basic aspects of HTML in detail. Yes, this is a short. KompoZer lets you create your own web pages and publish them on the web. You don’t have to know HTML to use KompoZer; it is as easy to use as a word. Working With Templates. HTML templates are useful in cases where the author has to create several pages which have similar design but different content.

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And choose the table dimensions to be 5 rows and 2 columns with your mouse. Yes, this is a short tutorial and some basic albeit unimportant things have been left out. The document concludes with instructions for publishing your document to a web server.

Toolbar buttons let you add lists, tables, images, links to other pages, colors, and font styles. You are encouraged to find out about them yourself.

You can also start a new document which is a template instead of a normal html file. State transport buses ply from Delhi, Moradabad and Haldwani to Ramnagar. Using relative URLs allows you to keep all your linked files in the same place relative to each other, regardless of their location on your hard disk or a web server.

You typically use absolute URLs when linking to images on other web servers not stored locally on your hard disk. KompoZer lets you create your own web pages and publish them on the web. These choices affect the way text and links in your page appear to people viewing the page through a browser.

Below is the a snapshot of the default Composition Toolbar with text below each button indicating the respective button’s dpcumentation. With the basic table constructed, you can change the table properties by activating the table i. In the given text this has already done to make the text more presentable, but otherwise marking paragraphs separately is a good practice.


KompoZer (Webpage Publishing) – CDOT Wiki

Go ahead and try to use a few options, you will learn a few trick this way. However, the user is directed to using style sheets in the main Help section. This tutorial first introduces you to KompoZer’s User Interface. However, if the image location is eocumentation to the page location mompozer with “file: The second you might want to do is to select entire paragraphs in your text and mark dlcumentation paragraph following same procedure for the headings.

You can also set the default page background and colors for every new page you create in KompoZer. If you haven’t already given your page a title, KompoZer prompts you to do so. If you enter the Author name in KompoZer’s preferencesthen you won’t have to enter it each time you create a new page. KompoZer then prompts you to enter a filename and specify the location where you want to save the file. KompoZer is completely free and can be downloaded from KompoZer website. More than one document can be opened at the same time with KompoZer in the same window docukentation in different tabs.

Templates are used to make website management easier as the maintainer will only need to edit the text for a particular page and not worry about the design as it is controlled by the template.

KompoZer Tutorial

The first thing we will take care of are the headings and subheadings. For full detailed reference read the Menu Reference page. Select the text “Corbett National Park” at the top of the document and click on the Body Text drop down menu on the Format Toolbar and select Heading 1. It is situated in the northern state of Uttranchal in India. To create a web page, use one of the methods described below. Keep in mind that your current changes will be lost. KompoZer displays the page title in the browser window’s title bar when you view the page in the browser.


It is kompoer on Gecko, the Mozilla rendering engine. You can change the background color or specify a background image for the page you’re currently working on.

Click on the ” Table ” button on the composition toolbar. As a visual indicator a ” red floppy icon ” icon appears for pages which have been edited but not saved yet.

Jim Corbett,lived in Kaladhungi. Saving a document in text-only format removes all the HTML tags but preserves the documentatlon text. Rather than to shift from one window to another for editing more than one document, KompoZer offers the feature of Tabs. You can view this information from the browser window by opening the View menu and choosing Page Info.

It is also a home to other animals like etc etc. Simple left-click of the mouse on a tag in status bar selects the text surrounded by that tag. Several other options of formatting your text are available from the Format Toolbar or via the Format menu on the File Menu toolbar. We will use the text given in the next section in the new document to follow the formatting help in this tutorial. The Composition Toolbar consists of buttons for the most used major operations. Next section, tells you how documentwtion insert elements like images, tables, and forms in your document.

For detailed instructions about all the documentatjon possible to format text for a web page, see Formatting your Web Pages section in KompoZer Help documentation.