Kdb+ is a high-performance column-oriented database from Kx Systems Inc. kdb+ is designed to capture, analyze, compare, and store data − all at high speeds. kdb/q/kdb+ is both a database (kdb) and a vector language (q). It’s used by almost every major financial institution: Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Merrill . Tutorials and Videos teaching many interesting aspects of kdb+ databases. Covering Java C Apis, Memory Management, Tickerplants, Multithreading.

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Publish realtime updates to thousands of clients, and provide pricing updates to users in milliseconds.

Build realtime dashboards with RethinkDB data push notifications, and make instantaneous business decisions. In-memory means it primarily stores its data in RAM. When your app polls for data, it becomes slow, unscalable, and cumbersome to maintain. To get started you can download a free bit trial version from kxonce you install it and run q. RethinkDB is the open-source, scalable database that makes building realtime apps dramatically easier.

Since q is interpreted you can enter commands straight into the console there is no waiting for compilation, feedback is instantaneous. Where we had sum[l],avg[l],weightedAvg[l1;l2] of lists we can write similar qSQL: Not to be confused with Q equational programming language.

With RethinkDB, you can build amazing realtime apps with dramatically less engineering effort. The curly brackets here hold the body of the function, x is a default parameter name.

It is proprietary softwarecommercialized by Kx Systems. Where standard SQL has struggled with queries like find the top 3 stocks by price, find the bottom 3 by market cap because it has no concept of order, kdb’s ordering significantly simplifies many queries. A keyed tableanalogous to a table with a primary key placed on it, is a dictionary where the keys and values are arranged as two tables. These entities are manipulated via functions, which include the built-in functions that come with Q which are defined as K macros and user-defined functions.


The Hello world program is thus trivial:.

What’s in the box?

All of these components work together to create a robust, scalable, high-performance database. Built with love by the open source community Developed by a core team of database experts and over contributors from around the world, RethinkDB is shaped by developers like you participating in an open development process. This brevity of data structures is actually one of the attributes that gives q its ability to express concisely what would take many lines in other languages.

Functions are a data type, and can be placed in lists, dictionaries and tables, or passed to other functions as parameters. Professional associations Association for Computing Machinery: Look at the above image, now imagine which areas need read when you perform a query like “average price” for all dates.

RethinkDB dramatically simplifies the data infrastructure for low latency, high throughput realtime interactions. Retrieved 24 July RethinkDB dramatically reduces the complexity of building realtime trading and optimization engines. Scale your cluster in seconds When you’re ready to scale your app, shard and replicate in a few clicks using an intuitive web UI. A table is a transposed dictionary of symbol keys and equal length lists columns as values.

RethinkDB integrates the latest advances in database technology. Column-oriented databases are therefore extremely quick at aggregate queries sum, average, min, max, etc.

When you’re ready to scale your app, shard and replicate in a few clicks using an intuitive web UI. Tables are constructed from dictionaries and lists. When x is an integer greater than 2, the following function will return 1 if it is a prime, otherwise For sure made by people who get it.


Everything you need to build modern apps Express relationships using joinsbuild location-aware appsor store multimedia and time-series data. This makes it extremely fast with a much simplified database engine but it requires a lot of RAM Which no longer poses a problem as servers with massive amounts of RAM are now inexpensive.

Vector based programming will hinder the ability to express some concepts but for working with large sets of data it is much more concise and expressive than most other languages. If you need it, a simple API provides precise control over the cluster:. Archived from the original on January 1, If we wanted to calculate the standard deviation of a list of numbers we could write a function like so:.

Q is a thin wrapper around K, providing a more readable, English-like interface.

Q (programming language from Kx Systems) – Wikipedia

APL programming language family Array programming languages Data-centric programming languages Dynamic programming languages Function-level languages Proprietary database management systems.

Expressions to evaluate appear prefixed with the q prompt, with the output of the evaluation shown beneath:.

RethinkDB dramatically simplifies modern IoT infrastructures. Column oriented database means that each column of data is stored sequentially in memory i. Retrieved June 1, Atoms are scalars and include the data types numeric, character, date, and time.

Lists are ordered collections of atoms or other lists upon which the higher level data structures dictionaries and tables are internally constructed. When a player takes an action in a multiplayer game, every other player in the game needs to see the change in realtime.