The Kenwood TH-K20A is a rugged 2 meter HT with up to watts of power and straight-forward operation. You get memories and multiple scan modes are. Kenwood TH-K20A Specifications. Return to TH-K20A. Kenwood logo TH-K20A Specifications. Kenwood TH-K20A Specifications. TH-K20A. VHF FM Portable Transceiver with Keypad (non-EU use). Brochure. ▻ TH-K20/K40 Versions A/E. Find your nearest Approved Kenwood Centre.

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You get memories and multiple scan modes are supported. Remove the antenna, channel selector knob, and volume knob.

Menu is simple and easy to navigate. Because the battery pack is provided uncharged, you must charge the battery pack before The use of the warning symbol. Feel free to email me if you have questions about this setup and I’ll do my best to help out.

Keypad Use the keypad to perform the following operations. This radio have the best ears with the original antenna don’t worry buying another antenna you will wasting your money I have a kenwood D72 and bought a diamond antenna 50 dollars the TH-K20A will beat the d72 on reception with the factory antenna.

Stock antenna works surprisingly well. Additionally, you can use the key keypad for direct frequency entry If you have any questions, problems, or suggestions about Reviews, please email your Reviews Manager. The HT is built to last. Nice HT, easy to set up and program without constantly having to refer to the manual.


Kenwood TH K20A Radio Transceiver

Th-o20a the Side Jack Accessory Cover. Kenwood all the way! Also, there is a commercially made cable by btech the aprs-k2 cable found all over ebay which is made for baofeng radios for this exact use.

This modification is provided “as is,” and is subject to change without notice.

Kenwood TH-K20A, THK20A 2 Meter HT

Email Subscription You are not subscribed to this review. This modification requires soldering equipment rated for CMOS type circuits. This Mhz FM radio is perfect.

Partial Reset Use to initialize all settings other than The radio is plug and play, the audio is loudif you only want a simple 2 meter with good ears and good audio this is the one my 2 cents 73′.

If you are kkenwood of playing with aprsdroid or aprspro, this may be the way to go. The other is I am not a fan of the SMA antenna connection and never will be.

Kenwood th-k20a User Manual. Typical Kenwood LMR quality. Transmit audio is clean and clear like a Kenwood should kenwoov. All specifications are guaranteed within the amateur radio band.


Kenwood TH-K20A User Manual – Download

I would buy another if I needed to do so. Now that battery eliminators are available through ebay and extra batts ,enwood different sizes are available at reasonable prices, this is a near perfect, light, and very capable 2 meter HT for day-to-day use.

You can set the VOX delay to ms which is perfect. It is a simple to use 2m radio. I like the nice spring belt clip, and the HT is sized just perfect, not a brick but not so tiny you can’t use it. The display is easy to read.

Don’t expect to be amazed by its features. You get what you pay for. Remove the two screws from the bottom of the radio on the back side. The VOX is very smooth, no chugging or long delay times like the baofeng radios. One is I wish the Yh-k20a switch was recessed or required a little more pressure. Rotate the ENC control