Ken Scholes’s debut novel, Lamentation, was an event in fantasy. Heralded as a “mesmerizing debut novel” by Publishers Weekly, and a “vividly imagined. This was certainly the case with Ken Scholes’s short story “Of Metal Men The first two volumes of The Psalms of Isaak (entitled Lamentation. Lamentation is a novel that promises much with its opening scene of the Desolation of Windwir, the wealthiest and most powerful city in the.

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This is very standard fantasy fare that just did not work for me. Stefan’s review makes the point well: Schlles don’t always like being thrown into a dungeon with Ned Stark or forced to drink tea with bitchy Aes Sedai, but by God, we know what both dungeon and tea taste like.

Review: Lamentation (Psalms of Issak) by Ken Scholes

Jin Li Tam had no substance in the short stories and her character evolved initially from the courtesan spy role not even hinted at in the short story into who she becomes as the story unfolds. I wrote it really fast. Having a couple of characters stand off to the side and comment as armies clash instead of having said characters clash themselves is hardly a recipe for success in a genre that thrives on believable depictions of physical conflict.

April 22, at 4: In this case I’m not sure it was totally worth it. His act amounts not only to genocide—home to thousands of Androfrancine priests, Windwir is one of the most populous and influential communities in the Known Lands—but to a profound erasure of knowledge: Not that the good guys have to work very hard to outwit their enemies – not only do they win every skirmish they’re involved in, they literally massacre opposing forces, and maybe incur the loss of lamejtation life in the process.

Based on it, I may go ahead and read Canticle, which I had earlier decided not to bother schole.


Revelations at the end of Lamentation have added layers to the relationship of Rudolfo and Jinn Lee Tam. If you like your stories straightforward and with no teeth, give it a shot.

I’m surprised at some of the negative commentary listed below, as far as this book is concerned. In terms of world-building, it lamejtation me a bit of Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time. Apr 14, Lightreads rated it liked it Shelves: Very fast paced with some very interesting characters and story lines.

They’re all recognizable and definitely have some depth, but just not the level of depth I was hoping for. Originally, I saw just lmentation short scholea. The chapters are set up as point-of-view chapters like George RR Martin’s books, but they’re much shorter. This still happens in Lamentation —the sensual detail Scholes provides about his landscapes and the characters’ culinary predilections still wow—but now Rudolpho is sharing space with seven other viewpoint characters and Scholes keeps jumping from one head to the other every three-to-five pages, dashing from gypsy camp to bad-guy’s tent to windswept plain and back again without leaving us time to savor, or even form an opinion about, his cast.

The last third of the book just rescued itself with the hint that not every vagina is for sale, and also some all-too-brief suggestions that this is actually a post-apocalyptic science-fantasy as much as a traditional epic.

The second biggest shortcoming in the book, I think, is probably also part of its strength. My favorite sentence in the book is wh I was surprised by this book. Why should you read this book? On September 11,I took the short story about Rudolfo finding the metal man and pasted it into the document.

Psalms of Isaak Readthrough – Lamentation – Ken Scholes

Added to that is the premise of a great and powerful city destroyed by an ancient artifact long thought to be nothing but a myth. It was never a chore to read, but it never once grabbed my attention, either. Prelude to the Psalms Where Scholes truly lost my interest, however, was when he decided to insert prophesies and meaningful dreams into the narrative.

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By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. My favorite scene from the book is the confrontation between Rudolfo and Vlad Li Tam over the bonfire near the end.

Will read the next one when it come out in October. Oh, and the moon is terraformed, which gets mentioned in passing but really piqued my interest. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Lamdntation email address will not be published. In this lies significant potential for future books in The Psalms of Isaak —of which the next two volumes, Canticle and Antiphonhave already been released.

Lamentation (Psalms of Isaak #1) by Ken Scholes – The Ranting Dragon

The plot is all about long time secrets and hidden motives that too me just played out so inconsequentially. I do not have much to say that is positive about this first novel in the Psalms of Isaak series. Cornelius, OregonUS. These rather one-dimensional depictions of women, however, are infinitely preferable to cliches like Sethbert, the evil Overseer of the Entrolusian Delta who seems to have been cribbed directly from Dr.

The writing is very clear and easy to understand, something a lot of fantasy often struggles with. I am curious to read what really happens. So, rather slow, a convoluted plot with moments of excellent prose.

No wasted words, no filler garbage, just go-go-go without feeling overwhelming or exhausting. Lamentation is a decent work of epic fantasy, written by an author who clearly has a way with words, but both the story and characters are lacking.