Katakolon was one of the highlights of our Mediterranean cruise last October. so we decided to take the Katakolon Fun Tourist Train and explore further . experience and travel as you wish, not as your tour guides suggest. Europe; Greece; West Greece; Elis Region; Olympia; Olympia Travel Forum . To review the TripAdvisor Forums Posting Guidelines, please follow this link. Katakolon Taxi: Private tour guide for Katakolon and Olympia – See We had the pleasure of being with Andrew during a day trip from NCL (Cruise).

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Please note that StreetView images availability depends on the Google provider. There are also peacocks, cats, dogs, geese, and a goat. Our knowledgable, licensed, local tour guide took us around the archaeological site, teavel us the temples, athletic stadiums and sanctuary. We arrived in Katakplon by cruise ship and we stayed there few hours. One of our cruise destinations was Katakolon pronounced Ka -tak-o-lo and we decided to book a private tour with Andrew in advance.

The best way to visit Katakolo and its surroundings with a local This topic has been closed to new posts due to inactivity. A lot of people the last month were searching us because they found your blog and trusted your comments, so I feel obliged to thank you not only once!!!!

We only send out our newsletter about once a month and you guid unsubscribe at any time. On the west coast of the Peloponnese, close to Pyrgos, this small port was originally developed katskolon the mid 19th century for the currant trade, but is now used almost exclusively by cruise ships.

You don’t have to take a tour just enjoy it at your own pace. The visitors have a lot of choices in order to fill their free time or to pass pleasantly their vacations. Olympic Day Tours by Niki Rravel. Do you think that something is missing?

Getting From Katakolon to Olympia Greece, Travel Tips with Kids

Katakolon itself is a small traavel village, with few permanent inhabitants aboutwhich has been developed the past few years. Olympia is where the ancient Greeks came every 4 years to celebrate the sacred games dedicated to Zeus. Dear Natalia, Thank you so much for your kind words!


Nancy loaned us a self guided tour book of the site which explained what we were seeing in detail. Like during my visit to Aegina Island the previous year, I felt that in Katakolon we got to travfl a more authentic side of Greece, not always easy to see in more manicured places like Mykonos the next stop in our cruise.

How long does the train take it sounds great will be there in April on a cruise. This museum comes highly recommended by those who have visited it, especially those people who love machines.

We would appreciate any suggestions you might have and I anxiously await your response. If you feel that that you want some time ashore, but do not wish to travel inland, then, you will be glad to know tracel there are many restaurants within a five minute walk of the Katakolon cruise port.

The Lighthouse of Katakolon was first opened in To hear tidbits of Greek life from someone who actually lives in Katakolon and has such a strong connection to Olympia really added to the experience. Also be sure to look in the splendid Archaeological Museum of Olympia, displaying marble statues from the Temple of Zeus.

Olympia: Katakolon Tips – TripAdvisor

Attraction details Owner description: The Katakolon Port occupies the north-west part of the Peloponnese. Each year hundreds of cruise ships and more than one million fuide passengers visit Katakolon Greece. The comfortable bus departed from the port at 11am, approximately an hour after the ship docked in Katakolon.

Private tour guide for Katakolon and Except for one little problem.

Trying to offer a 40 minutes tour to the countryside so tourist can relax and get an idea how Greek land and villages that do not work with tourist look like, your description was much more better than mine when I explain them where they go and what they will meet!


My name is Natalia and I work to the fun train. We visited the fantastic Greek ruins of the old town, then Fortis brought us, driving through olive trees and beautiful country landscapes, to an old Orthodox nunnery, and the athmosphere was really touching. The cost difference for our family of 4 would have been Map updates are paused.

Private tour guide for Katakolon and… – Katakolon Taxi

I asked her fravel they told her anything about Katakolon, was there anything in the cruise brochure or on the cruise website, but she knew as much about Katakolon as she did about the other stops, which was pretty much nothing.

For what it is Katakolon is great. All reviews ” baklava “. Log in Join Recently viewed Bookings Inbox. It was called the Beer Bike and sure enough each seat had pedals. Seek out your kata,olon experience and travel as you wish, not as your tour guides suggest.

Despite my nagging, the kids refused to race. The ancient Greeks invented a number of surprising technical devices, many of which laid the foundation guiide the machines that make up our modern technological nightmare world. We are on the emerald princess and have so far been very dissappointed with our tours and have found we enjoy taking a taxi and traveo a third the cost and its so much more relaxing. Marios the one of our two drivers that you are sitting next to him feels so proud every time tourists come and tell him that they have seen him on internet.

Don’t forget to visit the Museum of Ancient Greek Technology. Our taxi was a nice Greek guy, Fortis. There is an inner anchorage, deemed safe in most weathers.