In the year of , a group of male voices from The Mixed Youth Choir “Iuventus Cantat” associoated in The Male Chamber Choir of The Choral Society of. Istocnik znanja [Sveti Jovan Damaskin] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Praznicne besede [Sveti Jovan Damaskin] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Sveti Jovan Damaskin smatra se u hriscanskoj crkvi jednim od.

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Ona se nalazi stalno na igumanskom tronu, na mestu igumanije. Grafika Svete Gore Atonske god. Because he wrote against the iconoclasm, cut off his right hand. Bez okova vidljive su sve osobenosti ikonografije: Five centuries later the prophecy of St. The choir counted 8 – 16 members, mostly young people from high schools. Desno i levo na ikoni bili su naslikani sveti ktitori Manastira Hilandara, prepodobni Simeon i sveti Sava.

And the Russians are really starting to relate victory. When between the two empires signed the peace, a copy was returned to Chilandar. Thus, the icon of the Virgin Mary Three Hands secure the saddle of a donkey which were released to go wherever it leads the Virgin;’s will.


By the jovzn of the 14th century has come from the court of Serbian Emperor Dusan the Mighty to the monastery Studenica. The next day, the morning service, the icon was the prior’s place.

Na njenoj pozadini se nalazi predivna vizantijska ikona svetog Nikolaja. This copy is enthroned in the Temple of Saint Sava.

Ikona Presvete Bogorodice „Trojeručice”

Hor Sveti Jovan Damaskin You must register or login in order to post into this group. Povelja kralja Milutina iz god.

At the end ofboth choirs merged in one chamber choir – Mixed Chamber Choir “Vox Euterpes” Voice of Euterpe – muse, protector of melody and song. Ikona je dvostrana i distancirana na drugoj strani ikone naslikan je sv.

Ikona Presvete Bogorodice „Trojeručice”

Na drvenoj osnovi nanesen je tanki sloj grunta. Po zapovesti Bogorodice, ono se zaustavilo nedaleko od Manastira Hilandara?

According to tradition, this saint is damasjin prophesied that the monastery reached an imperial son’s name – Sava, and that when he is venerating the attached rod fall to the ground. Advised that the Turks come to the monastery, the monks hastily made sure to save him from the most valuable treasures. In the nematode were located two holy shrines: However, the next day it happened again jjovan same. Then they realized that they no longer need to think about the choice of an abbot or to move the icon to the igumanskog city.


Pravoslavni Crkveni Hor “Sveti Jovan Damaskin”

Holding the cut in his good hand, John eamaskin Damascus all night praying before the icon of the Holy Mother to heal his arm to continue to write about respect for sacred icons.

A Cappella Acapedia 2. The same miracle happened again the next day. Thus, to resolve all doubts that the Serbian monk Sava one they have been waiting for.

Hor Sveti Jovan Damaskin | A Cappella Music – The Contemporary A Cappella Society

U riznici patrijarha Nikona od g. Bugari su, opet, bili najbrojniji u manastiru i zahtevali svog igumana.

Want to Start a Group? A 20 jula god. Hor Sveti Jovan Damaskin Mixed. Malo potom on se i ugasio.