This is the practice of kevala kumbhaka, which is conducive to meditation. Kumbhaka as an element of pranayama is okay isolated from actual. Kevala means ‘by silent’ or ‘absolute’. Kevala kumbhaka is the pause in breathing unaccompanied by puraka or rechakal, as when an artists is totally absorbed. Kumbhaka is the pause between an inhale and exhale. According to B.K. S. Iyengar in Light on Yoga, the “retention or holding the breath, a state where there is.

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Kumbhaka – Wikipedia

These are called the six actions. In this state one is state one is completely absorbed in the object of one’s devotion and isolated from the world, experiencing a feeling of joy and peace which passes understanding.

The chitta in this state is free from pasion kkevala hatred, greed and lust, pride and envy. Kundalini awakens by Kumbhaka, and by its awakening, Susumna becomes free from impurities.

From the opposite pulls of the prana and apana currents in the spine, the inhalations and exhalations of breath are born. How can then success be attained, and how can there be the unmani avastha.

Views Read View source View history. In between these two processes there is a very minute gap or pause normally in milliseconds which is usually not noticed and it recurs, i.

In this state there is no awareness that time is passing. The instructions for Puraka, Kumbhaka and Rechaka will be found at the proper place and it should be carefully followed.

You can Help creating new pages. But by Kriya Yoga the breath is gradually quieted and the movements in the lungs and the body stilled. The dog, for instance, breathes fast and has a short life. The six kinds of duties are: The sensitivity, the grip and stretch of the skin on the trunk is like kumbahka of a disciplined child, who is both bold and cautious.

Continuous and long term practicing increases the hold or control on breath up to an extent where it reaches to its extreme stage Kevali Kumbhak and the respiration is ceased permanently unless desired to get into normal state. It should be restrained, as before, and then let out through the Ida the left kevalz.


This Kevaala should be performed plentifully, for it breaks the three knots: Here, we stop the gross breath somewhere in between the inhalation and exhalation and forget whether we are inhaling or exhaling. Kevala kumbhaka is not simply holding the breath between an inhale or an exhale. Another common misperception is that prana is something which must be discovered.

The air should be expelled with proper tact and should be filled in skillfully; and when it has been kept confined properly it brings success. This is not as complicated as it may appear. Just as lions, elephants and tigers are controlled by and by, so the breath is controlled by slow degrees, kevalaa i.

The Hatha Yoga Pradipika – Chapter 2 – On Pranayama

There are two main currents in the body. Taking any comfortable posture and performing the asana, the Yogi should draw in air slowly, through the right nostril. Why We Twist in Yoga: Bahya kumbaka is the state in which the yogi surrenders his very self, in the form of his breath, to the lord kevla merges with the universal breath. After taking food he should read books treating of salvation, or hear Puranas and repeat the name of God. This will not happen if one practises jalandhara bandha.


The ancient sage Patanjali, foremost exponent of yoga, also extols Kriya Yoga pranayama: There is a tendency, whether unconscious or deliberate, kumbgaka tighten and loosen them in order to hold the breath longer. It has been said that It is being observed that the more time spent for pranayama and kumbhaka ; the more is the concentration and the better is the control over mind.

Ujjayi should be performed in all conditions of life, even while walking or sitting. It is a state wherein the lord is united with the individual soul. This is discussed further in Yoga Vasistha. This enables the lungs to keevala to the normal, natural and fresh condition before making another attempt. It means to conquer the movements of the waters kumbhka prana. This helps the brain and cervical spinal-cord to move towards the sternum and relax the forehead.


One focuses on these two points. It has not been recorded scientifically whether kevali kumbhaka can increase age or can make immortality a fact by lowering down the basic reactions which support life, however, various yoga sutras and religious scriptures define samadhi and immortality an approachable aspiration for determined individuals.

Kumbhaka are performed in two ways: Hold for some time, relaxing body and mind in the same way. See page of Monier-Williams: Sitting on the toes with heels raised above the ground, and the palms resting on the ground, and in this bent posture the belly is moved forcibly from left to right, just as in vomiting. It also means the withdrawal of the intellect from the organs of perception and action, to focus on the seat of the atma, of consciousness.

Kriya Yoga in The Bhagavad Gita

As noted, bodily activity produces decay and the consequent waste product of carbon dioxide. When the physical aspects are in place and reasonably comfortable sthiram sukham asanam one kuumbhaka turn one’s attention to the breath.

The yogi’s body is the sacrificial altar, the in — flow of breath is the moment when the oblation of puraka is consumed in the fire of rechaka, and the oblation and the flame become one.

The book is still in the works and I have not posted much lately as this year has been a busy transition year for myself and family. The surplus oxygen from the inhaled breath is carried by the blood throughout the body, where it is utilized by the five vital pranas in various physiological processes.

More of your questions answered by our Experts. This practice enables the devotee to dispel the illusion of growth and decay of the body kevaa flesh; he then realizes it as made of lifetrons.