Kodi civil i Republikës së Shqipërisë. Responsibility: [kodi civil është pajisur me një indeks alfabetik të përgatitur nga Z. Jani Vasili]. Uniform Title: Laws, etc. Kodi civil i Republikës së Shqipërisë. Front Cover. Albania, Z. Jani Vasili. Shtëpia Botuese ALBAL, – Civil law – pages. by Z Jani Vasili; Albania.; American Bar Association. Central and East European Law Initiative.; Constitutional and Legislative Policy Institute (Budapest.

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Ligji per Prokurimin ne Republiken e Shqiperise.

Ligji per Qendren Kombetare te Regjistrimit te Biznesit. In quality as a writer and publisher, author of O and Scientific Research Project on Albanian Diaspora in United States, Canada, Australia, and all over the World, he has written the book titled: He in close collaboration with American lawyers provide a full service in all shqiiperise of business law for Albanian entrepreneurs that are looking to direct business in the USA through business ventures by setting up a business in the United States and expanding on their personal wealth.

Komentari I Kodit Civil Republikes se Shqiperise

Concurrently he has tried publicist writing and published in several Albanian dailies editorials that are focused in the problems civi, the Albanian society in transition is facing. For more information you can visit our website: He provide assistance and is also able to offer legal services in real estate, for Albanian individuals that can indicate that their predecessors, early emigrants in USA, Canada, Australia, Argentina, Greece, Italy and other European countries have unresolved property or heredity issues.


He ensures all present and future clients that it will be able to always provide the proper answer and the most convenient solution to all business related questions – starting up a Commercial Company, drafting all kind of contracts and providing contract counsels, property issues, litigations and many other issues, which might be unavoidable especially in a society and economy in transition as Albania is.

His recent well-known novel is Refuse to Dance. The Albanian — American Community in Connecticut ASLO – Albanian Specialized Law Office was founded in in Tirana, Albania, is at the same time his shqiperisd, with the purpose to provide professional and high quality legal assistance on business related matters.

Always in close collaboration with American lawyers, he can provide assistance and is also able to offer other supporting legal services in real estate, for Albanian individuals that can and want to buy a house in USA if they intend to live there in the future, and wills and probate, business organizations, corporate law and employment law through our affiliate firm. Ligji per Shoqerite Tregtare ne Republiken e Shqiperise.

Kushtetuta e Republikes se Shqiperise Constitution.

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Nasi, Attorney At Law. He directed few press agencies and wrote several socio political publications. Ligji per Konkurencen ne Republiken e Shqiperise.


A through the H-3 Trainee Visa. He held several government positions state dutieswhere he was appointed to carry out various scientific ckvil in his area of expertise.

Faculty of Law in the University of Tirana. He also assist in business immigration services for U. This is very popular with U. It is often possible for the foreign business to buy an existing business in the United States or a U.

Formats and Editions of Kodi civil i Republikës së Shqipërisë []

Ligji per Standardizimin dhe Certifikimin ne Republiken e Shqiperise. He wrote scripts and screenplay for documentaries and fiction, like The Threateningand many several artistic books, like short stories and novels, that have civip appreciated and well accepted by the Albanian readers.

In this manner they can get the Green Card for themselves and their families, if they meet the requirements set by the law. In quality as Attorney At Law, he welcomes every individual, juridical or physical entity, Albanian or Foreigner that intends to start up a business within the territory of Republic of Albania.

Informacione te metejshme per Legjislacionin Shqiptar Contact Information.