12 जनवरी You can find mudras with images here. Pataka पताक; Tripataka त्रिपताक; Ardhapataka अर्धपताक; Kartarimukha कर्तरीमुख; Mayur. The following photos provide a vibrant glimpse of the dance by bringing to light its different postures, stances, mudras, costumes, etc. While Kathak does not. The hasta mudras in #Kathak are the alphabet of dance, each hand gesture evoking imagery, stories, and endless narration. The ring finger touches the thumb.

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When both hands held in Alapadma hasta are crossed at the wrists and placed near the chest we get the Avahitta hand gesture.

To call a person To point at an object To show drinking Denote a snake Obviously, we have used some gesture or the other to express the above. It is just like the Pataka gesture but the thumb finger is held straight and not bent like in Pataka. Mushti Fist When the four fingers are pressed closely against the palm while the thumb is held tightly between the palm and the other four fingers. The Abhinaya Darpan a descriptive primmer for dancers mentions that the dancer should sing the song by the throat, express the meaning of the song through hand gestures, show the state of feelings in the song by eyes, and express the rhythm with his or her feet.

Natya Shastra Abhinavabharati Mudras. Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates. There should be no gap between the fingers.

They are of 2 kinds in dance: While Kathak does not have a structured set of mudras, over the past few decades it has gradually acquired the usage of some. It is known for its complex footwork, sharp spins, abhinaya, and technical virtuosity.


Kurma Tortoise While the hands are in chakra hasta bend all kathsk fingers except the thumb and the little fingers and hold the palms tight. Mudra is done when the little finger and the ring finger is bent and pressed against the thumb. The right palm is vertically mjdras and the left palm mudeas horizontally placed over the it. When the Thumb and the little finger are bent or meet each other while the Index Middle and the ring finger are held straight.

I have read and agree to the. Sarpasirsham Hood of Cobra When the Hand is held in Pataka Mudra and the fingers are bend from the tip to form a hollowed palm we get Sarpashirsha Mudra. Chandrakala Full moon Chandrakala means Digit of the Moon. It is with the gradual institutionalisation of the dance form in the post-Independence era that the mudras and textual codification found their way in Kathak teachings. So hand gestures are a basic mode of mudgas.

Kathak: Mudras List

Karthariswastikam Denotes palace hills trees When both the hands are crossed in Kartarimukha Mudra we get the Kartariswastika Hasta. These are the ones that we will use in the adavus.

Dola Walking gait When the pataka hasta is placed to the sides of the thigh we get the Dola hasta. While the hands are in chakra hasta bend all the fingers except the thumb and the little fingers and hold the palms tight.

One of the most striking features of Indian classical dance is the use of hand gestures. Pushpaputam Offer flowers When both the Palms are katak together at the little finger and slightly hollow at the centre of the Palms.

In this gesture the palms touch each other only at ,udras Tips and the base of the palm. Ardhachandran Half Moon All the finger are held straight and together except the thumb finger which is held apart.


Hold shikhara in the right hand and place it on the left hand.

List of mudras (dance)

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The ring finger and the tip of the thumb touch each other while the other fingers are held straight without any gap.

Varaha Boar When both hands in Mrigashirsha hasta and the left palm is placed over the right palm we get the Varaha hasta. Start contributing by making a profile on Sahapedia.

The Middle finger Ring finger and Little finger is pressed against the thumb while the forefinger is held straight. Chaturam 4 sides square When the thumb in Mrigashirsa mudra is held at the base of the Index middle and ring finger we get the Chatura Hasta.

Its done by bringing together the index finger middle finger and thumb. Paasha – When the both the hands in Tamrachuda are interlocked with one another we get the Pasha hasta. When the Anjali Mudra is kathai bulging at the knuckles of the palm we get the Kapota Hasta. Trishoolam Trident When the Thumb and the little finger are bent or meet each other while the Index Middle and the ring finger are held straight.

Hence as ‘hasta’ form a umdras coded language which brings a unique poetic element while performing, so too when abhinaya traditional facial expressionspose attitudeand rhythm complete the language, the dancer may express practically anything and everything to an attentive audience.