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Arunagiri was born in Thiruvannamalai, a town alanggaram Tamil Nadu. His father died soon after his birth and his mother and sister brought him up in the rich cultural and religious traditions.

Oh Nephew of Rama who ordered the sea to show way to Lanka, And became angry when not shown the way and bent, His bow with an intention of setting fire to the sea, Oh God, who rides on a peacock, you made me, To die and to be born again and not for giving, Alms to those who are poor and downtrodden?.

The God Velayudha who has a bright dazzle and a Victorious Vel. Arunagiri started singing songs towards Lord Muruga and soon after Lord Muruga appeared in a stone pillar in the form of child. Some versions of this work carry seven more stanzas alzngaram is presented here but these do not belong to Kandhar Alankaram as mandhar poet himself has told about one hundred stanzas of the book.

There is one truth taught to me by the royal lord of Valli, Whose sweet words cannot be compared either to honey apangaram syrup.

When my actions became mute and died, When my mind melted in the lotus like wisdom and ebbed, And when that flood of waters pushed aside my desires, In the great sea of divine wisdom, which was touching both shores, I saw he well arranged six faces along with twelve shoulders, Which was the divine nectar which was extremely sweet. So that the devas of heaven are saved, Please tell me what shall be done by me because, My mind prevents my five senses not think of your lotus like feet, Nor think about your holy names, nor worship your feet with flowers.

Kandhar Alankaram

Oh teacher with six faces, what shall I tell about your kindness, Which taught me the honey of happiness which was made by you, In your top peak of your wisdom, mixed with your graceful alanaram, And made me, who was living in empty solitude, a,angaram my thoughts. Log in Alangarak account. The Muruga who was the teacher to the god with fully open hairs, Who took the hide of the mountain like elephant with one trunk and two tusks, And wore it as a dress for alanharam and also burnt the three cities, The Muruga who kandhwr the holy Vel as weapon and was the god of death, To the Soorapadma and clan alangagam asuras told me not live in body with five bhuthas, But asked me to live in a house which no man knows without words and senses.

Oh God who rides on the peacock, whose dance with its feathers, Touching up to the sky and which is much beyond our sight, Makes the eight mountain like elephants and eight mountains move, Please do come when the god of death riding on the Buffalo, Which can cut you tries to bind kndhar with his rope. I do not know any way, to control my mind and drive it to your lotus feet, With love and get salvation granted to me and would you send your Vel at me, Similar to the time when you send it and made Soorapadma greatly tremble, And destroy my pride and lift up me, who was involved in sinful acts.

Due to this everybody lost their eyes including the king and ministers. After breaking open the sky of the land of Brahma who sits on his lotus, After catching hold of the world of Indra, you who fought like a he elephant, And were extremely fearsome to Soorapadma who was ruling it like a tyrant, Please order the red flowered Kadamba flowers and my mind to suit your holy feet.

Towards Lord Kumara with his Vel, and their wisdom, indeed is great!. Understanding the soft germination like Shiva YogaBy using your wisdom, and keeping the teachings, Of the teacher who has six faces and by serving him, Without any doubt you would get salvation.


Kandhar Alangaram

Oh God who married the daughter of the chieftain of the mountain, In Mountainous area known as Vallimalai [8]when horn, flute and drums were played, You kandar to remove my sorrow and secretly told in my ears, The secret that made me realize and this truth was made known to me in this small place. Alas the four headed Brahma did not give me four thousand eyes, For seeing the nephew of Lord Vishnu and the son of Lord who dances, For seeing the great God of devas and the God of real divine wisdom, And the Velava of Thiruchengode, which is full of farms with chel fishes alangram gardens.

Oh Lord who was the aalangaram, who dried the entire bubbling ocean, And made the hiding Soorapadma in the form of a mango tree, Make horrible and very loud sounds and loose his balance, And who broke the tree in to two causing blood to gush out with soundAnd who also sent your Vel to break the Krouncha Mountain which was helping him, And who thus saved the devas, please give me your feet more reddish than lotus, So that I would not enter this body which is a lie and get sweet salvation.

And would remove the fear of the letter of death, As well as the fear of the messengers of death from me. Tamil Calendar with Rasi. And when this is so, how can you ever get salvation?.

Oh guard who has the Vel, in the war with Soorapadma, In the tank of blood oozing out of the chests of ghosts and asurasYou jumped, drowned and drank and encouraged the devas, To play in the battle field by sending your Vel, And so please help me to remove the trance of ignorance, In me, who is living in this world full of dishonesty and lies, Which have tied me by foolish deeds and which make me sad.

The Skanda wearing the yellow silk in his waist, With small sharp sword, with red flowers ornamenting his hands, With the flag with cock on it, with his peacock steed, And with his Vel which denotes victory, Would stand before me in the morning as well as evening. Oh pitiable mind, which does not know that the wealth of great kings, Roaming with their armies riding on Kandhaar, elephant, horse and on foot, Would one day will vanish like the letters written on the water, If you depend and salute the group of devotees of Muruga, Who threw is shining Vel on the Krouncha mountain and Soorapadma, You can get protection and definitely not through any other means.

Oh Yogis what have you achieved by drawing breath inside, Like bellows and not allow it to go outside and also, By living a sad life without any desires whatsoever?

Oh nephew of the God who churned the ocean of milk like a top, With the Mandara mountain, tying it with the great serpent Vasuki, Oh precious gem riding on a peacock, would I get a time when, I would get rid of birth, a life of illusion full of suffering and death, And make me one with you and merge me with you and get your grace?. Set as Ringtone, alarm, notification 6. After drinking the milk of Uma akndhar looks like a golden doll, And who gave birth to the entire world and its beings, After climbing and swinging in the floral cradle of Saravana stream, Kamdhar drinking the breast milk of the six Karthiga ladies, Who cries and made cry the sea, Krouncha Mountain and Soorapadma, Can this world calls you the old man [1] of Kurinchi [2] land?.

Oh son of the divine Parvathi who des only good and who keeps on her right, Lord Shivawho blesses pure and perennial salvation to his devotees, Who burnt the three cities and alwngaram has three eyes, When the God of death with a form touching the sky comes, Please come in your brightly winged peacock and save me.


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In Thiruvannamalai, which grants salvation just by its thought? It describes how Muruga comes into our lives in various roles. So the king arranged a public gathering and asked Arunagiri to show Lord Subramanya to others also.

The God of the Vel who completed the destruction, Of the Krouncha mountain, in a manner which is strange, Put me, who never thought of giving anything to the needy, In the company of those of his devotees, who were very pure, And because of that this body got freedom from the sorrow of birth, And the rope of attachment which tied my body was also cut.

For Saving the confused devas, from their imprisonment, The Muruga who was wearing victorious rings on his tender feet, Rode on his peacock with very pretty feathers and destroyed Soorapadma, And using his Vel with its matchless glitter broke the eight hills. I am wearing the armour of the total divine grace of, The God named Kandaswami who is the son of Lord ShivaWhose trident is not visible to Vishnu with conch and wheel as weapons, As well as to Lord Brahma and who holds the Vel as a weapon, Who alangraam hair on his head resembling a burning ball of fire, And who has in his flag a cock whose only weapon is his leg, And so even if I become the enemy of God of death, Would his weapons become effective against me?.

You have not offered prayers to the God at Thiruchengode, Near which runs Cauvery taking with it the gems loosened, From the tusk of the very big black elephant and you also, Have not praised the Alangaran which broke open the eight mountains?

Arunagiri sang his first devotional song and thereafter decided to spend the rest of his life singing in praise of the god. He claimed Arunagirinathar as a false saint and not a true devotee of Lord Subramaniya. Those who do not sing and melt with real love, The Kumara who likes the breasts of Valli-the huntress, And give wealth to those who beg, when they have it, Would bury the wealth they earned through sinful means, Or loose it to thieves and would get confused, Would loose weight and would waste their life in sorrow.

Kandhar Alankaram – Hindupedia, the Hindu Encyclopedia

It is believed that the Vel split Soorapadma in to two and one part became the Peacock and the other a Cock, which occupied the flag standard of Muruga. Oh God who holds the Vel as his weapon, I would never forget ,andhar, Please do come and save me before this house having five organs [7]Built on the foundation of two legs with two hands, perishes.

You do not take the feet on your head of those who do like that, You kwndhar not chant the name of Muruga, You do not with give alms to the poor with a mind that does not get bored, And you do not dance with glee at the eternal and divine joy, And where can there be protection, for me and you?.

He who reads and understands, at least one stanza out of hundred From the good book on Kanda called Kandar Alankaram, Would not be afraid of angry kings nor the fight with God of death, Would not be afraid of the horrible hell hole nor to bad diseases, Would not be afraid of tigers nor bears nor elephants. Oh God Skanda who fought with Krouncha mountain till you bored it, My mind was tied in the net of the sight of the Prostitutes with long eye, Which would steal kandhat souls of those who are hit with the thirst of passion, And which is like a spear and I request you please bless me with that divine knowledge, Which cannot be reached by any one and not at all by me, As I have completely lost my good conduct and character.