So I have been seriously consider getting a kayak erg for this winter. When the weather gets really cold or the water freezes I would like to continue training. Does anyone know if there is a good brand kayak ergometer distributor in Sydney (or east coast), Australia? Last time I looked into it the only way you could . I recently completed the instructional video on how to build your own kayak ergometer from a Nordic Track ski machine. The plans and part list.

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Kayak Ergometer – –

Which nordic tracks provide the correct flywheels? They are easy to use and is what all other kayak Ergos are based on. However, It seems jayak you make the foot rest wider ergomrter ropes from the paddle will hit the foot rest.

The paddlelite is out of Germany but there is an Australian distributor. My kayak club has had one for over 10 years and it is still going strong. Dianne, Your email address was indeed captured and came through via PayPal and your ordered was just processed. I have the computer erggometer my personal ergometer mounted using Velcro just in front of the flywheel. Start Prev 1 Next End 1. Couldn’t figure out how to use the big pad or the arm rope thing. That Nordic Track will work.

I was researching a couple of different models and tried out a few of the gym type ones but I like the feel of the paddlelite pro and had a really comfortable seating position.

I’ve been working on a weight lifting rower, building in my garage out of scrap wood. My video plans assume you are starting with a complete machine.

If you can spring for the new KayakPro Gym, that’s the one to get. Powered by Kunena Forum. ergometfr

  LG 32LC52 PDF

Kayak Ergo

What I really like about it is it’s ergometet. Lots of extra holes and such from changing things around to get it to work.

It’s smooth like butta’ and akyak an impeccable catch and stroke simulation. For tools, would a drill and jigsaw be enough or are there others I might need? I would really like to have a monitor with it as it would help track my progress and help me keep pace.

KayakPro – Manufacturers and Designers of World Class Ergometers and Kayaks

You will find other such DIY ergometers online but many of them are very long and look like they have bed frames attached to the front of the device which causes ropes to rub, require a lot of space, and are not kagak portable. You are commenting using your WordPress. However, if you really want an erg that is close to the on-water experience, I confess that the KayakPro Speedstroke GYM is beyond comparison. The youtube video shows a device with a rounded bottom for balance training.

As for tools, yes, assuming you also have screwdrivers and a spade bit or two for your drill you should be fine. Put it together this weekend and it works great.

Each Stroke2max Kayak Ergometer comes with an easy adjustable quick release footrest, and has a fully adjustable fan resistance according to the users weight and further High Resistance adjustments to accommodate a higher resistance and the greater forces that can be applied when sprinting. Please revise, I will kaysk purchase. Full manual on how to convert a used nordic track ski machine to a fully functional kayak erg The erg works great and is just as fluid and water like as any commercial unit.

Definitely a cool looking erg. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

This allows coach and athlete to instantly see the difference that technical changes make to power output and paddling performance. Uffilation Offline Platinum Boarder I do lift and run at work during lunch. I own one brand of kayak ergometer and I use it regularly and it suits my needs.


For some reason eryometer version of the SpeedStroke Gym does not have this height adjustment feature. But, if you want something that really simulates on-water training, the GYM is the machine for you. Charlottesville kayakerDave The Kayakerexercises for kayakerskayakkayak ergometerkayak racingkayak trainingkayakingNordic Track kayak ergometerNordictrack kayak ergometerTraining.

Thanks for the ideas for the rockers. I really would prefer not to break the bank, however I don’t want to buy something that would ultimately been disappointing and really hard to resell.

I don’t want to ergoketer for those machines either.

Weba Science Software is an advanced analysis package which allows you to connect to a PC and live record your training or transfer stored training sessions from the monitor for deeper analysis. Each side is separate rope using bungees for tension. This ergo,eter me to many different options, some of which are pretty darn expensive. Erik Borgnes wrote a review of the GYM somewhere.

Stroke2max K1 Kayak Ergometers indoor kayak ergometers paddling ergometers canoe ergometers kayak simulator paddling simulator canoe simulator indoor kayak trainer. When its windy in Cape Town, Michele and I paddle on the ergo.

DIY Kayak Ergometer Plans now available!

As far as i know about that Powered by Kunena Forum. In my opinion, the time spent on a good erg is more productive than on the water – if you already know how to paddle and balance a ski. I just got myself a Paddlelite Pro.