The latest addition to my website is Orhan Pamuk’s Kafamda bir tuhaflik (A Strangeness in My Mind). This is Pamuk’s labour of love, a hymn to. Kafamda Bir Tuhaflik hem bir ask hikiyesi hem de modern bir destan. Orhan Pamuk’un uzerinde alti yil calistigi roman, bozaci Mevlut ile uc yil ask mektuplari. A Strangeness in My Mind(Kafamda Bir Tuhaflik) (Chinese Edition) [Orhan Pamuk] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Since his boyhood in.

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It is also a dynamic symbol of the tumultuous lives of impoverished Turkish families. From his relationship with those around him, such as his accidental wife Rayiha, his father, his cousin Suleyman and best friend Ferhat all of the side characters are drawn with nuance tuhafok depth, their relationships with Mevlut changing with time and circumstance.

Then in Parts 3, 4, and 5 which are the main bulk of the book we are taken back in the beginning of his life in Istanbul and we slowly slowly reach the important moments that happened in Parts 1 and 2. Through the eyes of Mevlut, Istanbul grows exponentially, gorging itself on the lives and dreams of its residents, bloated and bilious, irascible yet whimsical and wondrous, Mevlut charts the metamorphoses of Istanbul, from a city filled with the febrile hopes of Turkish nationalism, to a city which synt A wonderful eulogy to life, love and Istanbul, “A Strangeness in My Mind” captures an ever-evolving Istanbul through the eyes of the Mevlut, from his arrival in the late 60’s to the modern days.

But Mevlut doesn’t have the best of luck there’s the incident where he falls in love with a woman but accidentally elopes with her sister, for starters and as middle age approaches, he seeks to find what he feels is missing from his life. Old things we’ve inherited from our ancestors can be holy, too,” said Mevlut.

But he never stops selling boza during winter evenings and trying to understand who his beloved really is. A Strangeness in My Mind.

Mevlut helps Rahiya into the back of a van in which they will escape, but suddenly discovers that he has been writing to the wrong sister: I had a whole jar of boza in Serbia and it goes really well after a very sweet piece of baklava.


This is a multilayered story that stirs deep emotions. How can even attempt to move on to another book. We see on the one hand Mevlut’s life but through his life we are also able to see the history of modern Turkey.

Hardcoverpages. Winner of the Nobel Prize! There are deaths, even tuhfalk murder, but the details given are only enough to tell us that these things happened.

Open Preview See a Problem? Kafamdx have read it and thought it a fine book. Has anybody felt it while reading his new book? All the usual cliches I empathized and adored every single character, I wish it was another pages, I was sad and to be honest a bit more than a tad hung over closing the final page.

He is tuhaglk international treasure with books translated into sixty languages. I walk into the cemetery, and even though I can’t read the Arabic script on the gravestones, I still feel as good as I would if I’d prayed.

A Strangeness in My Mind

For ten minutes Br It has been awhile since I fell in love, I mean really fallen in love. It is a feeling that gives depth to the human experience wherever it might occur.

The Winter War Philip Teir. Another tuhflk thing of the way this book is structured is the narration. A Strangeness in My Mind Turkish: The story begins when an elopement goes wrong for Mevlut, a street vendor, living in Ist “The Museum of Innocence”, by Orhan Pamuk, was one of the most nail biting intense stories of a wealthy man’s obsession for a shopgirl in Istanbul I had ever read It was there that he wrote most of his novel The Black Bookin which the streets, past, chemistry and texture of Istanbul are described through the story of a lawyer seeking his missing wife.

Ruhaflk by long work hours and loneliness, he finds himself amid the military coups of andKurdish and Alawite conflict, nationalist extremism, and, above all, with a bitter father. tuhwflk

Kismet is a concept that plays a major role in the novel, as does the relationship between intention and action. Throughout the novel Mevlut senses a disconnect between self and the world– and his lifelong efforts to harmonize the two.


A Strangeness in My Mind 7 61 Apr 21, Garner stated that the author had done a good job with research, but while Garner “was not deeply, viscerally bored” with the novel he “mostly turned its pages with polite interest rather than real desire. According to Garner, the English version has humor that “flows freely” and was “lucidly translated”. Just like the genuine title deed issued by the State Land Registry, these documents included a crude plan of the house, which the councilman himself would draw with a pencil and a ruler.

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Kafamda Bir Tuhaflik : Orhan Pamuk :

The novel has everything: The main character is Mevlut, who originates from central Anatolia and arrives as a year old boy; the course of the novel tracks his adolescence and adulthood. Already established as a a major writer with his brilliant novels My Name is Red and Snowhe has produced in A Strangeness in My Mind a masterpiece that is both a Bildungsroman of Mevlut the street vendor of boza in Istanbul and a Bildungsroman of the mod Orhan Pamuk, the winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature, is Turkey’s best-selling writer and first Nobel Laureate, but he is more than a talented Turkish writer.

I had not felt terribly attached to Melvut before then and, really, it was the women becoming more of a presence in the book that made it take off for me Melvut’s wife, Rayiha, their daughters, and Rayiha’s sisters.

Pamuk addresses a number of social issues: I am looking forward to more of his books.

Mevlut remains poor, working a variety of jobs while watching his initial vocation–as a street vendor selling yogurt and boza, a Turkish drink, disappear. Seeing thuaflk city as it changes from until through the eyes of Mevlut, his relatives, and his friends gives one a real sense of what life is like in Istanbul for those who have come there from the provinces to pursue their fortunes with varying degrees of success or failure.

Whittle rated it it was amazing Shelves: