Davidson’s first thriller in 16 years is likely to be a bestseller here, as it already is in Britain. When an aging Oxford don gets a coded message from a forgotten. Buy Kolymsky Heights Main by Lionel Davidson, Philip Pullman (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on. Buy Kolymsky Heights Reissue by Lionel Davidson (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible.

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Once upon a time I went on a writing course. What is heighst more important are all the extraordinary and detailed machinations by which the hero, Johnny Porter, manages to get to the research station and then the tense, extended chase section at the end where he attempts to get away.

Kolymsky Heights

If you like thrillers or spy stories, you really must read this. It’s a surprisingly complex plot nonetheless, full of carefully calibrated moments of subterfuge, and this complexity is all the more impressive considering the fact that the plot elements can be boiled down to only two phases: Refresh and try again.

I first read Kolymsky Heights during a heatwave a few years ago in Ukraine. There were “episodes” that weren’t really necessary to include in it, but that’s one of the few disadvan Oh what a great thriller that I just read it. Topics Thrillers A book for the beach. In this really secret artic base, yeh? Finally at long last a thriller which r If you are the type of person who while watching some blockbuster thriller thinks to themselves I am enjoying this hand to hand combat between the hero and the evil henchman on top of a gondola in the alps but I wonder how he got there in the first place, did he buy a return ticket?

A my Flawed, but oh so readable!

An American has to get inside a secret research station in Siberia. Kolymsky Heights First US edition cover.


A book for the beach: Kolymsky Heights by Lionel Davidson

And the main crux of the book is following this implausibly adept guy heifhts in to find out what it is. The problem I had with the hero Johnny Porter was he did not have the flaws Frodo had.

I by-and-large although privitely disagreed with her on this, and some of my very favourite books ignore this rule. He is also a dab hand at impersonations and can fabricate a jeep fabulously called a Bobik – I SO want one!

Kolymsky Heights by Lionel Davidson

I know that one should be able to suspend disbelief now and again, and to grant a degree of licence to the novelist, but there are limits. But Davidson has a such a disarming style, and paints the various characters — grizzled Siberians, officious Russian bureaucrats, and mad scientists — with such easygoing charm, that it really doesn’t matter.

This all occurs in excruciatingly slow motion, but based on the level of risk he had to deal with on an almost minute-by-minute basis, perhaps that was the only way to proceed?

Or even likeable, I felt. Apr 07, Louis rated it it was amazing.

Once you get used to the unusual structure -build-up with what turn out to be almost irrelevant characters, long, drawn-out disguise sequences, highly technical worries, short underwhelming ‘climax’ followed by breath-taking action chase sequence- it is enormous fun. The conclusion was a little out there, but all’s well that ends neights, I reckon.

I’m not saying it needed to be ‘dumbed down’- in fact, it needed to be ‘smartened up’, if anything.

But if they are for you, maybe you’ll give it more stars. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. I started reading it because of a lack of anything else at the time.

Perfect I would imagine for the trans Siberian railway. If, she said and I believe this is more or less verbatimyou want people to be able to walk through walls – then have something like that happen in Once upon a time I went on a writing course.


Martin’s Press first published August 15th I’ve hidden this because of spoilers so I’m quite happy to spoiler away: The note is addressed to Johnny Porter, a Canadian Indian of the Gitxsan tribe with a genius for languages and disguises, and reluctantly he is forced to slip across the border on a rescue mission, the consequences of which he little imagines.

Kolymsky Heights – Wikipedia

I kolymsy that what books like I Am Pilgrim fails to do, this book accomplishes and ticks every box. The planning and later activities were covered at such a minute level of detail that the prose really needed to be punched helghts to maintain reader interest. However, Porter’s cunning idea a non-existent bobik and his erratic movements make the work of the police increasingly difficult.

Pull your socks up. Kolymsky Heights is a thriller novel by Lionel Davidson.

But the kolymskg rarely does. Maria Carmo, Lisbon, 3 July The whole ‘talking apes’ thing, which is what I expected the book to have as a jolymsky part of the plot, resurfaced again once the spy finally gained access to the facility but it really was handled in a perfunctory way and left me scratching my head. As for me, I have to care about a character and his mission before I can invest much emotion in the character’s plight.

He’s just some guy who met the Russian scientist decades ago, is insanely good at languages and looks like he could pass for a Siberian native. He was too busy being other diverse characters for the reader to get to know the real him.

Very entertaining book to read, easily to understand the story and a different thriller that I used to read, yet I enjoyed. Davidson could actually write.