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Rufus Hendon of Yale University generously made available the Javanese publications he had brought back from Java. For example, in final -a he. Linguistic contexts extend far beyond the brief phrase or sentence. For some words even these markings are inadequate and the word is rewritten, e. A word beginning with- May be listed as a root beginning with- a- 1 what remains after deleting the a- 3.

keama Some forms may need to be looked up in this list twice. Notes Includes bibliographical references p. Futher, examples can show other words that are commonly used in conjunction with the word under definition-a feature that many students of languages find helpful. To complicate an already complex system, the categories are not rigidly fixed. In senapan g final n alternates with final ng.

Opahane di-cukup-cukupake kanggo urip wong loro. Some Krama words do double duty, corresponding to more than one Ngoko word. International standard book number: Kamus basa Jawi alus: The foregoing sections deal with various ways in which Javanese words conceal their dictionary citation forms through spelling practices. A nga- variant in a polysyllabic word is listed separately within the entry, e.

Within example phrases and sentences, [x] stands for the Ngoko citation only; in non-Ngoko examples, the citation form is spelled out. Phonemes not occurring finally: Consisting of a oral materials monologues and dialogues tape-recorded by Javanese speakers and b books and periodicals published in Java for the Javanese on a wide variety of subjects, these materials-totaling nearly a million words of running text-were processed by computer into concordances, and a master index to all of the concordances comprised the final list.


Not all roots, by any means, take any of this affixation. When differences of opinion arose, the word or meaning in question was generally accepted after consultation with other speakerssince obviously one does not expect that every speaker will know every word and every meaning.

For example, nalangsa is a common spelling of the word we cite as nlangsa. He saw something black in the room. The modern trend is to drop the w from the initial clusters wl- and wr- and so we cite such words most often under L and R giving the w- form as a variant.

Since the affixes are all defined in the dictionary, they are not detailed here.

In a handful of cases with root vowels a, it is the second member whose vowels change, e. Nearly half around 47 percent of Indonesia’s estimated million population is Javanese; each language inggill continual influence on the other, and each inevitably infiltrates the other. Public Private login e.

Z is inggli heavy variety of s; it occurs in foreign borrowings and is sometimes spelled s. But a thousand or so of the most commonly used words in the language are restricted to particular situations defined by the relationship between speakers and the people they are talking about. This symbol as used herein extends its range back to the nearest space or hyphen:.

Bahasa Krama Inggil for Android – APK Download

Within an entry that has Ngoko and Krama citation forms, the notation ng kr with a subentry citation shows that the Ngoko word is socially neutral, i. Contact Us – Archive – Top. No Risk Issues Siteadvisor Rating: Users of Poerwadarminta’s monolingual Javanese dictionary soon find that words there are alphabetized according to the system of Javanese script, which separates accented e’s from unaccented ones, th’s from t’s, and dh’s from d’s, along with various other differences.


Our symbolic notations k, k, n, n i. Page 9 of M before b; m replacing f, p, w: The active prefix, morpheme m ng- is pronounced variosly according to the root it is used with. O’Neill of the Yale Computer Center, with his considerable expertise, rendered help far beyond the mere call of duty when help was needed, and with unfailing good humor.

Bahasa Jawa Kromo Inggil. Also, ch-rarely used in Javanese-becomes kh. L also has a corresponding heavy variety, conventionally spelled either l, lh, or hl.

These processes are described below.

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Ummat, for example, will be found cited as umat. See the explanation of the symbols m, n, ng, ny 3.

The form with a is more formal, being used in literary and official speech, lecture style, and so on. Meta Tags of mongosilakan. Javanese-English Dictionary, Innggil,Hlm.

Conversly, an occasional Javanese word is shown with Indonesian affixation alongside kakus Javanese affixation e. We help kkamus reader along with this by including examples showing the form in the variation from the cited form. Social Implications, xxxi; 2. The second list came from a agroup of materials none of which came into existence earlier than the ‘s and the bulk of which originated during the ‘s. The spelling oe is replaced by u herein, following modern usage; the older oe form is now seen mainly in personal names and in older and literary writings.

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