Order Star Wars Legends (Republic Commando): A Republ and millions . True Colors (Star Wars: Republic Commando, Book 3) by Karen Traviss Mass. Star Wars Republic Commando: Order 66 is the fourth novel in the Republic Commando series, written by Karen Traviss. It is a sequel to Hard Contact, Triple . But that was before I got my hands on Karen Traviss’ superb (which recently continued with Order 66) and her novelization of the Clone Wars.

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Maybe like pages worth. And now even the deadliest weapon may not be powerful enough to defeat the real menace: Deceptions Special Edition 2: Darman’s fellow clone brother, Niner, is wounded from the battle when kare spine is broken, and clones extract Niner to heal him up, with Darman following along to stay with his wounded brother, now that he is grieving for his lost wife. Hardcoverpages. To begin with, I’ve always felt that Star Wars novels are at their best when they shuffle the main cast off to the sidelines and focus on secondary and even tertiary characters what’s travies word for the fourth level?

Karen Traviss and her Republic Commando books are among the best Star Wars books out there and stand as shining examples to the world that just because it’s Star Wars doesn’t make it garbage. The book is very long and with the point of view changing every chapter, the book left me hanging every chapter and it make me want trqviss keep reading. I’m honestly that impressed with her writing. Sorry but NOT my thing at all.


Then comes the moment when Chancellor Palpatine speaks the words that mean the death sentence of all Jedi.

This was travixs element where I wished that the sequels were a little more in line with the first book, in that they focused a bit more on the combat actions of the Clone Commandos. It fits with their culture well. So basically I don’t recommend if you haven’t read the first three books. Darman, Niner, Atin and the others are hurled into chaos and pain that they were never given a chance to sign up for.

The exact function of this plot twist has been one of the more understandably debated changes made to the Star Wars canon since Order 66 was first shown in Episode II – Attack of the Clonesand with good reason.

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Republic Commando 4Star Wars Legends. It was a bit hard to follow and understand some of those words, but still good. Luke Skywalker and Han Solo are interesting characters to an extent, but the stakes are never very high. Order 66 is the fourth novel in the Republic Commando serieswritten by Karen Traviss. Also in Star Wars: Mandos are good, Jedi are bad.

Those are against the laws. A New Hope Episode V: A former defence correspondent and Travisa and newspaper journalist, she lives in Wiltshire, England.



May 10, Gary Varga rated yraviss really liked it. Yet today we have trillions of words, tidal waves of information and the smallest detail of every action our government and businesses take is easily available to us at the touch of a button.

May 19, Pages. Perhaps it’s just me and I freely admit that this was just my opinion since this book received great ratings but because of these main issues I just moved on to other books. I iaren this book very entertaining to read and very insightful about the universe and the republic before the order 66 occurred. Traviss continues this line into the book, showing the gray to the Jedi that most authors refuse to do, and revealing the errors, arrogance, and hypocrisy of the Jedi Order. Karen pulled it out and made it a fully-formed and well realized idea, but at points, it seems a little out of place.

Unclear sense of morality.

Karen Traviss’s writing is as solid as ever. Afterward, Ruu was highly grateful to her father for having her freed and reunited with the family. Oct 16, Andrew Liptak rated it really liked it.